Spiderman rises.colored the original for an upcoming monstrosity of a project

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The ColorSplash app on my iphone is super neato! I turned my world grey but colored my hair, lips, plug, nail and hair tie. Voilà, I’m in Pleasantville

So while my friends are out of town (outside of LA), partying it up this holiday weekend, I am going to enjoy my few days of solitude. I hope to not wash my hair, not wear pants and therefore not leave my bedroom for as many hours as possible. ♥

“The first feeling I ever consciously felt was embarrassment because I did not feel like the others. I did not feel comfortable in school, I did not feel comfortable anywhere, except in my room. And it hasn’t changed much. I am very solitary. I feel most comfortable by myself with the exception of the company of a few friends whom I know well. What I love in life are things that you can only do alone, like reading and writing. Even if it’s a type of suffering, I love it. I was conditioned by my childhood to spend time alone” - Françoise Hardy