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Hi sweetie! I need to ask you 2 questions. One what kind paper do I use for Copic markers and two how do I use a color blender? Thank you! Have good night or morning!

Hello dear anon~

Copic marker pad is really great for copic markers since they’re bleedproof or you can also use normal copy paper [100gsm] as copic blends pretty well on smooth surface.

As for colorless blender, they are not really for blending. It’s more like fading or removing the colors instead. So, they work best for texturing or lightening your ink mistakes. Please see the attached image for more tricks and tips that can be done with colorless blender.

Hope this helps and have a great day~ =]

a list of all the Copics i own.

black multiliner set (sizes 0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.3)

Sketch sketching grays (colors N0, N2, N4, N6, N8) with black liner, size 0.5

Sketch bold primaries (colors 100, B29, E29, G28, R27, Y15)

Sketch earth essentials (colors B41, B45, E34, E39, YG13, YG17)

Sketch skin tones (colors E00, E11, E13, E15, E18, R20)

Ciao hair (colors W2, Y11, YR31, E33, E37, E08)

Ciao sea (colors 0, 100, C3, G21, BG72, B93)

Ciao pastels (colors RV21, V04, Y21, YG11, B23, BG15)

individually bought YR00 and the colorless blender.

I’ve continued playing with my Winsor & Newton alcohol markers (including the colorless blender). I misted the page with rubbing alcohol and when it was dry, wrote the lyrics with the TWSBI Eco Broad fountain pen and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.

Everybody here is a cloud
And everybody here will evaporate
….Have you found where your place is?
-Cloud Cult, “Everybody Here is a Cloud”


okie doke so some people have wanted to see my copics for a while so here ya go ✏️⛅️ the top are my mainly non-skin colors and the bottom ones are mostly from the skin tone pack. The farthest left marker in the bottom picture is the colorless blender (a gift 2 this world)

I was given a copy of a coloring book page that I really liked, so I used an ever-so-toxic Chartpak AD colorless blender marker to transfer the image to my journal. Colored the image with Ohuhu colored pencils, applied a wash of black Prang semimoist watercolor, spritzed the page with water, and sprinkled kosher salt around but not on the colorful raven. After it was dry and I scraped off the salt, I used a waterbrush to remove excess watercolor from the raven.


Tutorial on making a homemade blender pen~ I’ll be trying this out with my crayolas in a little bit. @_@

(Completed Version) A portrait drawing of Baby Blossom from the animated TV show “My Little Pony”. Reference from a vintage 80s Coloring Book.

TIME: A little over 2 weeks

MATERIALS USED: Artagian Paper,Prismacolor Pencils, Prismacolor “colorless” blender

**If you would like to commission me, buy one of my artworks and/or prints, please message/e-mail me for more information**



I wasn’t sure which to post so I ended up uploading all of them…

This is my Darkiplier I uploaded way earlier today but accidently deleted. In short these are edits of the drawing with a noise reducter and I also brought out the shadows that weren’t visible in the scan. The third image is the original scan and the last is an actual photo of the drawing

Materials- Black Crayola color pencil, white Prismacolor pencil, white Jellyroll pen, black and colorless blender Copic Markers