coloring is shit but idc


♡ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine 

While beautiful wives (and husband) fliers are being drawn, I’m just here busting a lung doodling Lon’Qu

Or should I say Lon’Chuu? ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Les Mis Rare Pair Week, Day 6: Grantaire/Floreal, aka [Veronica Mars theme song starts playing]


hey yall, im STRAPPED atm and really need just a small boost to get it together so i have 2 slots open for $50 commissions–about the above image’s level of quality, bust or full-body whatever idc, colored character on simple bg shit. this is a bit cheaper than i usually go so its a limited time DEAL and yeah it would hugely help me out

so does sharing this! thanks


i’m so sick of anti-antis accusing any mention of race or representation as ‘anti-behavior’ especially when it’s fans of color talking about shit that actually matters to us. idc if weirdo fake tumblr progressives usually talk about racism and white-defaultism in a bullshitty kind of way — that doesn’t mean lgbt issues and racial issues in fandom space don’t exist ??? they still have real effect.



Went to go check on my moms and she was going through a bunch of old pictures (caribbean mothers aka hoarders) and she handed me these. Oh high school days, shit I looked pretty ok. But skins over here @teiganrgreen LMAOO. She was so annoying. It was like having another younger sister. Had all ha shit in my room, smelling like mad cucumber body spray and shit. Good ole days.

Side note: I HATED those fucking shorts. She had em in every color B!