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Geez, so this was going to just be a simple sketch with shading, but I ended up liking the linework so much, I couldn’t resist coloring it. And man, let me tell you, it’s a choice I do not regret. I’m almost afraid my next drawing won’t come out as good considering how much I loved this one.

Well, regardless, here’s a beautiful Ansem to enjoy.

Art meme/challenge used in case you want to give it a whirl yourself.

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What would be the boys' favorite color/s?

Hi anon! Thanks for asking me! This is actually something I’ve thought about a lot, because I wanted to dye the bros’ chocobos in their favorite colors while playing the game.

Slightly based on this.

Little bit of spoilers for chapter 10. Also, some headcanon stuffs too.

Noctis’ favorite color would be royal blue. He likes any dark, cool color, but something about royal blue is… calming. It reminds him of the water in the canals of Altissia. Royal blue is also the color of sylleblossoms; it reminds him of his time with Luna as children. Black is a close second, however, as it’s the color of the Regalia, and of Lucis. The color that saturates his home, and brings up memories of his childhood with his father.

Prompto’s favorite color is anything that isn’t dark or foreboding. Bright colors, like yellow, light green, and orange. Specifically, the breathtaking orange of the sunrise. He’s photographed the sunset and sunrise many times, but something about the awesome beauty of it always takes his breath away.

Ignis likes balanced, medium green tones. Not so bright it’s harsh to the eyes, but not so dark that it’s murky. Similar to the color of his own eyes. A light purple/lavender color is his second favorite, especially so once he goes blind. He can’t see colors anymore, but certain scents will make him recollect. Lavender is one of the strongest.

Gladio prefers reds. Any shade. To him, it’s the color of heart, of passion; something you need in his position. It represents strength, and everything Gladio wants (and needs) to be. He’s had rather poetic discussions about it with Ignis, actually, when Iggy asked him his favorite color. Plus, it’s Iris’s favorite color as well, and reminds Gladio of her.

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What are your 3 favorite drinks? What songs do you relate to? What color is your age?

- dark chocolate almond milk, cheerwine (favorite soda, i drink it occasionally but not too much bc i like having teeth), and water.
sorry if that’s boring, or like, weird choices; i’m under 21 so i haven’t had enough alcoholic drinks in my life to find one that’s good enough to call my favorite

- lots, but here’s 3 random ones i chose x x x

- midday blue


Watch: Iman just shared the frightening way the modeling industry has actually slid backwards for women of color

In the film, dark-skinned women share their plight. “I need a powder that doesn’t look gray. I also need a foundation that doesn’t [look] green on my skin. I don’t think they realize that we exist,” half-laughs one subject. But Iman has some advice for what dark-skinned women need to do next.

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