Looking For someone who’s good at shading and coloring???

I’m working on a really neat drawing, and I’ll need someone who’s pretty good at shading and etc. to do the coloring??? Preferably better at dark coloring and shading? Like,  guess it’d be considered a collab?? Send me an ask if you’re interested!! 

This is a super dumb touch up of a drawing I uploaded yesterday. Basically, I did this drawing for Spencer’s birthday, and I found it going through my folder and decided to edit it. I really like the way Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure does this with the colors in dramatic scenes. 

Finally finished the drawing!
Very surprised by the amount of attention the first post got good god

But I do think I’ll make this a full fledged comic that touches on racism, equality, and possible solutions to the overall problem that I personally can think of and opinions on the subject I receive.

So what do you guys think? What solution do you think could “fix” the problem of racism in America and even the world?

You can put opinions up here or go to my ask 

I love conversation so don’t be nervous of your honest opinion on the matter


Hina-chan to the rescue ()