1) Nefertari holding out her sekhem-sceptre presenting offerings in front of the God Atum.
2) Nephthys and Isis stand either side of a ram-headed God painted green like Osiris, hieroglyphs write “Osiris rests in Ra” (left) “Ra rests in Osiris”. Beyond the yellow division Nefertari stands looking to the left with her hands held out.

Tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens, QV66, Luxor, Egypt.
Photograph by kairoinfo4u | flickr


On 29 April 1818 a long-awaited event took place. “At 11 o’clock,” wrote Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, I heard the first cry of my first baby! Niks kissed me and cried, and we thanked God together not knowing yet whether He sent us a sonor a daughter, but at this moments Maman [the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna] came and said: “It is a son”. On learning we felt ourselves even more happy, but I remember that sensed something important and sad at the thought that this small creature was to become the Emperor some day.” The future Tsar Alexander II was thus born.

April 29, 1818 – Birth of Tsar Alexander II