Forever ago someone asked me if I was thinking of coloring Haruka and Juuri together…I’m so sorry it took me so long. We were finally given the perfect image for it though! Tbh, after seeing the last VKM issue,I don’t even regret waiting for something like chapter 11 and all its amazing Harujuuri panels. Who cannot love this couple?!


- Roxy1294


So yeah, white-washing is bad, but more often than not unintentional. 

As mentioned above, there have been a few blogs recently that make the claim of being against white washing, yet continuously misdiagnose and lack any fundamental understanding of basic color theory or anatomy. So, the intent of this post is to help give people a vocabulary through which they can address the issue of white washing, while presenting solutions in a way  that other artists can understand and learn from.

White washing is inexcusable, but “too pale” won’t fix it.


“I want to live on
And protect her.”

Here’s the colored panel! Glad it looked clean (on touka’s side)! It looked a little bit messy on Kaneki’s side because of the “light” scribbles/detail that ishida (oh hail) did, and with that I really couldn’t comprehend what’s “in” and “out” of the costume (sorry for that!).

Hopia like it! :d