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Friendly reminder

if you want to see more diversity in the media, put your money where your mouth is and go see movies with representation in them, in theaters. Before you go see Passengers, GO Ssee Hidden Figures, and Fences, and Moonlight, and Loving, and go see Rogue One. Just pay for what you want to see more of.

We can’t anyone pretend this wasn’t going to happen from the moment I made the ‘so Masquerada AU’ post. xD JAY THE (bobblehead) WATERBRAND MASKRUNNER, who maybe has stepped back from the front lines of action and focuses on using the whole mascherine business to help the people around him (maybe helps at a hidden clinic somewhere in the Whispering Streets ;))).

He has one of those funny Cacciatore hats that has the long prongs for covering his hair but because he found and dyed it to fit the Maskrunner outfit he’s managed to scrounge together, it’s not actually tailored for him and is therefore shorter than it should be. xD JOYS OF BEING A TOL.

Mascherine a work in progress, I have some Ideas. ^u^