colors coming out really nice

dan and phil getting some well deserved rest

I felt so sorry for Dan and his terrarium disaster so I drew him a new one


Mingyu’s love letter - drip coffee!

read terms before using


Die Blumen kommen so richtig raus mit ihren Farben und es ist schön anzusehen
The flowers come out really well with their colors and it is nice to look at

Bro Lair Review for Kalistys

Normal text is my bro and Italics is me!


Filthy try hard were the first words to come out of his mouth.He says the colors are really nice, but the night silks don’t stand out too much.He really likes his accent and wings, but says the colors come out too strong. Overall he says he likes the dragon, but the apparel blends in and you end up not really spotting them.

Huh I really enjoy this one. I like how all that what do call her clothes? The reddish black dress and wings? Yeah that. I like that what is it. Raven Sylven attire. It really looks nice on this dragon. I like this dragon.

*breathes in* mmmmmm. I enjoy the colors, the springs breath is really nice. I like that bow. He looks very springy. He’s a nature dragon too. *yells* IT FITS THE THEME.

Omg I found old 島鳥x黒猫 kurotsukii fanart
(Tsuki tori x kuro neko - It’s a play on words since tsuki’s name is tsukishima (月島), with shima 島 meaning island and tori meaning bird [island bird :D]. And [black cat] with kuro 黒 as part of kuroo’s name (黒尾)
Copic on watercolor paper is death, your COPICS will run out in no time ((but the color comes out really nice and opaque :,))