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In a relationship yo!

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Purple and Pink c:

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Lipstick bruh, gimme them fun colours

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Hyperdontia - GHOST fucking amazing @.@

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Moana (;u; I love that movie)

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pfft whats TV

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…3? fuck me. Umm, Orihara Izaya, Heiwajima Shizuo, Matsuoka Rin

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…..Sourin, Shizaya/Izuo, wtf do I ship???

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CS AU: Carrots and Cold Chills

Based off the prompt: You’re building a snowman even though you’re a full grown adult, but I brought you a carrot for the nose. 

A/N: I don’t even know, I saw the prompt and my holiday fluff-o-meter went beserk. 

Words: 3300 Rated:

It’s bitterly cold in her apartment. She can feel a draft coming in from under her window sills, the windows themselves likely older than her own twenty-five years. But, if she turns up the heat any higher she risks the old furnace croaking on her entirely and the fact that she wouldn’t be able to afford the gas and electric bill. So, layers it is, she thinks pulling on her third pair of socks, stamping her feet trying to bring the warmth back to them.

It doesn’t help that Mother Nature has dumped a blizzard on them, a good three foot of the white stuff started falling from the sky last night and hasn’t let up since. The snow is up to the ledges of her ground floor apartment.

If she wasn’t currently being held hostage in her apartment by the snow, she’d drive to the local home improvement store and buy those large sheets of the stuff that reminds her of press-and-seal plastic wrap that cling to windows and are supposedly proven to keep the draft out.

Of course, that’s not an option but she needs to do something. Not like she sleeps through the night anyway, a card-carrying member of the insomnia club, but tonight she’s tired enough to sleep and can’t because there’s a slight fear she’ll freeze to death only being found when her apartment begins to smell. And it’s only December in Maine, so that could take a while.

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◇You hear right kids! Yo commend this special occasion, I’m doing an art give away!

All you gotta do is like and reblog this and by the end of the day, I will select who the winners are! And ye shall receive your drawings sometime during Christmas Break!

○1st place winners (there will be two) gets a large, detailed and colored drawing of their muse/muses doing whatever action they want!
(Just send me an IM to go over the details!)

○2nd place winners(there will be two) get a detailed and colored bust of their muse/muses!

○3rd place winners (there will be three!) gets a punch in the face! Lol jk, 3rd place gets a simple inked head shot of their muses/muses!

I’ll announce the winners by the end of today!