smercurial and I (paintingmouse) are starting to create fandom coloring pages. There’s LOADS of articles* expounding on the benefits of relaxing by coloring, and we thought why not make some related to the fandoms we love?

We’re starting with Supernatural, but expect us to expand. Also, if you make some of your own, feel free to submit. We will be using this tumblr to organize the coloring pages.

Happy coloring!

*Here are a few of those articles. Coloring Isn’t Just for Kids. It Can Actually Help Adults Combat Stress , Why adults are going back to colouring books, Coloring books for grown-ups can ease stress and calm one’s inner child

More on Adult Coloring in the Boston Globe

Several mentions of Dover’s Creative Haven line are featured in this article on the current adult coloring book craze:

ashleywillians asked:

33: sometimes when im sad i take it out on a coloring book (coloring books for grown ups r a thing ok) or just cry it out

33: Talk about what you do when you are sad.

I mope mostly. I sit around and be sad, maybe make some angsty tumblr posts. Or I just cry. That always works too.

So Here We Are ►ᐅ Wonwoo & Yubi


At first Yubi thought that the new craze for coloring books was kind of lame, but she was often found wrong these last few days. Just the day before she thought that the almost-one-week-old pizza on her fridge would taste horrible – but she was the one horribly wrong. Her eyes scanned the library once again, her mind sure she would never get used to it. It was her first time there and her library trips count was really small for Yubi to know how to locate herself inside one.

But at first she also didn’t think that she would end up finding her long lost friend inside such an unusual place for her – but she just found herself wrong once again. The only choice she could think about was to ask somewhere where to find the ‘grown ups’ coloring books, but it was almost like all of the employees were not available just because she needed them.

Her eyes spotted him far away first, not really recognizing his more grown up form. As her feet got closer and closer to him, her mind started to lose focus on her mission faster and faster until she had completely forgot why she was walking for if not to just embrace the boy in front of her to not let him go again. And then she stopped herself.

Wonwoo was one of the first people to welcome her after her banishment and they stayed friends for so long until the boy just simply moved away. Their contact was basically lost and that hurt Yubi in a level she didn’t expect it to hurt. She liked him so much that after he left the girl started wondering if he ever even noticed that – and the answer was that he obviously didn’t.

Her hands trembled their way towards the boy’s shoulder, the moment they touched again after so long making a wave of recognition go through her body that she didn’t expect to be so strong. He turned around and they stared at each other, his face now back to the top of the things that made her happy. Her mind soon bugged her to say something, but she was at a total loss of words. Her lips started moving but nothing would come out and he probably thought she looked pretty stupid. And then she stopped herself.

Hello Artist! Here is a sneak peek at our companion coloring book for GROWN UPS! It will be available soon on Amazon and Create Space. Color with your kids and share dialog and creativity. Feedback is always appreciated.
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@newjamesdean loves me (The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow 12" album from him) and so does my mom! (grown up coloring book from her) The Plan: a musical coloring party with Rowan tonight!!!