coloring is getting easier

A gift for @jing-kabell  their latest design for Rebel Kallus spoke to me! Absolutely amazing and unspeakable! (Kallus is way too sexy and needs a change up for season 4!)

Jing-Kabell’s design can be found here: (x) 

Bonus (Zeb’s reaction :’D):

Colour Porn Tutorial

The sweet @silvernightsky requested a coloring tutorial on this gifset of Jace Herondale and Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters. There are plenty of ways to achieve this effect, but today we’re trying to keep it simple ✌🏻✨

So today i’m going to show you how to go from this:

to this:

Here’s what you’ll need!
● Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS6)
● Basic knowledge on making gifs
● Please like/reblog if this post helped you in any way!
● If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask
● Click ‘read more’ to view this tutorial

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For anyone upset about Club Penguin

Animal Jam is the next best thing.

You can still customize your avatar, but there are a lot more options in AJ, such as species, color, secondary color,  pattern, and eyes.

It is also much easier to get clothes and there are a lot more options.

You can still have pets like Puffles, only they are actual real animals. (i.e. cats, dogs, hummingbirds)

The “dens” in AJ are way bigger and more customizeable than the igloos in CP.

There are still things like “tip the iceberg!”

Minigames still exist also!

I loved this Animal Jam to death when I was younger and thinking about it, it’s still pretty fun. 

TL;DR if you miss Club Penguin, Animal Jam will fill the void in your heart quite nicely

Spaghetti and Oreos

Originally posted by wonnhao

Mingyu x Reader

Words: 1500

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You’re Seventeen’s stylist and a certain kid notices you’re getting a little homesick.

A/N: i got the idea while i was eating not spaghetti but some weird squash zuccinni thing my mom made. also ive been working on this for like 3 months i want to die

whatever is in italics is supposed to be in english

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Poor thing. Even his bones burned to ashes. With such a death it’s just—

Ahh… But.. the “Earl of Phantomhive” is still with us, after all.

Reasons you should watch Bojack Horseman
  • Accurate portrayal of depression
  • A canon ace main character
  • Takes on controversial topics with humor (abortion, Bill Cosby, Veteran praise, etc)
  • Animal puns and a million background puns
  • Relatable main characters
  • Accurate portrayal of abusive home situation and it’s affects
  • It’s beautiful
  • Crazy amounts of foreshadowing and full circle pay off
  • Shows both healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • A female main character puts her career in front of her love life for a while
  • Realistic portrayal of a couple who is middle aged but doesn’t want children
  • Explores hollywood toxicity and the ‘the grass is always greener’ meantality
  • Accurate description and portrayal of life and stagnation (the point in life where you finally stop growing and changing)

Also really good lessons I learned

  • You aren’t obligated to accept anyone’s apology
  • 'When you look at someone through rose colored glasses all the red flags just look like flags’
  • 'It gets easier. Everyday it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it everyday that’s the hard part’
  • Sometimes you have to just stop expecting someone to be a good person so you aren’t disappointed when they aren’t
  • Sometimes happiness is selfish and you can’t be apologetic for it
  • It’s easier to fix other’s problems than your own
  • Sometimes it’s too hard to be a grand hero and you just can’t do it
  • You have to take responsibility for you own actions, even if you did have a tough break and a shitty upbringing
  • Sometimes even though someone loves you, it’s not enough
  • Never EVER snort Bojack the heroin

i made a bunch of icons of leather jacket dan from this episode.
feel free to use & edit as you please. credit is not necessary but
is certainly appreciated. 

warning: there is random hand & hair porn in the mix. tread with

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anonymous asked:

Don't worry. I'm 22, need to wake up for work in three hours and I still lay awake at night a year and a half later... forgetting is hard, especially when you loved them. But I can tell you, it does get easier and color will slowly return to the world around you.

Thank you so much for sharing and reaching out. 

What’s in a Pencil case? that which we call stationery, by any other name would be just as awesome

So this is going to be just a little bit personal, because I’ll be telling you what’s in my pencil case, but it’s mainly just a general guide as to what should be in your pencil case (or pencil pouch, whatever you want to call it).

I don’t really buy fancy stationery. Back to School sales are pretty much the only time I do buy new things. But here’s the thing, stationery… doesn’t have to be fancy! As long as it serves it’s purpose, it’s awesome.

So here’s a list of essentials you need and should have:

Pencils (duh)

Okay, maybe not duh. Some people don’t keep pencils with them, and that’s a problem! Pencils are the most fundamental tool for a student- and they always will be, no matter how technologically obsessed society becomes. Make sure to always have more than one pencil in your pencil case, at all times. Try to keep a traditional number 2 (basically, a wooden pencil) around if you really like mechanical ones, or vice versa. It’s important to have that variety.

Also keep a pencil or two in your backpack and/or locker, if you have one! You never know if you’re going to forget it at home one day, or even lose it. If you’re using mechanical pencils, you need to remember to keep lead with you as well.

I myself have three mechanical pencils (the Paper Mate Clearpoints are my fav tbh) and a traditional number 2 pencil in my pencil case, and a couple in my backpack too.

Pens (rainbows are good!)

Just like pencils, pens are super important. They always say that black and blue are what you’ll need. If that’s good for you, it’s totally fine! Generally, color coding is a lot easier with colorful pens.

You can get the extra red and green, or you can get a whole rainbow. Whichever works best for you and fits your studying strategy, just remember to have more than one pen with you, always. They’re also something you should keep in your backpack or locker.

I use pens in the following colors: black, blue, red, green, pink, purple, light blue, and orange (the Paper Mate Profile Bold are what I prefer). I also have my old Caran d’Ache pens from Switzerland with me at all times.

Highlighters (keep ‘em colorful)

Pretty much everyone has to color code at least once in their academic life, whether they like it or not (I don’t like it that much, to tell you the truth). Generally, highlighters are the way to go for that sort of thing. Whether you fully highlight words, underline them, or actually write them with the highlighter, they remain pretty useful when you need to make things stand out in a colorful way.

Yellow highlighters are the most common and most used. Then come pink and green, as well as blue and orange, and sometimes you can get purple too. I think there may be an even larger variety, but the main thing is to go with whatever works best for you!

I personally like to have a lot of different colors, and I use the Sharpie Accent highlighters at the moment. I used to use Stabilo a lot, but that was back in Europe.

Erasers (aka a pencils’s bff)

Yah, erasers are practically as important as pencils. It doesn’t matter if your pencils have those little tiny erasers at the end, you will always need your own eraser. Or two. They’re also something you might want to keep in your back pack, just in case.

Wite-out (or Tipp-Ex, or whatever you call the white-colored chemicals that cover your inky mistakes)

Wite-out (that’s what I’m gonna call it) can be really useful or really annoying. Either way, it’s always good to have it around in case you mess up big time on that essay for your test or something. Whatever brand or type (pen or the tape thing or the brush thing) you use depends on what you’re comfortable with.

I actually don’t like Wite-out myself, but I refuse to cross out my mistakes, so I have to have it. I use the pen-form of Tipp-Ex, just in case I ever need it.

Other Essentials (the not-always-necessary things)


 depending on your grade level or age, you may not really need them, but they’re always good to have!


 whether in the form of a stick or a bottle (I believe glue sticks tend to be better) glue can also be pretty useful


 for when you have a whole lot of papers and you refuse to get up and use your teachers stapler


 the other alternative to the scenario above

There you have it! I hope this was somewhat useful to you, and maybe reminded you of some things you needed.



Advance Illustrations / Term 9 / Jason Holley 

Part 2. I tend to do 2 steps for sketches. First I do an idea sketches, which is just brain storming ideas, compositions, and textures. Then I do an more detailed sketches thats is close to final with adding limited colors and values already so its easier to get critique and shortens time for myself to get to the final. Also in this class, research is very important which is good for future because you’ll do a lot of it for almost every illustration assignment.