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This weekend flew by so quickly! It’s already the last day of C2E2! 😱 I hope you’re enjoying the con as much as I am! 🤓💕 It’s been so great so far! 😁 I still have some goodies at my booth so if you were waiting to pick something up, now’s the time to get it! 😊 I’m in Artist Alley table T1! Come stop by! 😀👍You can’t miss me, I’m by the aisle marker 😜😙💖


“Torment - Zootopia Fandub”

Enjoy people ;)

casualparadisepenguin  asked:

I really love your comics, but I have something to ask; Have you ever done your comics in color, or like did you originally do them in color and later on you decided to do black and white?

Maximumble has always been black and white. I did a comic years ago called The Book of Biff that was in color.
Unversed Comics Anthology
Unversed is a comics anthology about navigating unfamiliar situations, and the growth that comes from not knowing.

Hello friends and mutuals, our Kickstater has finally launched! All the comics have been created and now all we need is your support. We have 19 days to make this awesome collection of comics get published. Please contribute and share if you can. 


So what happens when a group of the Pacific Northest College of Art’s finest cartoonists dive into the unknown? Whether it’s navigating the dating world, learning to be your own person in the shadow of those that have come before you, or the unfolding of a new romance, Unversed is a collection of stories that navigate unfamiliar situations and explore the growth that comes from not knowing.

Unversed is a 150 page, 2 color, softcover comics anthology of stories from 11 emerging cartoonists that navigate unfamiliar situations and explore the growth that comes from not knowing. We recommend this book for mature readers!

We have spent the past four months creating all the art for the book and the only step left is to get it printed. Once we reach our funding goal we are ready to send the file to the printer!

At the $5 level you can get a digital PDF of the book.

If you back our project at the $20 level you will get one printed copy of Unversed and a digital PDF as well!

For $30 you will get the printed book, a PDF, 5 printed postcards of alternate cover designs, and a spot on our Thank You page in the back of the book!

If you want a copy for yourself and a friend you can back us at $35 and get 2 printed books, a PDF, one random postcard and one random sticker from our artists.

To back us a little more, for $50 you get a printed book, the full set of 11 postcards, 11 exclusive stickers, one from each artists, and a Thank You mention in the back of the book!

For $100 you get the printed book, a PDF, 5 random postcards, 5 random stickers, and a one-of-a-kind hand drawn sketch card from one of the artists in the book!

To get an original page of art from the book, back us at the $200 level. You can choose from either Conor Macbride’s or Maria Frantz’s original pages. This is limited to only 4 slots so act fast!

You’re helping make a great project happen and that’s awesome! We appreciate your support in joining us in bringing this anthology to life.

Risks and challenges

Since we have all of our work for the book completed, the only foreseeable challenge we may encounter are possible printer delays.

Again thank you so much!!

Share and contribute if you can. 


Yes, half of keith nightmares are Lance’s fault and yes, again, he didn’t paid attention to Lance during the mind bonding exercise, so his sleepy mind had supplied with his own version of Lance’s siblings (which consist in 4Lance + (4Lance+wigs)).

(This all started because I was relaxing sketching Lance family, I love their design, and boh. This happened.) 


26 october 2016 - glendale, az