coloring her hair

Date the girl with roses in her hair, that cascade with the different colors of fall, like her hair. Her skin as pale as the freshest winter snow. Her cheeks as pink as the spring cherry blossoms and her eyes as green as the summer grass. Date the girl who speaks in a language long forgotten, but it sounds so familiar and so much like home. Her hair, the autumn rose petals that never seem to wilt, much like her wonderful smile when she takes your hand in hers.

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"Well, hello!" She waves his hand, a black cat sneaking behind her lavender colored hair. "You do seem different than usual cats are, what's your name?".

“I’m the best cat you could’ve ever met! My name is Night in the woods, Nitw for short, unless you wanna call me Meg! Who are you?”

She asked while thinking “omg i love her hair”

Day 4: Selfishness

For Pidge Ship Week 2017!

Summary: In the past, Matt and Pidge once joked around about how Shiro was like a second son to their dad and how one of them would have to marry him to make their dad’s dream a reality. 

Pairing: Shiro/Pidge (mentions Matt/Allura)

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Day 4: Selfishness

“We always said one of us would marry Shiro some day.”

Pidge half turned to look at her brother as he stood in the doorway of her room. Her floor length gown shifted with her, revealing muted pink and green beneath sheer white. Flowers in those three colors adorned her hair as a crown, pinning back her hair to keep it from falling in her face. “I can’t believe this is happening,” she admitted.

Matt stepped into the room and made his way over to her, intending on helping her finish getting ready. “Nervous?”

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an idea i had for a while…like i always felt bad for zen because i love him but MC and Seven are PERFECT so i like to imagine that after 7′s route all the RFA members find love with the other mc girls and zen gets the redhead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and since zen is such a drama queen finding his soul mate hits him VERY SUDDENLY LIKE A TRAIN….and then his route proceeds from here with her!!!

shes the Taiyaki cart owners daughter/grandaughter + upcoming chef


lipstick ✓
high heels ✓
my death ✓


so I had this idea to redraw Rhodonite’s expressions/body language as Ruby’s and Pearl’s individually. should I continue? :p I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this.


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie


Kagome Higurashi // chapter 1 vs 558