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Bodleian Library wants you to color their collections!

The University of Oxford’s famous Bodleian Library has just released a free coloring book featuring images from their collection. You can download a PDF of the coloring book here.

Source of image

“An opportunity to join in with the current colouring trend and apply your colouring skills to images from our collections. We’ve provided a colouring book to get you started, but feel free to use our online resources to find your own. Don’t forget to share your final product on social media with the hashtag #ColorOurCollections! “


#ColorOurCollections: The Getty Coloring Book

Feeling stressed? Bored? Want to do something while you stream Netflix? We got you covered. Download our free coloring book of artworks from the Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute. 

Download here.

If you check out the hashtag, #ColorOurCollections, you can see even more fun coloring pages from places like @huntingtonlibrary, @smithsonianlibraries, @bodleianlibs and more.