colors insulting to nature

Cultural appropriation

Alright so here I am about to touch on the sensitive subject of cultural appropriation. Personally, I don’t even think it should be a thing but I know people are going to get all sorts of butthurt about me saying that.

1. The term “white people” very fucking broad statement. Lots of people a white. Americans, Canadians, Australians, people from Europe, South African people are often white, Albino people are white, what is the definition of “white people”?

If by white people you mean Americans, then you should just say “white Americans” not “white people” because in case you’re confused the majority of Europe is white and they have TONS of culture. From Irish people to Germans, every people in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, they DO in fact have culture. They have so much culture it’s not even fathomable so you happen to be very wrong; white people do have culture.

2. You’re all under the impression that everything is cultural appropriation, also very fucking inaccurate. Excuse my language but you all really piss me off. I’ve seen people claim things like “dreads are racist” dreads aren’t racist, they aren’t the same thing as traditional “dread locks” by any means. The process is done differently and they every look way different. They’re something that people have changed to make their own, that’s not cultural appropriation that’s taking an idea someone had and changing it to make it different. Second one I hear a lot “wearing makeup is cultural appropriation because tribal people paint their faces” actually no it’s not, traditional makeup as we wear it now was actually more European than anything, European people mostly in well established areas have worn makeup for hundreds of years, it’s not an insult to anyone. Next we have “winged eyeliner is racist because it makes you look Asian” no it doesn’t it simply widens your eyes, it’s not meant to too Asian or insulting. “Coloring your hair different than your natural color is cultural appropriation because you’re copying a culture that naturally has that hair color” not true, what culture colors their hair blue/green/pink/etc, no one, in fact I’d be comfortable saying that’s a pretty damn American thing. So I’ve given a lot of examples here so I feel like I can carry on.

3. The idea that cultural appropriation is meant to be offensive, it’s not, they should change the term to cultural appreciation because that’s what it really is. People want to experiment and learn about other cultures and if for some reason they enjoy something about it and want to support that who are you to tell them that that’s wrong? Harassing people for it is only going to make them feel uncomfortable with that culture and less likely to accept it.

4. You’re all really quick to stand up for equality and fluidity within genders and sexuality, but why can’t we have cultural fluidity where people can accept and love each other’s cultural beliefs and learn about them and take part in them without it being a battle on weather or not it’s an insult or not. You can not shame people for curiosity. If you want people to learn and respect you then you need to have the same respect for them.

5. “Hippies are the most racist and offensive people” like really? Why are you shitting on people who are all about peace and equality. They GOT you a lot of the right you have and fought for your freedom, fought to end wars and help you and all you can do is shit on them for “cultural appropriation” fucking sickening reevaluate your opinion.

I could keep going all day about how cultural appropriation is a fucking bogus claim and how reverse racism absolutely is a thing but I’m not going to. We’ll start here I guess.