“Help! I suck at coloring!” a list of (hopefully) helpful refs

I’ve seen a lot of artists that I follow say this lately, so let me give you a helping hand!

Value Coloring Tutorial by Me!

super basic stuff, nothing too fancy

Youtube Video Example of my Grayscale/Glaze coloring process

if you’re on a desktop, you can slow down the video to get a better look

Black General Walkthrough by len-yan

(this one helped me the most, and I constantly reference it)

WIP/Tutorial for Sorcery by Iruuse

::Progress:: by orichie

Global Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae*

(*Flash tutorial: one of the best lighting tutorials out there in fairly easy terms imo. Helped me lots)

Gradient Tutorial by damie-m 

(I referenced this when I felt like my coloring was too flat and felt like it was missing something. Helps a lot)

How to Color by gawki

Color Harmony by troy-artlog

probably my favorite Color tutorial, helps a LOT