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Hey could I have one where I'm in Hufflepuff and I'm friends with Luna and were eating and George is staring at me, and Luna points it out then later he asks he to the Yule Ball.? Thanks!!!

Okay so I got 2 like this and one used a name so im just gonna use their name, and yeah. I hope you like it! xxx

The small Hufflepuff girl skipped down the hallway humming lightly to herself, paying no mind to the people around her. Her blonde hair in curly waves flowed behind her body, while her hands held her charms and potion books close to her body heading to the great hall. The large opening was filling in and out with students as the night grew late and Taylor neared the dining hall. She had spent all day long in Snaps office, redoing her potions work and learning new ones to catch up. To put it lightly Taylor wasn’t the smartest witch in Hogwarts, she was a different kind of smart that no one really understood. Taylor spoke differently than everyone else, and used words nobody knew. Maybe that explained why Luna and she were such good friends, they could actually understand each other. Taylor was only 2 years older than Luna and with being not being in the same house, they didn’t always get to spend much time together.

“Taylor!” A cheerful voice called out over the chatter of the other students eating on the long tables. A blonde girl similar looking to Taylor stood waving excitingly towards her. She turned away from the direction she was heading to the Hufflepuff kids, to go sit with Luna who was staring at Taylor with a happy expression on her face.

“Hello Luna, how are you?” Taylor swung one foot over the bench and then the next so she was sitting comfortably next to Luna. The Ravenclaw table was placed two in between the Slytherin and Hufflepuff table, and the Gryffindor was next to the Hufflepuff table.

“I’m alright,” Taylor glanced under the table to see Luna’s feet bare and pale. Luna seemed to notice her stare, “I believe the Nargle stole all my shoes, but I don’t mind much, mischievous little thieves they are…” She muttered the last part digging her fork into her food as Taylor grabbed the ice cream and began to eat it.

“Taylor I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but aren’t you going to eat any… real food and not just ice cream?” Cho pointed her fork at her bowl of delicious desert as she chewed on her chicken. Taylor laughed light heartedly at Cho’s comment.

“Ice cream is real food, just better than most food others eat.” Cho furrowed her eyebrows greatly confused by her statement, as she just laughed again and directed her attention back to her treat. Not too long after Luna looked up past Cho and then down at Taylor.

“He’s staring again.” Taylor had a clear look of question on her face. Cho looked behind her back then back to the two girls in front of her.

“Nothing new.” Taylor still didn’t fully understand the situation. Who was “staring”, and why didn’t they seem surprised.

“I’m sorry, but who are we speaking about?” She asked the other girls who seemed to get the topic of the conversation pretty well, must be a Ravenclaw thing. Luna shrugged carelessly and pointed in between Cho and the girl to her left at a boy who was looking past Lee Jordan, whom Taylor had quite a lot of experience with, seeming as he liked to poke fun at her, straight at the blonde headed girl.

“That red headed boy, he has a twin, y’know. I was out dancing in the halls on night when I saw them pranking Professor Snap. It was a horrid joke, really, but funny I suppose.” As Luna spoke trailing off Cho and Maria, the girl sitting next to Cho, shifted their body’s round to get a better look at the twin. He had longish hair but not too long to where it didn’t look good, not like Taylor would’ve cared anyways. She didn’t really believe on basing your friends on looks or style, which was one of the many reasons Hufflepuff, welcomed her with open arms.

“His names George Weasley I believe and his brothers Fred. They’re always causing such a disturbance during my study hour.” Maria did not seem to be too amused with the boy who had his eyes locked on the Hufflepuff student, but right as all the girls had been looking his way he quickly turned back to his twin tearing away from Taylor.

“I find him unique in a good way of course, they’re always bringing light around here,” Luna re stacked her colorful magazines as she wondered on with her words, “besides, I think he fancies Taylor. He always seems to be staring at her during lunch and probably during class too. You just never really notice it.” She smiled kindly at the big blue eyed kid who was shocked by what the Ravenclaw had just explained. Had she really been that oblivious to a boy as handsome as George Weasley, to be paying attention to her?

“I agree with Luna, he does look to have a lot of interest in you.” Cho giggle sipping her tea as Maria stood up brushing off her robes.  

“You girls ready, we have some important studying to do. I really want to ace this exam so we can earn more house points,” Cho and Luna agreed as they too stood up and climbed over their seat on the long wooded bench. “But it was very nice chatting with you Taylor; I hope to catch up again soon.” Maria gave her a quick hug as the other girls waved and walked out side by side. Taylor looked down towards the end of the Ravenclaw table to see she was the only one left, and then turned to see the Slytherin to find only 10 or so kids. The same could be told for the Hufflepuff houses table, and last but not least she turned to examined to Gryffindor.

Taylors baby blue eyes widen only a tiny bit, as she saw maybe 15 or so, but they were all crowded around the boy who had been staring at her. A girl with frizzy brown hair, who Taylor recognized as Hermione Granger, leaned down to George Weasley’s ear as his brother Fred rubbed his shoulders, which caused Taylor to grow curious. Next to Fred sat Angela, then across from her was Lee, Ron, Harry, Neville, and standing behind George were; Seamus, Ginny, Dean, Colin, and Katie.

Taylor shook off their eyes on her, as she continued to read out of the magazine Luna had let her borrow. Deciding right way up wasn’t good enough, she flipped the magazine over so it was upside down.

“See I told you, she’s a freak George!” A hushed whisper came from the Gryffindor table, but was loud enough for the girl sitting 2 tables over to hear.

“Shut up, Seamus!” A voice shouted back, Taylor paid no mind to their conversation deciding it wasn’t really any of her business to get into.

“Yeah Seamus, she’s a really nice girl.” The new voice was more feminine and belonged to Hermione Granger who slightly agreed with Seamus if she were to be truthful. Taylor was a bit… odd, not a freak in any means, just unique as her mother and father put it. Taylor knew this too, and she liked it. She would rather live her life being looked at funny for being herself, than loved for being someone else.

As Taylor continued to read on, she missed out on the table of Gryffindor students, trying to encourage George Weasley, to go make his move on Taylor before someone else did. She might be weird, but she sure is a looker. The Yule Ball was approaching and George was dead set on bringing her, they had just never talked to each other yet, despite the fact he noticed her in almost all of his classes. He liked to watch her study, not in a creepy way, but in more of an admiration type of way. He liked how she would look so concentrated, and then get a little flustered when she couldn’t work a problem out. Then she would think for a bit and look up at the sky, as if the heavens would send her down an answer to her for the question off of her transfiguration homework, which George found quite easy. He often debated on going to help her, but then who chose against it, knowing she’d probably be embarrassed or turn him down in front of his friends.

So, now as George took small steps nearing the empty Ravenclaw table hiss hands began to get a little damp, as he thought about turning around and just finding some desperate girl in his own class to go. He didn’t though; he kept on walking towards the beautiful girl, because he knew she was the only one he truly wanted to go with. When he got to where he wanted to be, standing on the other side of the dining table, he glanced behind his back to his house mates who all stood together watching closely waiting for the usual brave and outgoing George, to mess up.

“Did you know that most of the time the people who complain about being alone, are the people who usually chose to be alone.” Taylor peered up at George already expecting him. “Do you prefer to be alone or with someone?” George smiled at her and sat down across from her, shaking off the once nervous feel he had only moments ago.

“I don’t really fancy being alone much. I guess sometimes it’s okay, then you have time to think for yourself, but most of the time it just makes me feel sad and empty.” Taylor nodded understanding what he meant letting her big curls bounce against her head softly.

“Is that alright if I question, why you were staring at me earlier this evening?” She didn’t look up from the upside down words, and instead let her foot lightly tap his in a playful way.

“Oh you noticed that, listen I’m really sorry it’s just that lately I’ve been wanting to talk to you really bad I just haven’t been able to work up the guts, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you or anything.” Taylor reached across the wood top and took hold of his hand in her own to comfort him, so he knew she wasn’t mad.

“I’m not upset or anything I was just wondering.”  His smile grew bigger as he felt her thumb rub his nicely. ‘I guess it’s now or never’ George thought to himself, as the Gryffindor’s were staring to grow impatient.

“I want to ask you something, Taylor.” Taylor peeked up, and seeing the seriousness closed her book and set it down on the clear spot next to her now empty ice cream bowl, she tilted her head signaling for him to go on.

“So, I know we don’t really know each other too well, but I was thinking maybe if you would want, we could go together to the Yule Ball next week. It’s just you’re really gorgeous and lovely, it would be a privilege if you would be my date to the dance.” George rushed his words out feeling light headed as the whole (mainly) empty hall grew dead silent. He prayed she would say yes or he might just never hear the end of this from Fred or anyone else really.

“Of course, that sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to go with you George.” Georges face broke out in the biggest grin as he leaned over the table in a jumping motion and placed a quick peck to Taylor’s soft plum lips. Breaking away as fast as it happen he grew red and sprinted out of the great hall, making the whole lot of Gryffindor’s left laugh. Taylor on the other hand was confused on why he had left, it wasn’t as if she didn’t like they kiss.

~Daizy xxxx

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Can you do a Hogwarts!5sos au with like what house you think the boys would be in? Sorry I'm kind of a nerd 😏

A/N - It’s okay! I’m must be a nerd too because I absolutely love Harry Potter! :) I’m super rusty when it comes to writing Harry Potter though. There will probably be a part two, but I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it because I’m not sure if this is what you wanted. Anon, if you want me to redo it don’t hesitate it ask!

“I cannot believe Luke Hemmings got Head Boy!” you scoffed, running your hand through you hair and tossing it over your shoulder. Kaylee, your best friend, smirked. “You’re just mad because he’s the Head Boy to your Head Girl,” she said, “You can’t spend more than two seconds with him without getting bloody flustered! You’re pathetic! You are so in love with him but you won’t admit it! I hear you talking in your sleep, you dream about kissing him and dating him,” She laughed and you frowned, crossing your arms over your chest, “I do not, I never-!” “Oh, Luke, this is so sudden! In the Heads Common Room, of course!” Kaylee made kissy faces and mocked what must be your sleep voice. “It’s not that, it’s just-I can’t-” you stuttered and Kaylee laughed again, looking over your shoulder. “Oh, here comes Mr. Ravenclaw Head Boy Lucas Hemmings! I’ll see you later!” she exclaimed, wiggling her fingers at you as she sauntered off into the Common Room. “Kaylee, wait!” you exclaimed, before feeling Luke tap your shoulder. You turned to him. “Hullo Luke,” you say, trying to keep your face free of any indication that you could already feel the color rising to your cheeks just because he was looking at you. “Hello,” he replied, “Professor Flitwick wanted me to come and find you because we have a meeting tonight.” “I knew that!” you exclaim, pulling your robe sleeve up to look at your watch, “It starts in -” “It started 10 minutes ago,” Luke interrupted, “Which is why Professor Flitwick sent me to find you.” You gasp, “Shit! I thought it started at 7.” You begin to jog towards the Charms classroom and with Luke’s extra long legs he has no problem keeping up with you. “No, it started at 6:30,” he says as you begin to walk instead of jog. “Ugh, of course Mister Perfect would know that,” you snap, rolling your eyes at him. He looks taken aback. “Mister Perfect?”, Luke asks. “Yes Mister Perfect,” you say, “I swear you get everything handed to you.” “Bullshit!” Luke says and it’s your turn to look surprised, “Everything handed to me? I’m sorry I actually worked hard to get where I am right now. Unlike the other Head Boys, I’m not a Quidditch Star or a Teacher’s Favorite. You just so happened to meet me the year I decided I wanted to actually make something of myself at Hogwarts instead of just going through the motions. I was so excited to be Head Boy and when I heard you were Head Girl, yeah I was nervous, but I hoped that we could get to know each other for who we actually are and not just who people say we are. But it seems that you’re too convinced that my reputation actually defines who I am so whatever. I’ll see you back at the Common Room after the meeting so we can start our once around the castle,” he turned from you and reached for the knob of the class room door. “Luke wait!” you exclaimed and he stopped, turning to face you, you could see his jaw tense up. “I’m sorry,” you say, looking at your feet, suddenly embarrassed, “I am so sorry for assuming that. You really earned every award you’ve ever earned and you deserve Head Boy more than anyone who has ever been Head Boy. I think - actually, I know that I was just jealous. Everyone loves you and everything comes so easily to you. You’re amazing and you know it.”

"Will you wear this to the game today?” “Now Calum Hood, are we making this official?” You smirk as Calum drapes his Hufflepuff scarf over your shoulders. He kisses your cheek and grins, “If you’re ready, I’m ready.” You smile back and take his hand, “And what, break all the hearts of the girls who are in love with Hufflepuff’s star seeker? I am definitely ready.” Calum laughs and you lean in to kiss his lips, lingering for a second too long when Calum clears his throat and pulls away. His cheeks are tinged pink and his ears are bright red. You giggle, kissing his cheek. “I’ll see you at the game,” you say, turning away from him and heading back to the Common Room. You meet up with your best friend, Jane, in the dormitories and you find her painting her face in Hufflepuff’s yellow and black but suddenly she spins around and her mouth drops open. “Is that CALUM HOOD’S scarf?!” she exclaims. You grin and nod quickly and Jane screams, “Bloody Hell girl! When were ya gonna tell me?!” You’re smiling so big and you know your cheeks are pink. “We just made it official today. He asked me to wear his scarf to the game!” Jane was a giggling mess and you couldn’t help but be one too. You were going to watch your boyfriend win the House Cup today. Your boyfriend. Your BOYFRIEND. Any way you said it made it sound better. Later on the Quidditch Pitch, you were wrapped snuggly in Calum’s scarf, the glares from the other Hufflepuff Girls only fueling your smile because you only had eyes for Calum. He knew how to work the crowd and everyone loved him, even people from other houses. Before the game started, he took a few laps around the pitch on his broom to pump up the crowd, stopping just in front of your section to give you a long kiss on the lips in front of everyone. Nothing could ruin your good mood. Hufflepuff was ahead of Ravenclaw and they were sure to win the House Cup. You knew your House Team was getting a bit cocky. “Hufflepuff’s Seeker Hood has spotted the Snitch!” the Quidditch announcer’s voice was rising in excitement as Calum neared the Snitch, but Ravenclaw’s seeker was on his tail. Everyone was on the edge of their seats when suddenly, Ravenclaw’s seeker rammed into the back of Calum’s broom. Everyone gasped, the entire Hufflepuff House was on their feet, and you could feel tears welling in your eyes. Calum began to spin out of control, he was headed straight for the ground. You could see him struggling, trying to get his broom back under control but he couldn’t. Everyone was holding their breath and by the time Calum hit the ground in a crumpled heap you figured your face had turned blue. 

"Now do we need to go over it again?” “No!” “Why would we?” “Bloody Hell Clifford do you think we’re all idiots?” Your teammates were sure to voice their opinion and you smirked at the exasperated look on Michael Clifford’s face. As the captain of Slytherin’s Quidditch Team, he loved to boss his team around and being the only girl on the team, you got a lot of crap and you were tired of it. You finally had a talk with the rest of the boys and it was decided that you all would tell Michael how you really felt about his methods. “Fine. Practice is done for today. I’ll see you all out here tomorrow, same time.” The boys were grumbling as they walked off the pitch. “You had something to do with this, didn’t you?” Michael snapped once it was just the two of you. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said in a sing-song voice, knowing that it was going to drive him crazy. “Why did you do this to me?” he asks, crossing his arms over his broad chest. “Because,” you reply, mirroring his pose, “You don’t deserve to be Quidditch Captain.” “Oh and you do?!” Michael exclaims, making a face and rolling his eyes. “I do, actually!” You’re yelling now, “Professor Snape only made you Captain because you’re an ass kisser!” Michael’s jaw tensed, “Professor Snape made me Quidditch Captain because I know how to play Quidditch.” You sigh, “I know you know how to play Quidditch. But you act like such an asshole toward us during practice and after games when you know we work hard.” You walk past him, not wanting to fight anymore. You were tired of Michael acting like this, you missed the Michael you knew before he became the Captain. You had been so happy for him, but he took it as an opportunity to get girls and to act like he was better than everyone. “Wait, wait!” Michael followed you onto the grounds, jogging to keep up with you. “I’m sorry. I just-I just wanted to impress you,” he says, staring at his feet. “Well, you didn’t impress me,” you say, staring at his face, “You made me angry. You never acted like this before.” Michael sighed but didn’t say a word. “I just want the old Michael back,” you say quietly. “Damn it,” Michael curses under his breath, but you don’t quite hear him. “Pardon?” you say, but Michael grabs your cheeks and pulls your face to his, pressing his lips to yours.

Ashton Irwin was something else. You could see his fluffy head of hair over the crowd of students, considering he was almost two feet taller than most of the first years he was directing into compartments. He had spent most of his years at Hogwarts terrorizing you and your friends with the assistance of his three best friends but something changed in him when he was appointed Head Boy of Gryffindor House by Professor McGonnagall. You didn’t understand why she did but seeing him work with the First and Second Years opened your eyes. Although he was obnoxious, his laughter louder than the Whomping Willow, he was one of the sweetest boys at Hogwarts. You wished that you could go back in time and get him to act like this in his early years. Then maybe you would be friends instead of you admiring him from afar as only acquaintances. You wanted to get to know this Ashton; you wanted to make him laugh instead of his friends and you hoped that this train ride in the Heads Compartment would satisfy your want for friendship. Ashton pulled the compartment door open, grinning at you when you looked up. “Hello,” he said, cheery as ever. You’d swear you never saw the man angry. “Hi Ashton,” you replied, trying to match his cheeriness. You hoped you didn’t seem fake because you and Ashton had definitely had your fights in the past. “So…Head Boy and Head Girl!” Ashton exclaimed as he took his seat across from you, “Are you excited?” You let out a slow breath, rubbing your sweaty palms on your pants. “I am,” you say, looking at him, noticing that he seems to be studying your face, “And I’m actually quite nervous. I come from a long line of Head Girls.” Ashton chuckles, “I’m the first Head Boy in my family. You have expectations to live up to and I have expectations to start. Here’s to a great year!” You laughed, suddenly feeling a burst of courage. “I’m actually really excited to get to know you,” you say, looking at your hands in your lap and then back up at Ashton, studying the expressions on his face. “You’ve known me since we were eleven,” he says and you knew this was coming. “I know I have but I want us to have a real friendship. We’ve spent too much of our time at Hogwarts fighting,” you explain. Ashton nods, “I agree. I never even meant to fight with you so much. We just kind of mesh that way.” You can’t help but chuckle, “There’s nothing wrong with fighting. As long as we’re still friends afterwards.” Ashton smiles again and he gaze stays on your face. “Wow, you actually want to be my friend,” he says and you nod quickly. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to say that,” he continues, “Because I’ve always had a crush on you.” Your cheeks turn the brightest shade of red possible and Ashton must have noticed because he’s giggling but before you can say a word Professor McGonnagall raps on the door of your compartment and walks in.