colors from a cannon

ey, it’s baby izumi and olivier, cheers


You might not believe it but you’ve got a lot in common, you really do
you both love me and I love both of you

I MADE IT IN TIME FOR MERMAY! ENJOY! Art is by me, by the way!

Ships battles could range from anywhere being a large scale or a simple canon to destroy the other. A bell resounding through the noon air, sun high in the sky to bring a humid heat among anyone lingering. The hollers and soon resounded cannon fire is almost a daily occurrence for above the Maiden’s berth. Pirates, marines, traders, and simple fisherman could be caught in a battle if not careful of where they sail through. On the glistening clear blue waters is that of two pirate ships; hollers and resounding banter echoing as swords clashed and pistols fired.


Water splashing fiercely and only a few noticed as a man with blond hair had fallen overboard. No one had a moment to step and retrieve him, not knowing if he were wounded or merely in the watery depths now and being able to swim. Shouts of someone to follow was there, calling that their Commander was in need of them to retrieve him if he may be injured.

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