PaintsChainer auto paint
Just heard of this tool, basically it auto paints your sketches (with some color input). I tested it out with one of my drawings aaaaand. laughing out loud, instead of Twi getting happy/excited that Dash is reading, it now looks like Dash is reading Twi’s fantasy journals and she is embarassed/shocked.

Seems the program works better with sketch lines than solid lines. Plus the less complexity the better. I can see myself using this as a tool to speed up the flat coloring or blocking stage, but never as a way to finish a drawing. It seems to focus on giving drawings a water color affect, plus with it guessing the wrong colors in some areas it adds a bit a surrealism.  This is a cool tool I would think artists can use sparingly, but never to finish a drawing this way. If all artists used the program, we would grow tired of the water color look. 


coloring silicone


Feysand: “I would have torn apart the world to get you back.”

Rowaelin: “And you love me.”
“To whatever end.”

Samaelin: “You would’ve been a great king.”

HAAPPY BIRTHDAYYY! I love your work so much I just had to color three of them 😭💛
You draw beautifully I just can’t help myself 😍

Hope you like my work! I had fun and enjoyed the process in coloring them 😁

(Meabhd did the lines, drawing. I only did the coloring and background) 😁
my contribution for @meabhd’s coloring contest 😄