coloring this show will be my downfall

Tam Bir Başyapıt Olan 72 Film Önerisi

1- The Shawshank Redemption - Esaretin Bedeli(1994)

2- The Intouchables - Can Dostum(2011)

3- Black(2005)


5- Mr. Nobody - Bay Hiçkimse(2009)

6- Forrest Gump(1994)

7-Saving Private Ryan - Saving Private Ryan(1998)

8-The Green Mile - Yeşil Yol(1999)

9- 3 idiots - 3 Aptal(2009)

10- Pi (1998)

11- Fight Club - Dövüş Kulübü(1999)

12- Leon: The Professional - Sevginin Gücü(1994)

13-Shutter Island - Zindan Adası (2010)

14- Life of Pi, Pi'nin Yaşamı(2012)

15- Catch Me If You Can - Sıkıysa Yakala(2002)

16-Barfi: Aşkın Dile İhtiyacı Yoktur(2012)

17-A Beautiful Mind - Akıl Oyunları(2001)

18 - My Name Is Khan - Benim Adım Khan(2010)

19-Taare Zameen Par - Her Çocuk Özeldir(2007)

20- Schindler’s List - Schindler'in Listesi(1993)

21- The Godfather - Baba (1972)

22- Pulp Fiction - Ucuz Roman(1994)

23- The Notebook - Not Defteri(2004)

24- Big Fish - Büyük Balık(2003)

25 - Stock And Two Smoking Barrels - Ateşten Kalbe, Akıldan DumanaLock(1998)

26- Trainspotting(1996)

27- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Sil Baştan(2004)

28 - Good Will Hunting - Can Dostum(1997)

29- Django Unchained - Zincirsiz(2012)

30- Inglourious Basterds - Soysuzlar Çetesi(2009)

31- Oldboy - İhtiyar Delikanlı(2009)

32- Se7en - Yedi(1995)

33- Pride & Prejudice - Aşk ve Gurur(2005)

34- Scent of a Woman - Kadın Kokusu(1992)

35-Requiem For A Dream - Bir Rüya İçin Ağıt(2000)

36- Kal Ho Naa Ho(2003)

37- Sin City - Günah Şehri(2005)

38- Snatch - Kapışma(2000)

39- 12 Angry Men - 12 Kızgın Adam(1957)

40- Silver Linings Playbook - Umut Işığım(2012)

41- Hannibal(2001)

42- The Pursuit of Happyness - Umudunu Kaybetme(2007)

43- Rang De Basanti- Onu Sarıya Boya(2006)

44- American History X - Geçmişin Gölgesinde(1998)

45- Das Boot(1982)

46- Do Your Thing - Dil Chahta Hai(2001)

47- Blue Is the Warmest Color - La vie d'Adèle - Mavi En Sıcak Renktir(2013)

48- Despicable Me - Çılgın Hırsız (2010)

49- The Butterfly Effect - Kelebek Etkisi(2004)

50- Donnie Darko - Karanlık Yolculuk(2001)

51- Rain Man - Yağmur Adam(1998)

52- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Sende Rabbimi Gördüm(2008)

53- Incendies - İçimdeki Yangın(2010)

54- Truman Show(1998)

55- The Usual Suspects - Olağan Şüpheciler(1995)

56- Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Koku: Bir Katilin Hikayesi(2007)

57- Ted - Ayı Teddy(2012)

58- Dead Poets Society - Ölü Ozanlar Derneği(1989)

59- Shame - Utanç(2011)

60- Downfall - Çöküş(2004)

61- The Man from Earth - Dünyalı(2007)

62- My Sassy Girl - Hırçın Sevgilim(2001)

63 - Warrior - Savaşcı(2011)

64- Green Street Hooligans - Yeşil Sokak Holiganları(2005)

65- Reservoir Dogs - Rezervuar Köpekleri(1992)

66- Life Is Beautiful - Hayat Güzeldir(1997)

67 - A Separation - Bir Ayrılık (2011)

68 - Up - Yukarı Bak(2009)

69- Apocalypto - Apokalipto(2007)

70- Edward Scissorhands - Edward Makaseller(1990)

71- Love Actually - Aşk Her Yerde(2003)

72- Cinderella Man(2005)

i. i want to burn like incandescent roman candles, allow light to drift in and out. in and out. in and out. find comfort in the dullness of the glow but always sense the warmth radiating.

ii. sometimes it feels as though there is a spiderweb winding across me and my soul, existing slowly and quietly and never quite being enough for someone to see. to notice. to be afraid of.

iii. i’m afraid of spiders

iv. even though i’m allergic, sometimes hotboxing cars in a starry daze from too much liquor in my veins is one of the most enticing pass times. it’s something close to the God i left behind years ago.

v. sometimes i still think there is a God.

vi. when i drive, i grip the steering wheel until my knuckles are almost opaque, eggshells could match the color, scars flexing and showing, a cacophony of strange stories and tripping over heavy liquor bottles as a child.

vii. curiosity was always my downfall. curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back and i am nothing more than curiosity. nothing brought me back.

viii. it’s just winter. nothing is permanent.

ix. sometimes i crumble under the weight of the constellations. orion’s belt feels more like a collar holding me close so the universe can always lay itself to rest on me.

x. i keep swallowing down everything that has happened to me, no longer letting it be a piece of chewing gum to sit and stew and marinate in my mouth like leftover pasta or day old minestrone. my mother doesn’t know but sometimes the whole family climbs within my rib cage and my heart thumps against them, and sometimes i feel my ribs cracking and everything is going to spill out.

it’s just winter

It’s trending 27th again!
It was ridiculously hard to narrow it down to my top 3 favorite Season 1 episodes but I went with ones that left a significant impression on me.

Two out of the many things I admire most about Wander Over Yonder are the fantastic sense of color and the amazing animation. One episode in particular really sticks out to me that executed both stunningly, it even won an award for it too! That episode is…

I am IN LOVE with the way this episode introduces it’s villain Emperor Awesome. The cinematography is so on point and enthralling. Dang, Justin Nichols, just dang. The dance sequence between Awesome and Wander contains some of the best animation in the entire show, to the point that it’s difficult to create gifs of because the colors and motion is so intense.

Here’s just SOME of the great palettes in this episode.

Great sense of pacing, color, animation, everything.
Plus Emperor Awesome, one of the BEST characters in the show. I love him.

Awesome’s pretty awesome but there’s somebody who’s greater….it’s Hater.

I re-watch this episode a ton because it’s just so much fun.
There seems to be a relative consensus that this is the episode that marks Hater’s gradual downfall into becoming less menacing and more of a lovable doofus. Wander’s finally really getting to him.

The comedy in this episode is hilarious and my heart just goes out to poor Hater and Peepers, falling victim to Wander and Sylvia’s way of turning every obstacle against them. Wander’s just having a blast and trying his darn-dest to make Hater happy, but that’s pretty difficult when Hater’s ultimate birthday wish is to obliterate you I suppose.

Go to him, Wander.
Also that birthday song is the greatest.

Speaking of Hater and Wander-centric episodes, the song sequence for this next episode premiered at Comic con and upon seeing it I was like “YES! YESSS!” 

This episode probably marks the start of Wander’s perilous quest to become best friends with Hater and Hater’s slow realization as to what Wander’s trying to do to him….make him a better person.

This episode is ridiculously cute, I won’t lie, it’s one of my favorites because it’s too darn adorable. Favorite characters hanging out together singing and being hilarious, instant favorite.

My heart forever goes out to Peepers.
Probably marks the start of Peepers’ subtle jealousy of Wander’s ability to hog all of Hater’s attention. Give this man a vacation.

Other contenders for top favorite eps: The Bad Guy, The Void, The Gift II The Giftening, The Fancy Party, The Date, The Pet

Help give this show the Season 3 it deserves!


I’d like to interrupt my regularly scheduled posting to…show you my liberation lol ❤️ (note: at this point is where you take SEVERAL SEATS IF YOU HAVE ANY NEGATIVE THING TO SAY ABOUT WHAT I DID MY HAIR. Emphasis on the MY)
I had locs for 4 years and it was a great journey. But I was no longer connected to my locs. I was unhappy with the amount of damage I caused them. Lack of conditioning and care following coloring was my downfall. But spiritually I wanted to rid myself of that energy that I carried for those 4 years. My locs became something that I used as a safety blanket. I depended on them to validate my beauty and individuality. So lastnight I cut my locs with the help of my bb @clncwatts who got me on point 👌🏾 . I feel free. I am not saying I won’t ever get locs again, because I definitely will. But everything in due time.


Hey everyone! I’m Eunice and this is my studyblr. I just recently created my blog (literally three days ago) after my friend told me about it (thank you @nerd-kid ). After looking at a bunch of different studyblrs, I realized I had found my true calling… all these posts were so downright amazing and motivational, so how could I not make one?? So…here I am….

I started this studyblr in hopes of becoming more motivated in actually getting off my tush and begin studying, especially since I’m joining IB this fall and self-studying for the SATs. I also wanted to meet others who can teach me new techniques in studying while, at the same time, finding new ways to organize my thoughts and notes. So, please don’t be afraid to message me!! I want to meet as many of you lil beans as possible.

Here are some (ok, maybe a lot) of info about me that we may be able to bond over:

I’m currently 16 years old and am part of class of 2018. I reside in southern California and, no, I have not yet met any celebrities. Unless you count meeting Troye Sivan, a complete sweetie pie, at vidcon. Next year, I’ve decided to join the most rigorous courses provided in our school, which are part of the IB program. I hope to better myself as, not only a student, but as a person as well through this program. I also genuinely enjoy learning, but I have great difficulty in actually taking the time to study (which I hope will change through having a studyblr and a bujo). My favorite colors are yellow and coffee brown, but I also love a bunch more colors… I love a lot of things, really, mainly TV shows, which ended up being the downfall to my grades in the last two semesters. (My favorites being The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, and Parks and Recreation). I enjoy museums, cafes, and traveling. I aspire to become a doctor, but I’m not too sure of which speciality just yet. All I know is that I want to be a part of the medical field in order to help extend the lives of people and, perhaps, give them better ones. Welp, that’s it. I hope I can make many new friends through this blog.

From the past three days, I could not get enough of these beautiful, inspirational studyblrs, so thank you to all of youu:

i’ll be following everyone, who is a studyblr, back and reblogs this!! i really need a bunch more studyblrs to follow

A quick rebuttal...

***I still see people getting upset over the words “Girl” “Pussy” and “Bitch” being used as insults because they believe its extremely hurtful to only the female gender. Here is my rebuttal to these claims…***

Being called a girl when you’re not, is insulting for the same reason being called a man when you’re not would be insulting because it’s an adaptation of your own sense of identity.

Don’t get mad at pussy being an insult because, guess what: dick is also an insult. Not to mention the fact that these are colloquial terms-nobody's envisioning real life penises and vaginas when they say these words. You can also call people an asshole as an insult and everyone’s got one of those.

In the case of the word bitch, I use that for both genders and it means the same thing for each: a whiny, abrasive, wimpy person with no spine.


In conclusion, insults are meant to hurt people and that’s not what I want to do, I want to help and inform people. Using insults instead of a well thought out rebuttal to a claim or hard evidence to counteract a certain viewpoint or idea will ALWAYS hold more weight to me. I try to avoid using insults as much as possible because it makes me seem unprofessional and like I don’t have a solid argument on my side. This was just meant to show that there’s an insult that’s designed to hurt EVERYONE, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, skin color, etc. But insults will ONLY affect you if you ALLOW them to affect you. 
Don’t let another persons lack of professionalism be your downfall.