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Colour Porn Tutorial

The sweet @silvernightsky requested a coloring tutorial on this gifset of Jace Herondale and Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters. There are plenty of ways to achieve this effect, but today we’re trying to keep it simple ✌🏻✨

So today i’m going to show you how to go from this:

to this:

Here’s what you’ll need!
● Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS6)
● Basic knowledge on making gifs
● Please like/reblog if this post helped you in any way!
● If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask
● Click ‘read more’ to view this tutorial

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A gift for @jing-kabell  their latest design for Rebel Kallus spoke to me! Absolutely amazing and unspeakable! (Kallus is way too sexy and needs a change up for season 4!)

Jing-Kabell’s design can be found here: (x) 

Bonus (Zeb’s reaction :’D):

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 15 - After the Battle

I seem to be stuck in a b/w realism rut right now. Sometimes it’s easier to get the details right without color to worry about. And I know I already did a painting for this scene, but it’s just such a good scene!

Hope you all have a great Monday!
We’re another week closer to September!

windycube  asked:

Gosh you're really cool your drawings are so amazing ;w; I really like the way you draw smoke and steam tho, could you do a quick tutorial or step by step, please?

Thank you! And sure! I’m usually bad at tutorials, but I can totally show how I do smoke/vapor because it’s actually pretty simple and easy for me to articulate.

First, you make the general, slightly blobby shape you want the smoke to be. Don’t stress too much over it being exact,you can tweak it very soon! Then, you use an eraser ((or pen, if you want the outlines to pop rather than show the BG through them)) to form flowing lines within the shape - swirls and curves from one side to the other work best. You can also erase awkward bits, or more to create gaps or separate wisps from the main body of smoke. After that, all you have to do is reduce the opacity, and optionally, use a soft eraser on a low setting and have the smoke gradually fade the farther it gets from its source, or preserve the opacity and give it various colors! Once you get the hang of basic smoke ‘blobs’ it becomes easier to guesstimate how you can have them flow and intertwine with other ‘blobs’ as well as various levels of blobbiness vs wispiness. If you get really good at it you can hide relevant shapes or words in them!

I hope I worded that well, and I wish you luck.


; __ ; my hunter boys… finished these references for the page! So sad that since Jin’s is so huge…. that it looks so small //sobsquietly

Anyway! Man I love how obvious it is that Zalaojin is half-night elf. I wasn’t actually expecting to like him with nearly full-blown night elf colors but holy shit….. 11/10 would tap that. Funny thing is, it doesn’t register for most people that he is actually half-night elf - like one of those “oh yeah, I guess that’s the case” but don’t acknowledge it until it hits them like a ton of bricks (”… WAIT HOLY SHIT THAT IS DEFINITELY THE CASE”).

Shion of course looks adorable as always and I’m??? So pleased with how Erasmus turned out (that’s… the bigass spider). Adding all those rock details was DEFINITELY worth it. Looks so lava and fire I love it.

Again, Jin’s pets are Hado, and Finn, and Shion’s are Eyphah, and Erasmus (which means “beloved”. JSYK).

So I still don’t know how art works entirely… but I drew the captain of my heart and figured I’d share so that if I ever do improve down the line, I can look back on this, smoking a pipe in a rocking chair, and muse, “We’ve come an awful long way, friend.” Ahem. But anyway…

I’m in love with Sawamura Daichi.

For anyone upset about Club Penguin

Animal Jam is the next best thing.

You can still customize your avatar, but there are a lot more options in AJ, such as species, color, secondary color,  pattern, and eyes.

It is also much easier to get clothes and there are a lot more options.

You can still have pets like Puffles, only they are actual real animals. (i.e. cats, dogs, hummingbirds)

The “dens” in AJ are way bigger and more customizeable than the igloos in CP.

There are still things like “tip the iceberg!”

Minigames still exist also!

I loved this Animal Jam to death when I was younger and thinking about it, it’s still pretty fun. 

TL;DR if you miss Club Penguin, Animal Jam will fill the void in your heart quite nicely

Spaghetti and Oreos

Originally posted by wonnhao

Mingyu x Reader

Words: 1500

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You’re Seventeen’s stylist and a certain kid notices you’re getting a little homesick.

A/N: i got the idea while i was eating not spaghetti but some weird squash zuccinni thing my mom made. also ive been working on this for like 3 months i want to die

whatever is in italics is supposed to be in english

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Tips for Incoming 9th Graders

High school can seem a little scary—some movies don’t help make the image any better—but here are some tips and advice for incoming ninth graders to hopefully make your first year of high school a memorable year!

  • Visit the high school before school starts - Even if you don’t have your final schedule yet, it’s good to walk around the school and note where bathrooms, the cafeteria, gym, courtyard, ect. are before the first day. Familiarize yourself with the hallways as best as you can so you won’t be completely lost!
    • Some schools provide maps of the building layout. Take one. Bring it with you to school the first week, map out your classes and routes when you get your schedule. It’ll make things a lot easier, and generally ensures that you make it to class on time.
  • Get a comfortable backpack - Make sure you buy a backpack that is durable and comfortable. You’ll probably be taking your backpack full of materials around with you all day (unless if you’re lucky and get a locker in a good spot.) So make sure there’s good padding. The backpack should have multiple pockets to keep things organized while you’re carrying it around.
    • Even if you don’t need to bring a laptop to school, I find it useful to buy a backpack with the computer pocket. That way if I don’t have enough time to put stuff in a folder, I stick the papers in that pocket until I get home and can organize the paper.
  • Buy materials in different colors - It’s much easier to stay organized and get things out quickly if you color code things. Buy different colored binders, folders, and/or notebooks for each subject, and try to match the binder/folder color to the notebook color.
  • Have a planner - High school isn’t middle school! You can’t just remember everything you’ll need to do, you will forget something if you do that. Buy a planner, get a good one, or use a bullet journal. Record homework assignments, test dates, sport events, anything that you need to remember.
  • Get to know people ASAP - Lots of high schools have freshman orientation. During that time, try and talk to as many people as you can! Find out who you click well with, who might have a class with you, maybe talk about a place to meet up during lunch. You’re all new to high school and it’s a good opportunity to make new friends!
  • Keep the syllabus - Most classes will give you a syllabus on units that will be covered in that class. Keep it. Usually the syllabus includes the teacher’s contact info, which you should write down in a safe place. Just in case you lose the syllabus, you’ll still have the teacher’s email for whenever you’ll need it.
  • Join a sports team and/or clubs - This is thinking quite a few years ahead, but colleges like to see that you to choose a sport and stick with it. It shows your commitment to something and that you can do other things besides just studying.
    • Clubs and sports teams are a great way to meet new people and make new friends—especially with those who aren’t in your grade. Getting to know some upperclassmen is always good because you can go to them for advice. And unlike the movies, they don’t hate you (if you’re not super loud and rude) and most are actually pretty willing to help you out.
  • Form good relationships with teachers - Sure, there may be that one teacher you don’t like as much, or that teacher that always seems to pick on you, but still be polite to them.
    • Try to have a good relationship with a couple of your teachers. That way if you need to get help for school work, they’ll be the first people you should go to.
    • Teachers are also the people who help write recommendations. You may not think that your freshman teacher will need to write any, but when I was in 9th grade, I had multiple times where I went to teachers to ask if they could write letters of recommendation.
  • Your grades matter from the start - Going into ninth grade, I heard from some people that your grades don’t matter that much in freshman year. That is false. Right off the bat, you should be aiming to do as well as you can in school. Don’t slack off in a class because that one B or C will bring your GPA down.
    • Also, if you do really well freshman year, it means that you’ll have a bit of flexibility when you get to the advanced classes.
    • If there’s extra credit, even if you have a solid A, do it. Those extra points you get might make a difference between an A or B at the end of the quarter.
  • Be yourself - The final thing is that when you go to high school, be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not so that you can fit in with the popular group. If you are who you truly are, you’ll make good friends who will stay by your side.