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why is trans activism racist?

For many reasons:

  • Using third genders in other cultures to prove their gender theory without fully researching what they’re talking about and understanding the vastly different cultural contexts of those third and fourth genders.
  • Dismissing women of color who have different cultural outlooks on gender and sex-based oppression (like Chimamanda) talking down to these women of color and saying they’ve been the victims of colonial rhetoric and/or are white feminists.
  • Alienates all women who talk about sex based oppression as white feminists even if they’re women of color.
  • Don’t stand up for women of color who are oppressed by parts of their culture (like women in Islam) in order to ally with western muslims and call women who are critical of Islam (and really any other religious institutions) racists and silence them.
  • Tokenizing people of color for minority points, even when these people of color have committed crimes (a la Cherno Biko) while ignoring his victim, a black transman.
  • Not berating your token GNC white boys, even when they say incredibly racist things, and give half assed, factually incorrect apologies, like Covergirl’s coverboy.
  • Putting Trump supporters like Caitlyn Jenner on a pedestal. 
  • Also these gems from around the internet show how trans activists are consistently misinformed about race issues but aren’t forced to examine this as long as they’re directed at “TERFs”:

I’m sure there are other examples, and other radfems are free to add but this is what I was able to come up with before having my coffee.


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Casi me da algo por la cantidad de colores que tuve que usar pero fue muy entretenido pintarlo, tanto así que tardé 5 horas pero, aunque tal vez los colores y el diseño estén mal, creo que de alguna manera valió la pena ;w; solo espero y te guste

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an incomplete list of LGBT+ characters in (fictional) period pieces [insp]

* much more prominent/explicit in the original book on which the film is based


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