Palette Set #1

These are 3 palettes created on Color Scheme Designer 3, it’s an amazing place to create palettes and combine a lot of colors. I hope you like it guys!

Click on the palette you want to use to see the hexes. :)

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THE ART: Liquid Dreams, 2012 by Jack Hardwicke

“I was instantly drawn to the rich, bright tones in this work. It reminds me of rock candy or gemstones. I’d place a piece like this in an interior with a deep, moody palette, where it would pop against the darker tones of the room. The color palette I’ve chosen pulls out some of the deeper tones of the work, so that the interior would relate to the piece but not compete with its bright jewel tones.” -Lauren Stanley Hummel, designer based in Brooklyn, NY

THE DESIGNER: Lauren designs interiors, branding concepts, events and custom screen printed paper goods for weddings and other special events. When she’s not fussing over her designs, you’ll find her contributing to the cat photo quota on instagram and changing the lyrics of pop songs to be about her favorite foods. You can read about her design interests and adventures on her blog and learn about her work on her website.