colors in stereo

red in the face

request: i got like 17 requests for jealous shawn and they were all different but i’m just gonna combine them and do a general jealous shawn imagine



a/n: i have a killer headache as i’m writing this so i hope it’s decent! (i always have headaches) also, this isn’t smut, but i always just write fluff so this is a lil new to me (give me feedback pretty please!)

“Babe, if we don’t leave now we’re gonna be late.”

You walk out of your bedroom, having just slipped into your dress. “Can you zip me up?” you ask, moving your hair to your shoulder to give Shawn easier access.

He zips up the dress before placing a lingering kiss on your shoulder. He moves up to your neck and places another kiss on it’s base.

“Babe, if we don’t leave now we’re gonna be late,” you say, grinning as you turn away from him and grab your clutch in one hand before reaching for his hand pulling him from the apartment. It takes him half a second to catch up to you, and he places his hand on the small of your back and leads you out of the apartment building and towards his jeep.

“So what is this party for, again?” you ask as you buckle your seat belt.

“I honestly don’t even know. Something important happened for someone important in Island Records. I wasn’t really paying attention.” He looks over at you and laughs.

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My name ain't nigga

Wrote a little something, just to say my piece about it.

My name is not nigga
My name is not black hoodies, saggy pants and concealed triggers
I guess you figured that black figures could never get off the ground like shadows
Since I don’t make six significant figures I don’t say anything of importance
Freedom of speech is more like figure of speech, you hear me but you don’t get what I mean
Couldn’t figure out how to move my figure
Under my boot it reads ANDY, I’m societies favorite action figure living a toy story, go figure
Forever stereotyped as the color of people that carry stereos of all types on my shoulder
The “louder than any type of stereo you got” type
The “stare at you while you roam my store” type
The please don’t steal my stero type
The no elevator but you could take the stairs type
the only reason you don’t understand me is because you frequently tune pass my frequency
Ironic how everything I say or even my black silence sounds like white noise to you
Looking at me like you’re lost in translation
Looking at me like “his skins light and has glasses he must be MALCOLM X”
Funny causeMy mother named me M A L I K, malik also known as king
A king who is a combination of all things
All these names live within me
M: I am not Malcolm X, I am Malcolm multiplication, Malcolm multiplied by Martin Luther King equal power squared which makes me a master of standing for matter that matter
A: I am Alexander the Great, an ancient king anxious to change things around him. A natural leader who turns antagonist to allies and can find beauty in the darkest allies.
L: I am Langston Hughes, a colorful poet that us different pallets of hues to inspire you
I: I am Isaac Newton. an intellectual innovator who once set in motion will refuse to stop.
K: I am kanye west, I recognize how you try to sway me but “YOU DONT GOT THE ANSWERS” tryna feed me all these alternatives but to me “it ain’t Ralph though”
You can’t label me, I’m my own label
So think twice before you call me out my name
Bow down before the young king
And come correct next to you address me my nigga

“Cactus suaviza mis yemas con su piel 
Tiene cien años, solo florece una vez 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre 
Y tiene un veneno, más amargo que la hiel 
Con solo invocarte, voy a convertirme en miel 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre 
Cuando te busco 
no hay sitio en donde no estés 
Y los médanos, serán témpanos 
en el vértigo, de la eternidad 
Y los pájaros, serán árboles 
En lo idéntico, de la soledad 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre 
Y cuando te busco 
no hay sitio en donde no estés 
Y los médanos, serán témpanos 
en el vértigo, de la eternidad 
Y los pájaros, serán árboles 
En lo idéntico, de la soledad 
En tu nombre, en tu nombre”

Sin ti no me hubiera sido posible expresar y decir mil cosas.
Adiós genio…