coloring psds

Hi guys!! This is the psd number 74 of my blog shipcoloring. All I ask is that if you download you favorite/reblog this post, please. You can always adjust some layers if you need, but remember to not repost or claimas your own. Hope you like it! Download here. xx

anonymous asked:

May I ask, how do you edit your fashion edits? They're so pretty and may I ask what coloring you use too? Sorry for being nosy but so pretty :)

Heya! No worries, you’re not being nosy at all ^^. I use Photoshop CS5 for all of my edits and lately I’ve been using my own PSD to edit them. (For a while, I was using this one; totally recommend it, it’s so pretty!) 

Here’s what I do now:

First, duplicate your image and change its Opacity anywhere from 20%-40%:

Then duplicate THAT layer and change its setting to Color:

Now drag your PSD BENEATH those two layers (I have uploaded mine to Mediafire so u can download it here~):

Then flatten your image and sharpen it and waa la! It’s a subtle change, but that’s how I do it!

Hope that helps you out ^^♥.