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zoeyheys  asked:

You should totally add V and Saeran to the MC looks like Rika request. That would be soo cool. Ps I love your writing 😊

(^///^) Thank you.

For those curious, this prompt is a continuation of this.


  • When he barely had any sight, he met MC for the first time, and he didn’t know
  • MC had been taken to the Mint Eye facility before the party
  • She had been forced to face Rika, who had then called upon V
  • V, with little of his vision left, had begged at MC’s feet for forgiveness, thinking she was Rika
  • It sent a horrible chill down MC’s spine
  • When they were in safety, V kept seeing MC and jumping, thinking she was Rika from her silhouette and hair color
  • One day, she was in his apartment, he turned to her, shouted in surprise and dropped a glass
  • The next day, MC went out to get her hair cut to stop that from happening again
  • At the same time, V was talking with Jumin about what he needed to do to get the surgery because he felt so guilty
  • Once the bandages came off and he was fine again, he could see, plain as day, that the color of her hair and eyes were the only similarities she shared with Rika
  • But, of course, he already knew that, as her heart was fundamentally different


  • She’s simultaneously really good for him and really bad for him at the same time
  • Because while Saeran is recovering, there she is, helping him, being just enough like Rika to act as a stand in
  • MC is able to use her appearance to get him to take his meds, listen to the doctors and recover, and while he is recovering, he listens to her
  • But as Saeran gets better, he becomes more wary, becoming scared she’s going to be like Rika and his mother
  • However, even when Saeran shoves her away one day and hurts her by accident (she startled him and touched him and he panicked), she never raises her voice, she just gets up and walks away
  • What surprises him is when she comes back, mostly acting as normal
  • MC apologizes for startling him, and he’s so confused
  • Why is she apologizing to him?! He hurt her! Shouldn’t she be angry?!
  • Except she’s not
  • MC just continues to smile for him like normal
  • Once he is a lot better and discharged, Saeran works hard to separate MC and Rika in his mind, doing as many things with MC as he can to truly recognize and separate the differences
  • One thing he quickly learns is that he’s calmest when he’s holding her hand, and once he realizes that, even if he’s only got a few fingers hooked into his own, he makes as much physical contact with her as he can while still being kind of a distant and a tsundere

Hey everyone! We want to start a new Jon Snow Meme with you all. We hope you will join us and we can have even more Jon edits to reblog and love.

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Quite a few of the members here at @jonsnowsource will be doing the meme. Each of us doing all the categories. We will post with our names at the end of the tag and have it linked in the post, but we will also post on the general tag #jonsnowm.

I hope you’ll join us and remember to tag your posts (within the first 5 tags) with #jonsnowm so we can reblog it!

It’s not a ‘Jon Snow Week’, you can take however much time you need. You could even do just a couple categories, whatever you want. We thought this would just a be a nice way to get some inspiration and more posts flowing through. <3

anonymous asked:

any guides to foundation art to start off an artist who keeps forgetting the fundamentals?

Hey there! 

I would recommend: 

Hopefully this helps!

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More Helpful links: Ask a Question/Request a Tut |Submit a Tutorial | Promote Your Art Commissions to +13.5 K Dashes | Stay Updated on DeviantArt!


Hello everyone!

This year I will be offering traditional character commissions at Anime Expo! 

Commissions come in two deals:

  • INK
    One full body character finished in ink for $60

    One full body character finished with spot color (meaning two-three colors) for $80

    Additional characters for both types will be +$30. 

These commissions are only available for pick-up at Anime Expo. 

I will be located at Table C 47 in Artist Alley, located in Kentia Hall.

Slots are extremely limited. Email me to reserve a spot at:

Commissions must be paid in full via PayPal after reserving spot.

Thank you!


The White House hosted a panel on inclusive storytelling — without any people of color

On Nov. 23, the White House hosted an event called “White House Champions of Change: LGBT Artists.” The third panel of the day titled “Inclusive Storytelling in Mainstream Media,” featured some of the talent behind The Danish Girl and Transparent. Of the panelists, there was one trans white man, 2 straight, white, cis men, and a straight, cis woman. To make matters worse, a notable trans actress of color was invited as a guest but turned down to be a panelist.

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Because I’ve seen a couple of people on my dash talking about it recently, I thought I’d make a post on what tumblr fic authors should remember when changing their theme.

Unfortunately, unlike with ao3, tumblr formats aren’t standard. While that’s great for personalizing your blog, that can also make text inconsistent and sometimes difficult to read. And if you write anything of length on tumblr, you’re probably going to put it under a “read more.” This means that people get redirected to your blog for the full text – and if it’s difficult to read stuff on your blog, then sometimes people will decide it’s not worth the effort and just quit reading, which is definitely not something any author wants!

So here are some important blog aspects to consider:

1. Text Size

A lot of people who design tumblr themes use smaller font sizes, from 8-12 pt. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the easiest to read. As a rule of thumb, I’d remember your high school teachers and not use anything smaller than 12 pt. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to try and zoom in on my screen to read a fic – and then found out that I’d zoomed in too far and cut off part of the text. Eventually it became too much of a hassle and I just quit reading. You definitely don’t want your readers to do that.

2. Text and Background Color

On a lot of themes you can change the background and text color! Which is great! Unless your text color is cream and your background color is white. There have been blogs that I’ve gone to where I literally could not read any of their posts because of this problem. So, in order to allow people to read what you’ve written, contrast the text and background colors as much as possible. While pastel on pastel may look good, remember that some of us with less good vision have a difficult time deciphering it. So, light background/dark text, and dark background/light text.

3. Text Spacing

You know how ao3 has nice even spacing between paragraphs? (I think it’s probably about 12-14 pt. spacing?) Well, some themes don’t have that. Granted, I think a lot of themes generally do, but some slip through the cracks and only leave 2-4 pt. spacing. Which is hell on my eyes. It’s like when you run into a fic on ao3 without paragraph breaks – you “nope” out of there as fast as possible, unless you’re really dedicated. So try to keep your paragraph spacing to at least 10 pt.

4. Distracting Imagery

I’m not sure if this is true for other readers, or if it’s more just a pet peeve of my own. But have you ever been on a blog that has so many images and gifs embedded into its theme that your eyes hurt afterwards? Don’t be that blog, especially if people are trying to read stuff on your blog for an extended period of time. A couple images or gifs at the top usually isn’t too bad, but occasionally gifs that follow you as you scroll down the blog can be distracting when you’re trying to read. Maybe that’s just me though.

If you want good examples of blogs with themes that are still fun and unique, but are reasonably legible, then I’d suggest checking out: bleep0bleep, petals42, foxerica, and stilesinwonderland

I’m opening up commissions for both writing and digital art! I have had knee surgery and will be out of work for six weeks so I need to do some things to both keep me occupied and make money for bills!

What I can do:

  • OC’s (humanoid and non humanoid)
  • Fursonas/Anthro
  • Animals in general
  • Adopts
  • Short stories

What I won’t do

  • NSFW (including anything fetishy - I just am not good at it and am not comfortable doing it)

Pricing info (Digital Art):

  • Sketch - $5 USD
  • Flat Color, no background - $10 USD
  • Flat Color with background - $15 USD
  • Fully Colored, no background - $15 USD 
  • Fully Colored with background - $20 USD 

Pricing info (Writing - examples can be found in my “ficlet fun” tag as well as on my AO3):

  • 100-500 Words - $5 USD
  • 500 - 1000 Words - $10 USD
  • 1000 - 5000 words - $15 USD
  • 5000 + words (up to 8000) - $20 USD
  • Talk with me if you want something that is more than 8000 words

For writing, I will gladly write OC stories (so not just fanfic). Just give me as much detail as you can - characters, setting, etc. As with the digital commissions, I cannot write anything NSFW (I’m just not comfortable with it and am not very good at it - this includes anything fetishy). Writings done from the “prompt ask” that was posted during President’s Day weekend or on February 23rd are not included in the writing commissions (so don’t fear if you sent me a number from that - I’m not charging for those).

Things I can write:

  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Angst
  • Fluff
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Xenofiction (think Watership Down/ Raptor Red)

Any art or writing that is commissioned can be posted, but must still credit me. I also will retain posting rights for portfolio reasons.

I have the right to refuse any commission. My turnaround is about 1 week. I will be closing commissions after I have 5 slots.

I cannot send completed works until they are paid in full. Payment is through paypal (the address to which I can send during discussion on commissions).

Feel free to send me a message or email me at ilraktheraven -at- gmail -dot- com.







Examples under the read more …

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Ui’s right! The application deadline for the K-ON Secret Santa Event has been extended to November 26 at 11:59PM PST!

While we do have a couple handfuls of applications and eager participants, imma give you guys en extra five days in case you want to join in the fun!

The K-ON SS is an annual fandom event we’ve been doing the past two years where you will be randomly assigned a participant to send them some holiday cheer by giving them cute anon messages, and eventually making a gift, be in art, fics, AMVs, whatever, for them to have and feel your cheer and love!

Past examples of this wonderous time of friendship and gift giving and anon-message sending can bee seen in our tumblr #KeionSS tag!

This event is a great chance to meet some new friends, give some love, and receive some as well! I’ve seen friendships come out of this that I still see going on today! We love this series, K-ON, for their friendship, so this is a way to feel some good ol’ friendship and care vibes our girls share in the series!

All you need to do to join is send me an ask including:

  • Your URL
  • Favorite K-ON character
  • Favorite pairing
  • Favorite K-ON song
  • Favorite color
  • One other series you enjoy (doesn’t have to be anime either)

Fairly simple! I’ll be randomly assigning the Secret Santas, posting a MasterPost of everyone’s information from the application so yall have some back story, and you will find your SS, then start the holiday cheer on December 1st!

You’ll be sending cute anon messages, encouraging, maybe even getting to know your SS more, then by the end will reveal your identity by giving them a more prepared gift. Things like fics, art, gif sets, photo collages and so on and so forth have been done in the past.

For more information, check the more detailed post about this, until then, get the word out and  I hope to see your applications for this fun time!