etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.9.17

theme thursday: valentine’s day gift ideas for kids

giant coloring poster: cats! by atelierruetabaga

happy thursday everyone! today’s theme will focus on finds for the little ones in your lives — fun activities and gifts perfect for kids. atelierruetabaga’s giant coloring posters are available in several themes. as a kid at heart, and a former art major, i’d LOVE to get my paws on this bad boy and start scribbling!


A beholder coloring page/paper doll. To use, cut out the hats and cut on the dotted line on the beholder’s forehead and insert the tabs on the hats there. The other neck pieces have tabs that fold over the bottom eye stalks. I’d love to see what people make out of this, so tag me if you color/assemble it!