colorless type

ALLRIGHT been a while since we did one of these, but finally finished Biryu’s character, Allison! Definitely the most complex of our custom sprites so far in terms of different parts, but I think she turned out good! 

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iamyoonseoktrash  asked:

i have a prompt Jake and Cassandra stuck somewhere of your choice and she has one of her episodes (i never gave a prompt before so if this sucks i'm sorry)

Ok, your prompt is great, but if this is actual trash, I’m very sorry. I did like an hour of research so if I suck I apologize. 

Black…black and warm. The space she’d woken up in was cramped and unfamiliar. Warmth was red was one, one dimensional, a never-ending line on a plane leading everywhere and nowhere. Red was heat and flame, she smelled smoke…sweet smoke, it was hard to breathe.

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