Guide To Colormancy

Colormancy is using colors and their correspondences for divining purposes. It is a method of divination that I haven’t found too much about on here, so here is a little guide to using colormancy, different techniques, and color correspondences.


There are plenty of different ways to use colormancy, for it is a rather broad form of divination. A few suggestions on what to use:

  • Cards: using colored cards can be a very easy way to use colormancy. You may then use them exactly how you would any form of cartomancy. It is my personal preferred way of using colormancy, mine are about the size of standard tarot cards and I lay them out as if I was doing a Tarot reading.
  • Buttons: putting a bunch of small colored buttons into a bag and pulling them out one at a time or tossing them onto a divination grid is another easy method of colormancy. You could also use colored rocks, beads, crayons, marbles, or anything else small that you can easily pull from a bag.
  • Color Wheel: Simply taking a color wheel and turning it into a spinner and flicking it when you wish to get a fast easy answer is an easy beginner method.
  • Pendulums: If you have a pendulum or necklace this is another easy method. Print out or make a pendulum chart or grid and when asking your questions interpret which color the pendulum swings over.
  • Color Generators: For those who enjoy using technomancy and modern witchcraft you can use random color generator sites to randomize and provide you with the colors in response to you questions. It is also a fast way for witches on the go who have a cellphone.
  • Dice: Rolling a dice with different colored sides is another easy way for beginners in divination and colormancy to start out. If you don’t have a dice with different colored sides you can easily make one by finding a dice you do not mind painting up and paint the sides with either paint or nail polish. You could also, if you are good at arts and crafts, make your own dice from paper and color the sides.

There are numerous other ways to use colormancy of course. Find what works for you best, these were just some easy suggestions.

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Can you recommend some psds?

ofc i can, cause even though i do mostly make my own, there’s a few that out there that i love! i have a lot more but these are the main ones i use if i can’t be bothered to make my own (which is mostly all the time tbh)!

i. this one by l-agallerrie
ii. this one by colorme-blue
iii. this one by galaxyps
iv. this one and this one by wasirauhlpsds
v. anything else by wasirauhlpsds
vi. this one by gallifreyps
vii. this one and this one by selenapastel
viii. this one and this one by rencissance
ix. this one by psdhampirs
x. this one by vannilapsds

mom: i like your nail color

me: thanks it’s the lesbian color

mom: oh are you a lesbian. i didnt know. its not like you tell me every single fucking day

Princess (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

“Author’s Note: This is my first x reader fanfic and also my first Hamilton fanfic! I’m very sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes! If you have any hate please do not read. This idea was inspired by a fanfic I read, I forgot the name. It was about King George III’s daughter meeting Philip and they fall in love and Philip doesn’t know that she is a Princess. I am not stealing this idea, clearly I am changing the words and continuing on with the plot. I give credits to the writers who had this idea! I also wrote a lot of facts about the wars and stuff to give you some background.

Y/N: Your Name

E/C: Eye Color

H/C: Hair Color

M/N: Middle Name

F/C: Favorite Color

Your Point of View

My name is Y/N. I’m King George III’s youngest princess. I am currently in New York, but we are from Britain.

France played a huge role in the American Revolutionary War. Motivated by a long-term rivalry with Britain and to avenge their territorial losses during the French and Indian War, France secretly began sending supplies to the Americans in 1775. By 1763, the French debt acquired to fight in the French and Indian War came to a staggering 1.3 billion livres. It “set off France’s own fiscal crisis, in which a political brawl over taxation soon became one of the reasons for the French Revolution.

The French objective in assisting the Americans was to weaken Britain and to seek revenge for the defeat in the Seven Years’ War. In 1778, France recognized the United States of America as a sovereign nation, signed a military alliance, and went to war with Britain. France built coalitions with the Netherlands and Spain, provided Americans with grants, weapons and loans, sent an army to serve under George Washington, and provided a navy that prevented the second British army from escaping Yorktown. 

Now let’s talk about Alexander Hamilton.

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Dear ARMYs: For 보고 싶었다.

Just because I’ve been gone for six months, and this is my first graphic in nine, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate kind tags.

  • NOTE: I appreciate all reblogs and likes, regardless of tags or commentary. This post is just to give a bit of extra love to those who “reached out.”
  • CTRL + F (or Command + F) to find your URL quickly!

In case you don’t remember the exact graphic, it’s HERE!

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How long have you been a witch? With part of the craft is your favourite? Have you ever cursed someone? Is spellcraft all you do? Do you follow a religion? Are you vegan? What is the most awesome experience you ever had as a witch? Do you tell people about your craft or is it a secret?

Half of those questions are in my FAQ haha.

But I have been a witch for about 8 years now, I started practicing (with my dad’s approval) as a teenager. I enjoy a variety of aspects about witchcraft but what I enjoy the most is feeling like it gives me some control and power to not just let myself be pushed around by what happens. It makes me feel like I have a grasp on my own life which for someone with anxiety, is very nice to feel at times. I do more than just spellcraft, though spells are a main focus of my craft. I also do astral travel, meditation, energy work, divination (dreams, tasseography, colormancy, crystal throwing, bath/water scrying, mirror scrying, tarot, dice and automatic writing), minor spirit work, herbal remedies when it is assists with actual healthcare (I believe strongly in seeking medical help), and dream walking.

I do and don’t follow a religion. I do as in I believe in polytheism, that there are numerous forces or entities who control and make up everything we know and love. i believe in reincarnation of some kind whether you return as a person, animal, plant, spirit/force, phenomenon etc. I also believe that most things and aspects of nature have a spirit of their own: plants, rivers, crystals, clouds, etc and that everything connects in some way. I do worship and work with a few deities, namely Anubis and Baste. But I do not follow a specific religion layout like paganism or wicca or neopagan etc. I just sort of do what I feel is right. So I am spiritual but I don’t consider myself a follower of a specific religion, if that makes sense.

I have cursed people before and I have cursed objects. The most recent curse was I cursed my stolen ps4 so whoever has it (the thief) will suffer nightmares until it is returned or they have somehow repented or made up for the crimes they did to me and the others of my apartment building (around 13 people were robbed of very expensive things in one night).

I am not a vegan due to health issues. I suffer from to be honest very heavy period flows that happen every 10-12 days due to a medical issue I have. Due to this and some other things I am highly anemic and iron pills help, but doctors pretty much told me if I don’t eat enough protein from red meat and fish I will pretty much be at risk for some very severe medical issues. I am also unable to eat tofu due to the fact it makes me deathly ill for days after eating it. So I do try to limit the meat I eat to a reasonable amount and I take iron pills. Mostly I eat eggs, beans, nuts, fish, chicken and the occasional beef just so I can stay as healthy as I can. I just would rather not spend my life in and out of hospitals.

I have had some pretty awesome experiences as a witch. I have done some very accurate tarot readings before that blew the minds of people, especially when I (accidentally) predicted a divorce of an acquaintance that I didn’t know was married due to her never wearing a ring. I also really enjoy dream work and astral travel during dreams, I have seen some interesting places and things. I also really really love past life work, I have learned some very deep things about myself through it and things that explain a lot about my current self and situation.

It depends on the person. My immediate family all knows I am a witch as well as my professors, roommates, close friends and my current boss. But people I don’t feel close to like random acquaintances and more distant (highly alt-right, and sadly racist) relatives I don’t feel the need to tell them. I also don’t just march around and tell people about it on the streets, but if I trust someone I will mention it if it comes up. Everyone I have told so far have been very accepting.

How to read scientific papers part 1

So, my major challenge when I first went into researh were the research papers I had to read. I used to just read them, without understanding a word of what was said there (seriously), so it was just really tedious to me, not productive at all and I wasn’t learning anything or making the most of my time in the lab since I wasn’t able to apply new concepts properly. But as time passed and I got more experienced, I found and developed a method that works pretty well for me, it helps me analyze and understand so I can later apply what I learned in my own research and time in the lab. It does take more time that just skimming through it, but it’s so worthy, trust me. But note that this may not work for everyone, it’s just a method I developed by experience (and honestly it’s pretty simple and typical) and also learning from others, which happened to be very effective to me. 


  • 2 highlighters: one for findings in the research you are reading, one for general and “universal” concepts mentioned. 
  • Your article
  • A notebook (try to have one exclusive for the research project you’re doing, if that’s the case, with a section for articles read that can be helpful)
  1. The first thing you’ll do is write the title in the notebook, because this will help understand the whole article. The title ususally has the ability to summarize everything in a sentence: it’s basically the hypothesis and procedure in one. 
  2. Second, we’ll work a little with the abstract. It’s a really small summary of everything but it contains the most common abreviations used throughout, so, we’ll extract and write them down to have them in handy while we read.

3. Usually the abstract has it too, the hypothesis, we have to find what was done or what was tried to prove with this research. 

4. Now, we analyze the introduction, tough simple and general, it can help us understand concepts better so we can later apply them. I like to make maps, charts and diagrams with the info so I can make sure I’m processing it correctly, and if I have any doubts I’ll just look it up! 


If important information is regarding the research itself, like a result or something like that, I’ll highlight it with one color

If and important concept is mentioned, but it’s a universal or general concept, I’ll highlight it using another colorm because it might be useful later, (like what are anthocyanins, or the explanation of a procedure commonly used) 

It is indeed and extensive post, so I’ll write the rest later. 

Completely new to this studyblr community, I would like to say that @hexaneandheels has been my principal motivation to make this blog! I love how her tips are always useful and practical, that she always creates great and original content and I admire so much that hardworking and productive personality of hers, besides she’s so beautiful! 

here’s our first follow forever!! we reached 2k followers so we wanted to do something special, the blogs mentioned are our favorites resources blog and we want you to check them out!! enjoy<3 


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