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Hola I would like to request for an easy yet effective glamour spell to make my skin white again. Since the past few years, my skin has become darker. I was born fair but now my skin is dark n dull. I'm a beginner so I only know candle magic. I haven't yet started using crystals,herbs,incense etc. I would be really glad if you could tell me a spell something of my level.

hello! i’m a little uncomfortable about making a spell to lighten skin, especially since there’s currently such a stigma against dark skin that everyone’s trying to stop. i don’t want to perpetuate the idea that skin color and beauty are dependant on each other. 

so if you don’t mind, i’m just going to focus on what you’ve provided me with, the idea that you felt more beautiful as a child, and the idea of “dull”.

glow like the moon

light your candle, a plain one or a pink one. 

do at night, look up at the mostly full moon. 

moon, bright and full, grant me your glow
bring back the beauty, that i used to know

bask in the moonlight for a little while, until you feel it is done.

blow out your candle. 

// t h e  s o u n d //

the 1975 drabbles

the sound + blind!yoongi

// well i know when you’re around ‘cause i know the sound, i know the sound, of your heart //

“So you’re saying that you think in a parallel universe that I’m the blind one and you can see?” you ask Yoongi, reaching up to trace his jawline as you await his answer.

He shrugs and continues to rub your back up and down. “There’s a parallel universe for everything. There’s probably one where we’re dogs.”

You laugh at this idea and pulled his body closer to yours. Days like this were some of the best; lying in bed, tangled within each other and talking about anything and everything. Yoongi had one of the most beautiful minds in the world, with colorful and interesting thoughts that you never even thought to think about.

“Maybe there’s a universe where I’m a superhero and you’re the damsel in distress that I have to save,” you say.

“No offense, but I’m not sure you’d make a good superhero, babe. You still yell for me to kill the spiders even though you know I can’t see the goddamn things,” Yoongi points out and you both begin to laugh, knowing this is nothing but the truth.

“Well I wouldn’t be fighting spiders…”

Silence settles over the two of you. It’s tranquil to be lying in Yoongi’s arms, protected from the cold winter day by not only the heavy comforter but his body heat. Your boyfriend’s fingers trailing through your hair and stroking the side of your face was slowly drawing you into a sleepy state, but not before you could ask one final question.

“I have a question,” you state, continuing when you hear him hum in approval. “If I was in a  group of other people, would you be able to tell who I was by just touching my face?”

Yoongi chuckles and tucks a piece of hair behind your ear. “I wouldn’t even have to touch anybody to be able to tell who you were.”

You open your eyes and frown. “How?”

He kisses your forehead lightly and places his hand on your chest. You suck in a breath at his action, but look up at him despite your surprise.

“I may not be able to spot your face in a crowd,” he says with a small smile. “But I know the sound of your heart.”

don’t tell me I’m pretty. i did not choose the way my features aligned themselves or the texture of my hair or the color of my skin. tell me i have a beautiful mind. tell me you love my honesty. tell me the way the rain makes me happy makes you happy. compliment me on things I’ve worked on, on things I’ve developed.

don’t tell me I’m ugly. i did not choose the way my features aligned themselves or the texture of my hair or the color of my skin. tell me the way i enter a room like a hurricane infuriates you. tell me my tactlessness hurts you and everyone around me. tell me my inappropriate mouth is offensive and crude. criticize me on things i can change, make me a better person.

i don’t care about how you think i look.

The Misunderstandings of Love

Anonymous said: One shot where the reader and dean like each other but don’t admit it sam and the reader are best friends so when there one room and two beds only she has to choose between the two and she picks sam cause she doesn’t want it to be awkward and deans all jealous btw I love your one shots and imagines

A/N: Hope you like it, darling! :)

Word count: 2,383

Pairing: Jealous!Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing.

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“I’ve gotta admit it, Y/N, you did one hell of a job back there,” Dean smiled, shutting the door of the Impala and walking toward the back of the car. “Five vamps’ by yourself – not bad.”

“‘Not bad’? I was incredible!” you grinned, trying to brush off the blush that was threatening its way to your cheeks thanks to Dean’s compliment.

The summer heat reigned upon the small town of Lockhart, Texas, one of the few cities Dean actually seemed to enjoy because of its many barbeque places. The sun had started to set down on the horizon, ready to shine its light upon the other side of the world, but the wild Texan heat still radiated off the ground without a care. And though the mixture of pinks, yellows, and forget-me-not oranges created a beautiful rural painting of color, you wouldn’t have minded seeing this in another part of the country.

Sticky sweat covered almost every single inch of your body, and grime and dirt were stuck under your fingernails and at all the visible parts of your skin. There were a few red stains on your shirt and jacket that were drying up quickly with the burning warmth around you, so, needless to say, all you wanted to do was take a shower and take a day-long nap to forget about the vampire case you had just finished wrapping up.

“Okay, shorty, you were the best novice I have ever seen in action,” Dean chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully as he pulled the trunk open.

The blush finally beat you, although not because of what Dean had said as much as what he’d done. You tried to ignore the way the dark fabric of the older Winchester’s t-shirt had stuck to his body, allowing you to easily watch the way his muscles contracted and relaxed as he leaned over to grab the duffel bags from the back of Baby. This is normal, you tried to reason, just because I think he’s hot, it doesn’t mean anything. Anybody with eyes would think Dean Winchester is hot.

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@pinkie-troll | continued from here!

He hadn’t exactly been expecting to catch her, and had in fact been forced to drop the jar of flower nectar he’d been carrying, all in favor of breaking her fall. Said jar was not broken, but it’s contents had still spilled out all over the ground, and Branch sighed, frowning.

“Don’t push it, or I might just drop you.” He grumbled. He didn’t let go of her yet, however, almost as if he didn’t quite want to just yet. That, and.. had he seen her wince a moment? “..You okay?”


We understand many of you are confused by the new 2NE1 “COME BACK HOME”MV and here at K-POP TIMEOUT we have an explanation for you!

First, here are the English Lyrics to help put things into perspective.

So the MV begins in a futuristic worldwith cyberpunk influences (cyberpunk focuses on high tech but low living standards). There is a billboard that reads “VIRTUAL PARADISE”. This is an important metaphor throughout the whole MV which we will get back to later,

We are then given a stark contrast to the promises of the billboard with the interior of the city, all falling apart (although beautifully HD on our computer screens).

The song begins with us jumping back into the “Virtual Paradise” in the billboard.

So the MV has 3 story lines - CL, Dara and Minzy&Bom.Their stories all become intertwined later on. We begin with CL, a resistance leader against the cyberpunk government, spray painting the derelict streets of white boring-ness (white is used in the MV pretty much with regards to anything simple and uninteresting). Her spraying paint pretty much means she wants to bring back color to the world. 

The lyrics seem to be about a boy who left her but in terms of CL’s story line metaphor, she is asking for the old world to come back as she looks upon what it has become.

We then see Minzy’s (&Bom’s) storyline, of her driving to work and appear more well off than the others with a nice automobile but she looks bored of the mundane everyday routine. For her the boy who left her was the exciting parts of life that she so misses.

male hand is shown moving barely and wearing sci-fi glasses.

This is all connected to something similar to an intravenous injection drip,which is used as foodfor patients in a coma. A motherboard (the “brain” of a computer) is found inside the drip, suggesting that this is brain food, which we will get back to later (there is even a computer fan to prevent it from overheating).

We are finally shown Dara’s story line, the most complex of them all and the only one involving a real boy(the same as the one lying in bed with sci-fi glass). She is seen to have a sweet life with her lover, except they live in a rather simple home of little glamor (and it’s white). While Dara seems to enjoy life as it is, we see Mr Lover looking longingly at the promised utopia in the “VIRTUAL PARADISE” Ad.

Other than a beautiful world, “VIRTUAL PARADISE” even seems to promise better bodily abilities.

Dara is then seen in the dining room with her lover, the whole place being whitewith little to no utensils and having no real food. Instead, they are seen to be eating pills, once again, highlighting the shitty standard of living in their world.

The eating of pills also suggest they live in a sick worldwhich may also make the fact Dara’s boy wants a stronger body as advertised may be another metaphor for wanting to leave the current world.

Time to go back to Minzy story line where she is now joined by Bom. The two are seen to be working in a factory line(no wonder Minzy’s bored with her life), producing the pills that people seem to eat as food along with other interesting chemicalssimilar to the color of the brain food. It can be seen that they are part of the system in this sad cyberpunk universe.

We are brought back to CL’s story, with her walking down the abandoned streets of what may have once been a booming city, her face with of despair for all that has gone away.

Meanwhile, Dara’s boy shaves his head and since we see him in sci-fi glasses state bald, we can assume that is his move towards joining “VIRTUAL PARADISE”, which Dara of course is not happy about.

CL the resistance leader shows her anger to the state as she breaks a power supply(obviously a symbol for power and control), gazing menacingly at the “VIRTUAL PARADISE”.

CL is then shown wearing the same sci-fi glasses as Dara’s boy earlier on and we finally get a glimpse of what they really do.

The brain foodwith the glasses together feed our minds with images of a beautiful colorful world, almost like stuff you expect to see when you are high on drugs.

And as the ad promised, this “VIRTUAL PARADISE” also comes with a stronger, better version of yourself as CL witnesses even badass-er(or in CL terms, badder?) than sci-fi glasses CL with even crazier glasses and all, once again similar to how people see themselves when on drugs.

And just to highlight these hallucinations/virtual images/virtual reality we see multiple CLs.

After a journey down druggie sci-fi glasses lane, we see CL walking into a factory, the one where Minzy and Bom works in. CL raps her way to get these girls to join her gang and suddenly we see Dara working there too.

This shows another level to Dara and her boy’s relationship. Not only did he jump ship to “VIRTUAL PARADISE”, she feels guilty as she is part of the system that pushed him to join a fake reality instead treasuring the less perfect but sweet one with her. This is almost like a metaphor of your boyfriend dumping you for a pretty but fake girl while you are sort of to blame for pushing him away too.

At this point we also see CL walking into a part of the factory full of plants similar to marihuana plants (or an attempt to look like them). This further suggests the idea of drugs used in the brain food and the idea of imaginations and hallucinations.

Minzy is seen driving home deep in thought, considering CL’s proposition to join her resistance movement.

In her car we see a time bomb which can symbolise 2 things - time is ticking and shit is about to go down or/and she has made up her mind to start living it up a bit and join CL on her adventure.

We are shown Dara’s boy lying still inside the world of “VIRTUAL PARADISE” (why don’t we just call this state VIRTUAL PARALYSED), with Dara also considering whether to join CL or not.

Minzy lays with the sci-fi glasses on.

Actually all of them, confirming that they have all joined CL.

What is different is they they are all connected to one brain food, suggesting that they are in a process of sharing the same thoughts and ideas (metaphor for cooperation but also something else..)

We are then shown CL, who we assume is the one sharing this brain foodas well as ideas and cunning plans for her resistance movement.

Then a flashback is shown to how Dara came to her decision, showing her watching the same ad on the tv (or maybe it’s the only ad since they live in some totalitarian cyberpunk wasteland?!).

We also see flashbacks of the good old days of love

..contrasting heavily with him lying still in a virtual world now.

Contrary to popular belief, Dara did not kill her old lover, she unplugs the sci-fi glasses. It is like a symbol of her snapping him out of the virtual world, telling him to wake up (like slapping your ex literally or just by telling him his girl now is actually a fake slut or something along those lines..) 

Bom is then suddenly singing in a high class party where everyone is dressed as angels, perhaps a metaphor that these people are all seen as saints or simply rich people living like gods. Or they may even of cupidswho messed up love lives but anyways…

We are then shown Bom in glasses, suggesting that this was part of the CL’s plan.

We get a glimpse of beautifully executed yet bizaare food like enormous fish heads and octopuses on who knows what, hinting at the connection of these rich ass saints/cupids/what not-s being tied to the “VIRTUAL PARADISE” program (because it’s fake beautiful food in a fake beautiful world..). Aside, from this comparison tying them to the virtual world druggie program, is it not fishy that these people are actually eating some form of food while Dara and her boo had to eat pills?? They are definitely in some sort of powerful elite position.

CL then enters with her almighty spray can and starts spraying these “saints”, bringing color to their boring white clothes, their boring white world full of sad lives.

Minzy also enters with molotov cocktails ready for action.

Minzy glances at Dara for the cue and Dara readies herself for this. Compared to the others she seemed more conflicted and confused, as she was doing this to avenge the world for messing up her boy then again she feels like she was part of this world.

Then shit goes down and we see flying grapes, with grapes being a symbol of wealth andpower (like Roman emperors :P) The resistance has begun and things are going to be overthrown.

Fire, the symbol of passion and revenge, is also seen after some lovely aiming from CL’s molotov cocktails.

After trashing the party and basically the elite society (and if those peeps were cupids, the horrible love they brought about), the girls exit, heading onto their next mission.

A red paint bomb is shown blowing up backwards, signifying a flashback.

We see their brain food sharing session, with explosion and destruction of the virtual world (The thing which CL loathed).

The breaking down of a monotone boring world. (The world which Minzy & Bom despised)

And finally a skull on the face of Dara’s lover, representing the lifeless state he became, breaking away from him finally. (The part that Dara wants gone from him forever)

Their individual faces also exploded into vibrant colors, suggesting that they have changed and evolved for the better (like girls changing after a breakup into new stronger women).

The girls then march along, leading a resistance movement behind them.

And the “VIRTUAL PARADISE” then breaks away.

In the MV, all the girls had to deal with different types of love of the past that left them - love of the environment, love of adventure and love of a significant other. They all wanted these loves of the past to “Come Back Home” and fought for it, becoming stronger and better in the process. 

Most important of all, they could not have done any of their things alone and while they had different aims, they were all united for their search for love. And they finished it all off with a movement of people, us Blackjacks, united as one with our Hot Pink fan color mist, marching for a better love together. In a sense, 2NE1 and the fandom are always here to support each other through rain and storm :3 

Last but not least, we jump out from the screen in the end of the MV, showing that the uprising/revolution took place in the virtual world, just like how Blackjacks and 2NE1 are united in the internet, where we will do great things together.

Was this helpful in understanding the MV?

If you notice anything else do not hesitate to comment as I may have missed something :P


Blue the color of his eyes. The color that you loved do much it was one of those colors that stayed in your mind. A beautiful shade of a wonderful color.

Blue the way you felt when ever you were down. Whenever you would see the hate that his fans sent you.

Blue the color of your bouquet on your wedding day. Thenday that brought you the most joy in years. It was an absolute beautiful day with blue surrounding you.

Blue the color of paint on your face as you painted the nursery for your furst born child. A little boy. It was a wonderful thing that you were greatful for.

Blue the color of his lips when he said he loved you for the last time.


Title: Refract

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word count: 2,614

Theme song: Firefly by Ed SheeranI’ve Just Seen a Face by The Beatles

Request:  Hi! I have a small request, if you don’t mind^.^ could you do a Cas fic based off of Firefly by Ed Sheeran? Thank you! Ps I love reading your stories, they are super fantastic!

The Beatles “I’ve Just Seen A Face” and Cas x reader one shot?

A/N: This is another soulmate AU based off the idea of seeing the world in black and white until you and your soulmate meet and touch. Hope you like it!


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It was pitch black when you opened your eyes. It wouldn’t have mattered if you’d kept them closed; the darkness pervaded the area you lay in completely and utterly, pressing in on all sides.

Reaching a hand out, your fingers brushed against fabric—an arm in a coat sleeve and it tensed up at the contact.


Your voice caught in your throat, heart hammering as you pulled away, scooting back until you hit wall not far behind you.

“You’re safe,” he said. His voice was gentle; no other sound in the ever present darkness which meant he was staying put, not making a move closer to you.



“Castiel? Castiel-my-guardian-angel, Castiel?” you asked.


“Where are we?”

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You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. You are what you take from these. You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner. You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. You are every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through your veins and let the colors fill your mind.