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She texted me, ‘Holy crap, Sofia. This is amazing. I remember when we were in fifth grade and you did a project on the U.S. national team and said you wanted to play on their team.’

I honestly read that and said, 'Holy crap, that’s true.’

I think every girl who has this dream will understand that it means everything. It’s a surreal feeling because you’ve been working so hard toward this. Just to get a call-up is such an opportunity.

Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two
And don’t you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you.❤

Happy Nalu Day. 07.26.17

anonymous asked:

TBH I'm sad Alien Queen was shit down as Mina's hero name. She IS my queen.

Tbh same????????? Also because Pinky is a terrible name in comparision????? Just let the queen call herself Queen come on Midnight why must you be like this

my life is real weird right now bc everything is really delicately stacked and i can keep it together if i don’t let my guard down but if one thing slips everything gets fucked and it’s very frightening knowing my sense of security is false

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if you fed a voidfish a voidfish it'd have to decide if that voidfish was worthy to be spread around or not, and because that's canabalism it might not broadcast the voidfish out, BUT if it was like "damn voidfish tastes nice" it would probably broadcast the existence of that voidfish out

you know, this is the type of question that we throw griffin’s way when ttazz happens and hopes that he can give some sort of half ass answer because this is such a bad question (but also i love the idea of the voidfish thoughts being broadcasted everywhere) 


Happy Birthday to the talented, kind and simply amazing Kali!!! @cosmicloveoftheages

I hope you’re spending the day just the way you want to, surrounded by love, happiness and warmth. ^^