Phil’s Liveshow// 3.9.17

He’s wearing the blue hoodie we told him to keep from last week

Username ideas that are just words animals: softraccoon explosiveemu ridiculousotter 

He got his friend burger socks, pusheen handwarmers, and planet lollipops

“Uranus is a blackberry. Your anus is a blackberry.”

He hasn’t listened to Ed’s new album yet smh

The Ed Scar Story

Green Light has grown on him

The + and - on the Nintendo Switch was confusing him

He wishes there were more games for the Switch

“I’m generally quite giant as a person”

Slime train

He liked the bomb diffusion video but it was really stressful 

Blue is His Color

He doesn’t suit brown or beige

Dan suits brown more than he does

Wearing black makes him feel vampire ish

He likes living in London because it’s close to everything 

He put on Crufts (if he got the first dog we saw it’d be a cocker spaniel)

“You and your friend. Or friends if you’re lucky enough to have more than one.”

He likes to play the adverts game where you guess the product before it’s revealed

He’s watching Bates Motel , Firefly, Walking Dead, Broadchurch, Steven Universe, Homeland, and Riverdale

He got sweet potato fries with Hazel

Him and Dan signed some new posters

Miracle Berry makes everything weird 

“Looked like a happy doggo”

Timezone research

Top fans won dogs (and one cat)

Tour made him want to see more of the world

AmazingPhil video probably tomorrow or this weekend

He had yogurt with granola and berries for breakfast today because he’s trying to be a bit healthier 


He sang a lullaby 

He still uses the galaxy backpack

Phil doesn’t know geometry 

If he doesn’t upload tweet him some disappointed cat gifs



Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||


‘’everything is grey
his hair, his smoke, his dreams
and now he’s so devoid of color
he don’t know what it means’’

phil’s version

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may we have more akirann headcanons??<3 you have blank paper!

Yes, yes and yes!! I love these two so much asdfghjkl;;; 

Thank you for the ask! ^-^

Akirann Headcanons: 

  • They’re actually the most physical couple ever
  • akira plays with her pigtails during class
  • they absolutely keep it a secret from everyone, minus shiho and futaba - and sojiro
  • akira tugs her into empty classrooms 
  • you can bet your sweet bippy they have make out sessions like no other
  • ann is hickey queen number one; she leaves hickeys all of the time
  • akira does it to get back at her more often than not, but he will absolutely do it when they’re cuddling
  • morgana’s actually pretty upset at first, but he and ann cuddle him like no other so he gets cool with it
  • he and akira have playful wars for her affection
  • akira proposes to her on a vacation to hawaii
  • they have like; 5 kids? 
  • ann is the best mother; and akira is father of the year
  • she does so many photo shoots with akira?
  • ann’s fans are super supportive of them; any that aren’t (read: are crazy stalkers) are shut down 
  • PDA is light at first; but after a while they just kiss all the time
  • it makes futaba want to hurl
  • when he gets back from the imprisonment at the beginning of the game; and ann finds bruises and broken body parts? 
  • oh she gives them hell 
  • she really likes his metaverse outfit; he’s the same 
  • he tells her over and over that red is so her color
  • he loves her hair down
  • she loves him without the glasses
  • their wedding is the sweetest thing? 
  • it’s all teal and white; the opposite of the phantom thieves color scheme
  • shiho is their #1 fangirl; it’s so sweet
  • their kids love her?
  • they’re so sweet; they text each other constantly if they aren’t together/ann’s on a trip for work
  • constant sweet talking; akira flirts with her so smoothly
  • she’s embarrassed at first, but after they’ve been dating for a month or two; she’s good
  • ann absolutely loves it when he gets flustered; it’s such a change from the usual that it’s adorable. 

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Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now i’m covered in the colors pull apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue


For anon

Hope you like it


Justin’s First Love ll 13 Reasons Why Imagine

Summary: Justin Foley falls for a girl he just met.

Warning: Profanity

Request: nope, but do y’all want a part 2?

Note: This isn’t my first imagine, I have written a lot of things on Wattpad and had some writings of my own in general that I thought were pretty sucky, but anyway, nice to meet you I’m Nikki! You will learn more about me throughout this aging of the tumblr: nikkimagines. English is a language I am fluent in but every person has some mistakes so excuse them and please leave a response of the imagine if it offended you in any way or if you loved/hated it! (ahh i promise i’m not this formal just wanted to be cool XD)


Mrs Walters - made-up math teacher(i made it lol)

Y/n - Your first name

L/n - Your last name

S/c - skin color

E/c - eye color

H/c - hair color

Justin Foley, a 17-year-old jock at Liberty High School, was known for being a basketball player, and a one-fuck kind of guy. No one would imagine him ever have a true crush or just falling in love in general, it just wasn’t his thing. That wasn’t for long until he met Y/n L/n. Any person would think Justin was crazy for liking her, he likes popular, hot, don’t-give-fucks kind of girls. Y/n, was the complete opposite, she was an introvert, shy, smart, but she was athletic—that wasn’t what dragged Justin in, it was her looks, she looked goddamn gorgeous in every single way. Justin didn’t meet her until her second day, and she was already acing her classes. It all started out something like this…

“Justin, I don’t think you are getting any better in Algebra. I have given you all my best tutors! What else can I do to help you Justin?” Mrs. Walters asked as she gave Justin his test grade, it was a D, again. He hated disappointing his math teacher, especially since it was his favorite teacher in the first place.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Walters, but I don’t think they are explaining it the way I learn. They [tutors] make it more—how do you say it, er complicated?” Mrs. Walters chuckled.

“I don’t think they can confuse you more than me, these are your peers!” Mrs. Walters pointed out.

Justin sighed, knowing what she said was true. He grimaced looking at the first page of the test, covered in red marks and x’s counting them wrong. “Maybe it’s not the right tutor.” He murmured just loud enough that she picked up his words.

“Maybe so,” She whispered back. “What if Y/n tutors you? She needs some friends and you need higher grades.” He turned to look at the girl who was twirling her pencil and looked frustrated at her paper.

As he turned back around he spoke, “Are you sure that girl knows anything about math? I mean, she just got here.”

“I don’t think you know much about Ms. L/n. She got an A+ on that quiz I just handed you.” She smiled at the girl, taking a quick glance at her and looking back at him.

Justin’s mouth gaped open. “She took the test yesterday?”

“She thought she was capable, I told her it was a hard test but she took it anyway.” Mrs. Walter explained. “So, what do you say? Could you try her as a tutor?”

Justin took another glance at the girl, she caught his eyes and looked away. Justin has a light blush brushed onto his cheeks and looked back at Mrs Walters.

“I guess I’ll try her out.”

“Thank you Justin! I’ll tell her right now.” He smiled as Mrs. Walters walked away from him to tell Y/n the ‘great news’. He looked backed at his test and frowned, he still didn’t understand what x and y meant and don’t even get him started about the scatter plots. He always wondered how math would help him in life—it just never made sense to him the purpose, I mean science helped the world, English class helped them tell the world what science did, he just didn’t understand how math could ever help him in this world of technology. He was lost in his thoughts until Y/n tapped his shoulder, he turned around to see a girl with s/c and the most gorgeous set of e/c eyes he has ever seen in his entire life. He didn’t hear any of the words she had said because of him staring, she then caught on and stopped talking and looked down.

“So, Mrs. Walter said a guy named Justin needed some help with math, could you tell me where he sits, sorry again to bother you.” She spoke quietly but it was amazing how her voice was so relaxing.

“Oh, that’s me.” She gave him a light laugh and smiled.

“Sorry, I’m new and I don’t know any one’s names.” Justin smiled, then got up and lead her to the library. He first grabbed his stuff and waited for her to grab her things outside Mrs. Walters class door. As they headed to the library he tried to make small talk—keyword: tried. She just didn’t seem to like socializing of any sort.

They took a table not far from the entrance door in the library and it was near tons of books—not that anyone actually reads them. “Okay, so what do you need help on?” She took the test gently from his hands and looked at it wide-eyed. “Oh um, looks like we’re gonna be here for awhile, aren’t we?” He nodded and chuckled, and he then raised a question about the first problem.

“I don’t get how to get a solution for two equations? How is that possible?” She nodded, seeming to understand where he came from.

“So, there are 3 methods to solve these types of equations and another one that I found out myself, but okay, so there’s Elimination, Substitution, and Graphing it. I personally dislike graphing it because that’s too much work.” She kept talking about how to solve them but Justin couldn’t help to get lost at her appearance. She had gorgeous e/c eyes that glistened from the light coming from the window near them. She also has beautiful h/c hair that looked amazing in that messy bun, she looked so—astonishing. ‘No,’ Justin told himself, ‘I’m a jock, I don’t fall in love.’

“So Justin can you try out whichever seemed easy to you?” Y/n asked him.

“Sorry, I kind of got bored.” Justin lied.

“Okay, then maybe I’ll just show you how to do all the methods and then you can choose whatever you think is the easiest.” Y/n explained.

“Cool, can we do the first problem?” Justin moved over for her to sit next to him, honestly, he didn’t think he would actually listen she was just too gorgeous. She sat down next to him with a pencil and started doing the math, her handwriting was neat and really pretty just like her. Y/n kept focusing on the work and didn’t even realize Justin was staring at her the whole time, she expected a jock like him to just get bored and not listen to a nerd like her. Justin tried to focus but his mind kept going elsewhere, daydreaming about how it would be if Y/n and him were to date, first kiss at a park, first date at Crestmont, first ‘I love you’ while cuddling, and damn he didn’t think he would fall this hard for a girl he just met.

“Hopefully this will help you with the homework.” She said as she ended the lecture and explanation.

“Yeah hopefully,” Justin was gonna speak if she didn’t leave so fast.

“Hey Alex! Can I eat with you to today at lunch again?” Alex turned around and signaled with his hand to get Y/n over. “Hey sorry the bell rang so I’ll see you soon if needed okay?” She smiled and waved goodbye. He waved back and smiled too, maybe he’d purposely fail his exams to just talk to her, maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t, but he knew one thing, he wants to talk to this fucking girl again.

Writer (Newt x Reader)

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Request:  Could you possibly do a newt x reader where the reader is a writer like newt and everyone thinks they’re in a relationship but they’re not but then he asked her out at in interview or some event? - Anon

You’re gonna have to work with me here since in this one wizards use the Internet

E/C: Eye color

H/C: Hair color

L/N: Last name

Hope you like it, a lot longer than I intended 

You were the author of a book on magical herbs and their primary use.  Your book had become a worldwide sensation the same time as another wizard’s book had rose to fame.  Newt Scamander, and his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  You and Newt had crossed paths once or twice, yes.  Once you met Newt to ask him a few questions about if any of his herbivorous eat any of the plants you were studying.  He gladly answered all of your questions and even took the time to ask you a few questions himself.  That was all; nothing special or romantic.

But your fans wanted different.

Most of them thought you two would be the absolute perfect couple.  You never thought

much of it.  That is, until people began writing this weird stuff called “fan fiction” about you and Newt.  #Y/N Scamander was everywhere.  Being the curious individual you were, you read some of it.  That was when you realized what a cute couple you two would actually be.  Sure, you did think Newt was a bit cute.  Okay… a lot.  The beautiful cinnamon dusted curls, seafoam eyes, the adorable freckles that dotted his face…

As it turns out, Newt sees you the same way.  Luscious H/C locks, sparkling E/C eyes, perfect everything.  The last time you saw each other was a little over a month ago at a book signing.  

Two days later, the Ministry sent out letters (by owl, of course) to selected people involved in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures from England containing information about a party being held at the Ministry of Magic.  It also included a list of all others that were invited.  

Newt’s eyes scanned the list for your name, a glimmer of hope shown inside him even though you weren’t a part of that department. Newt’s heart sank a little when he saw your name wasn’t there. But then, his eyes drifted to the bottom of the paper where it said:

You are permitted to bring a maximum of one guest with you.

It didn’t take long for him to decide who he wanted to invite.  None other than you, Y/N L/N.  Newt figured writing a letter to ask you out was going to be much easier than asking you in person.  He sat down at his messy desk in his case and dipped his quill in the large bottle of ink and began writing his letter to you.

Once Newt finished the squiggle of the ‘R’ in on his signature, he neatly placed the note in an envelope and finished it off with a red wax seal before giving it to his messenger owl to then deliver to you.

**Time skip to your house**

You were observing the plants you kept on the windowsill of your bedroom when an owl suddenly flew over causing you to jump a little and began ‘tap tap tapping’ on the window holding a letter between its beak.  You opened the window, retrieved the letter, and the owl flew off.  

“I wonder if it’s more fan mail,” you whispered to yourself.  You sat at your desk and tore open the letter.

Dear Miss L/N,

I believe you are familiar with me: Newt Scamander.  Recently I was invited to a party at the Ministry of Magic for members of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures on April 26.  I am allowed to bring one guest to attend with me, and I would like that guest to be you.  Please note that it is perfectly fine if you decline.  However, if you do wish to come, please respond to this letter as soon as you get it.


Newton Scamander.

You were blushing furiously even though it was nothing more than ink on a paper.  Boy, did this man have beautiful handwriting. Of course your answer was yes.  

Newt Scamander!  Asked ME to attend an event at the Ministry with him!  You thought.

You sat down on your desk and grabbed a piece of parchment from a stack you always had handy.  You quickly wrote down your response and then gave it to your owl where she flew off to give it to Newt.


Newt was full of happiness when he saw your response.

Dear Mr. Scamander,

Yes, I will gladly attend the party with you!  It will be very nice to be in your company again.

Thank you ever so much,

Y/N L/N.

**Time skip to the party**

Newt stood in the corner of the building to avoid the other many witches and wizards bustling about.  Silver trays with fancy foods and drinks floated around to guests, but Newt turned down every one.  He was too excited to see you.  Never in a million years did he think you would agree to be his date.

Newt checked his pocket watch.  It had been ten minutes since he had arrived, but you were still nowhere in sight.  

Just a bit late, that’s all.  Newt reassured himself.

Just then, Newt heard the fast-paced click-clack of heels coming from his left.  He turned around to see you, breathing heavier than normal.

“So sorry I’m late.  I was planning to apparate straight here ten minutes ago but I lost my wand in my garden,” you said.

Newt grinned at how cute you were.  “A larger garden than most, I suppose?”

“Very,” you responded, smiling.

“Did I mention you look beautiful, Miss L/N?  Thank you so much for coming with me, by the way.”

You smiled widely at Newt’s comment.  “And you look quite handsome, Mr. Scamander.  But please, call me Y/N.

“Of course, Y/N.  Call me Newt.”

The two of you began making small talk about what had happened in your lives since you last saw each other.  Newt told you about his new discoveries with his magical creatures; and you spoke about your garden and new plant hybrids you had been working on.

Eventually you decided to bring up the topic of fanfiction.

“Newt, have you ever heard of… fanfiction?” you asked cautiously.

He thought for a moment, then shook his head.  “No, I don’t believe I’m familiar with it.  Could you please tell me?”

“So… it’s basically that a lot of our fans have taken up a hobby of writing stories about the two of us and then putting them on the Internet.”

“What kind of stories?” Newt asked, genuine curiosity evident in his voice.

“Well…” you paused.  “They’re about us… if we were… a couple.”

Newt’s eyes widened.  “A couple?”

“Yeah…” you realized you had just made a huge mistake.

Or maybe not.

After a few moments, Newt reached down and took both of your hands in his.  “Well… then maybe we should give the public what they want.”

His eyes moved down to look at your lips for a brief second.  You realized what he was going to do.

Newt leaned in, and gently pressed his lips to yours, one hand now on your waist.  You kissed back, lightly stroking his hair.  It only lasted a few seconds before you both pulled away.  You were in a public place, after all.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that,” Newt said.

“Same here,” you replied.

Newt brought his arm around your waist.  “Maybe we should take this somewhere more… private?”

You nodded.  “Agreed.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

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Can you please do some Vanderwood HCs for what he would do for V-Day?

Hell yea I can!! Thank you to whoever keeps requesting these! I love writing for him. It might get a little NSFW-ish not gonna lie. Happy Valentine’s day cuties!


  • I feel like he’s secretly super romantic
  • would literally buy you a taser in your favorite color
  • He thinks it’s a great gift
  • He also would definitely make you your favorite dinner
  • a quiet night at home would be his ideal valentine’s date
  • but like he makes you leave the house for a while first
  • so he can set up for dinner
  • we’re talking candlelit, scattered rose petals, and the best wine he can find. 
  • of course, you come home with a little surprise in store for him
  • not gonna lie, he was a little bitter when you didn’t give him anything for Valentine’s day
  • He’s not mad or anything, just a little salty 
  • it’s definitely in his top five favorite holidays. 
  • but whatever, he mostly just wants to make you happy right?
  • Today is all about love.
  •  boy, was he a little surprised when you started playing footsie with him under the table during dinner
  • and also why were you still wearing your jacket?
  • When he asked, you smirked. 
  • Time to reveal the big surprise!
  • you slowly push out your chair and stand up
  • Then even slower you start to unbutton your jacket
  • he’s a little confused but also really intrigued so he’s just going with it. 
  • When the jacket drops so does his jaw
  • you’re wearing nothing but cheetah print lingerie under the jacket. 
  • Dinner is over
  • I repeat dinner is over
  • boyfriend uses his secret agent muscles to scoop you up real quick
  • off to the bedroom you go!
  • As far as Valentine’s day goes he decides it was his best one yet.
  • Also I know there was a cheetah print negligee in his Christmas HC but tbh I feel like he’s probably a freak for it. 
NDRV3 Hogwarts AU

Angie Yonaga

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • goes on to become the greatest witch artist of her time
  • sometimes uses magic to fly her work into the sky “in order to send it back to god”
  • loves divination
  • becomes hufflepuff prefect and then head girl

Gonta Gokuhara

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • becomes the hufflepuff quidditch team’s keeper
  • is only second to tanaka gundam when it comes to care of magical creatures
  • his other grades are slightly below average, simply because when it comes to learning, he is slow and steady
  • revolutionizes magical bug-keeping, and even goes on to write a book about magical bugs to help people understand their true nature (à la newt scamander)

Himiko Yumeno

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • excels in all of her classes (except history of magic)
  • is known as a prodigy of sorts, as she masters nearly every form of magic she attempts
  • insists that she should be referred to as a sorceress instead of a witch
  • performs magic shows for muggles and is known as one of the greatest magicians… even though she actually uses magic to complete her tricks

Kaede Akamatsu

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • becomes the very first piano accompanist of the frog choir
  • does very well in charms, is pretty average with the rest of her classes
  • joins the hufflepuff quidditch team (as a chaser) just to spend time with her friends and be part of a team
  • perfects a charm that lets you play three or four parts on the piano instead of just two
  • is known as the “piano witch”
  • refers to amami and saihara as her “soulfriends”

Kaito Momota

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • uses his sheer determination to figure out how he can get into space using magic
  • thus, a legend is born
  • he’s a star (get it?) in charms and transfiguration
  • maki always refers to him as a “space cadet”, since he’s always “spacing out like an idiot”


  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • he is half-android in this au
  • pretty average in his classes, which is surprising for a raavenclaw
  • but he grows and learns very quickly, to the point where he develops magical software for his peers (thanks to souda’s magical-resistant machinery)
  • he’s so innocent and almost pure in a way that the only person who messes with him is ouma
  • becomes iruma’s “assistant”

Kirumi Toujou

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • manages to complete all of her own work and run a lowbrow operation where she uses her precise magic to complete tasks for other students
  • she’ll do chores, homework, act as a bodyguard, almost anything she’s asked to do
  • graduates with top N.E.W.T.s and a recommendation from the headmaster of hogwarts
  • later goes on to become minister of magic

Kokichi Ouma

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • no one’s sure if he’s a harmless prankster or a legitimate dark wizard
  • the teachers pay close attention to him
  • it’s said that he learns over a hundred jinxes by his second year, some of which he created himself
  • becomes the slytherin quidditch team’s beater
  • earns abysmal grades in the classes he thinks are boring, and very high grades in classes he likes
  • goes on to create a trick shop on par with weasely’s wizard wheezes and insists that his other, “real” job is running his “dark association”

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • seems to posses a dark and creepy aura, which doesn’t help his house’s reputation
  • is nuts over muggle studies
  • gets away with being “out of uniform”
  • no one knows what’s under his mask, and it’s a topic of much discussion
  • ends up becoming a famous novelist who documents parallels between muggle and wizard cultures

Maki Harukawa

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • becomes unlikely friends with momota when he defends her during “the case of the missing headmaster”
  • she comes from an orphanage for young witches and wizards
  • there’s a rumor going around that she did the dirty work of an organized magical crime association (no one knows where the rumor came from, but it doesn’t earn her many friends at first)
  • a master of defense against the dark arts

Miu Iruma

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • adds extra functions to kiibo wherever she can
  • uses souda’s magical-resistant machinery to continue her “activities one can do while sleeping” inventions
  • ends up inventing magical cures to nearsighted/farsightedness, but she doesn’t really care about that
  • leaves hogwarts early because she really doesn’t care enough to stay

Rantarou Amami

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • joins the hufflepuff quidditch team for the same reasons as kaede
  • uses magic to give himself piercings and maintain his hair color
  • he always teases kaede and saihara about various things (talents, words, each other…)
  • does well in transfiguration, divination, and potions
  • his grades are fairly high overall
  • goes on to design tasks for the Triwizard Tournament and other such wizard events

Ryouma Hoshi

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • becomes a beater on the gryffindor quidditch team
  • is a legend of sorts as a beater
  • does fairly well in his classes, his favorite of which being 
  • becomes a beater for a professional quidditch team
  • assassinates a known dark wizard by sending a bludger into a crowd during a game
  • is sentenced to azkaban and serves his sentence for a few years, until new evidence comes to light about that wizard’s dark deeds

Shuuichi Saihara

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • close friends with amami and kaede; he goes to cheer them on during their quidditch games (even when they play against ravenclaw)
  • surpasses most of his classmates in ancient runes and defense against the dark arts
  • solved “the case of the missing headmaster” and “the case of the stolen house cup”, which leads to his classmates (mainly the muggleborns) nicknaming him “Ace Detective”
  • aims to become an auror, simply because he doesn’t know what else to do
  • his favorite memories of hogwarts are the ones when kaede played for him and amami, and from when the three of them spent time together

Tenko Chabashira

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • sends howlers out to any boy who she witnesses “hounding her fellow witches”
  • is known as Himiko’s bodyguard, since she’s always with her and making sure no MENaces hurt her
  • creates a form of aikido that incorporates magic, so she is known as a “master” of wizard martial artists

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • a muggleborn who grew up learning to create cosplay without magic
  • productivity in creating cosplay increases by about 70% after she learns that she’s a witch and develops her skills
  • creates what becomes the number one cosplaying company in the country. customers swear that their cosplays stay whole and shiny, no matter how many times they wear them
  • “almost like magic”

sdr2 hogwarts au superhero au | ndrv3 amusement park au | mall au

If People Were Colors, He Was Red and I Was Blue

Genre: Fluff, Angst

T/W: Smoking, Selective Mutism, Anxiety, Drugs, Alcohol, Depressing Themes, Emotional Abuse

Word Count: 3.3k

“Colors” by Halsey

In which Dan and Phil’s relationship hits a hard patch when Phil has troubles. Dan associates his difficult love with different “colors” like blue and grey. Feat. mute!Dan and depressed!Phil.

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Drabble Game: Song Version (BTS)

Ok so since I’m trying to get my writer juices flowing and songs inspire me greatly when writes stories I thought I’d made a drabble like request game where you guys vote on which of the following song/member pairing you’d like me to write (I wouldn’t mind writing them all but yeah I gotta eat and sleep and stuff). There is a girl group version of this so check that out too.

N.B: The numbers next to the titles are the amount of times that story has been requested. I will be posting the drabbles in the order of the most to least requested so if you want your favorite to be pumped up the list send in a vote 

(None of the gifs are mine)

Space Between - Falling out of love (0)

We lay hollow in the emptiness
I’m too tired to push you from the bed

No one’s moving, we lack the courage to
We lay in stalemate, wishing the other would
But we’re too tired, we let the embers cool

No more fighting, there’s no more fighting
There’s no more fighting for us

Salvatore - Kingpin au (0)

Everything looks better from above, my king
Like aquamarine, oceans blue

Catch me if you can, working on my tan, salvatore
Dying by the hand of a foreign man happily
Calling out my name in the summer rain, ciao amore
Salvatore can wait
Now it’s time to eat soft ice cream

Million Dollar Man - Sugar daddy au (2)

It isn’t that hard boy to like you or love you
I’d follow you down down down You’re unbelievable

One for the money, two for the show
I love you honey, I’m ready, I’m ready to go
How did you get that way, I don’t know
You’re screwed up and brilliant
And look like a million dollar man
So why is my heart broke?

Hurricane - Maledom (Nymphomaniac inspired) (3)

There’s a place way down in Bed-Stuy,
Where a boy lives behind bricks,
He’s got an eye for girls of eighteen,
And he turns them out like tricks

It Will Come Back - Cold-hearted Yoongi falls in love (2)

Don’t give it a hand, offer it a soul
Honey, make this easy.
Leave it to the land, this is what it knows
Honey, that’s how it sleeps.

Don’t let me in with no intention to keep me
Jesus Christ, don’t be kind to me.
Honey don’t feed me I will come back.

Fair Game - The OC with a bad history with men falls in love with Namjoon (1)

You terrify me
‘Cause you’re a man, you’re not a boy
You got some power
And I can’t treat you like a toy

You got too close and
I pushed and pushed hoping you’d bite
So I could run, run
And that I did but through the dust
You saw those teeth marks
They weren’t all yours, you had been thrust into a history
That had not worked for me, into a history
From which I could not flee
So go on shake me
Shake until I give it up

Straight For The Knife - Unhealthy relationship (3)

Put on my best dress, I wanted to impress
I put a little make-up on
Put a bow in my hair, wore pretty underwear
Hoping you might take it off
Don’t know your etiquette
But I’m strapped to my chair
And it ain’t ‘cause you’re pretty
You were charming, until
You saw your chance to kill
Your chance to make history

You wonder why
I’m scared of fire
You wonder why you make girls cry

Colors - Artist Hobi and his muse (0)

You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope
I hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old

Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams
And it’s blue

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means

Cherry Wine - Unhealthy relationship (2)

Her eyes and words are so icy
Oh but she burns
Like rum on a fire
Hot and fast and angry
As she can be
I walk my days on a wire

It looks ugly, but it’s clean
Oh mamma, don’t fuss over me

You Don’t Own Me - FWB au (0)

You don’t own me
I’m not just one of your many toys
You don’t own me
Don’t say I can’t go with other boys

I don’t tell you what to say
I don’t tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That’s all I ask of you
I’m young and I love to be young
And I’m free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please

Side To Side - Badboy Tae (1)

I’m comin’ at ya
‘Cause I know you got a bad reputation
Doesn’t matter, 'cause you give me temptation
And we don’t gotta think 'bout nothin’

These friends keep talkin’ way too much
Say I should give you up
Can’t hear them, no, 'cause I…

I’ve been there all night
I’ve been there all day
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

Back To Black - Cheater Tae (Drabble out: read it here)

He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet
With his same old safe bet
Me and my head high
And my tears dry
Get on without my guy

I love you much
It’s not enough
You love blow and I love puff

Born To Die - Bonnie and Clyde au (3)

Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough I don’t know why
Keep making me laugh,
Lets go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

Come take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane,
Choose your last words, this is the last time
Cause you and I, we were born to die
We were born to die
We were born to die

Free The Animal - Enemies who have sex (0)

I love you so
Wanna throw you from the roof
The pressure builds
Wanna put my hands through you
I’ll squeeze you tight until you take your last breath
Loving you to death, loving you to death

Don’t Hurt Yourself - Arranged marriage au where Jungkook thinks he can fuck other girls (4)

Who the fuck do you think I is?
You ain’t married to no average bitch boy

And keep your money, I’ve got my own

I smell that fragrance on your Louis Knit boy
Just give my fat ass a big kiss boy
Tonight I’m fucking up all your shit boy

Brooklyn Baby - Band au (0)

And my boyfriend’s in a band
He plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed
I’ve got feathers in my hair
I get high on hydroponic weed
And my jazz collection’s rare
I get down to beat poetry
I’m a Brooklyn baby
I’m a Brooklyn baby

Yeah my boyfriend’s pretty cool
But he’s not as cool as me
Cause I’m a Brooklyn baby
I’m a Brooklyn baby

Ex’s And Oh’s - Player OC (1)

Well, I had me a boy, turned him into a man
I showed him all the things that he didn’t understand
Whoa, and then I let him go

One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
'Cause I’m the best baby that they never gotta keep
One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
They always wanna come, but they never wanna leave

Ex’s and the oh, oh, oh’s they haunt me
Like ghosts they want me to make 'em all
They won’t let go

What I love about each B.A.P member


  • His favorite white bracelet
  • Daejae Home Shopping Network
  • Hip Hop Chicken song
  • Always flirting and throwing hearts to BABYz
  • The varying degrees of his smile
  • Shy smile with lips closed
  • Cute smile with teeth
  • All out laughter with his pointy canines showing
  • Cute kitty
  • Eye smile
  • His different laughs
  • Breathing in instead of out when laughing
  • When he laughs while breathing out it is so loud
  • You can hear him laugh in the background of a video and know it’s him
  • But it’s cute
  • Also his giggles
  • Pls tickle him more
  • His love for B.A.P
  • His love for BABYz
  • His tattoos that express that love
  • The biggest most squishiest heart you will ever find
  • Seriously just give the boy your love already
  • The face he makes when he eye f*cks the camera
  • Do I need to even mention his singing ability???
  • Honestly so in love with his voice when he talks
  • And the way his mouth moves
  • Always tries to expose Jongup for us
  • Awkward with Bang but denies it
  • When he really just has a lot of love and admiration for him
  • But maybe he doesn’t know how to express that to him
  • He would rather eat chicken than look professional during an interview
  • Practices non-stop to give a perfect performance every time
  • His never ending struggle with WiFi
  • But he doesn’t let that stop him from doing V lives
  • Seriously he was going around the world performing, exhausted, but would still chat with us on an almost daily basis
  • The glorious tradition of getting his face smashed in his birthday cake
  • Constant selfies
  • Looks good with any hair color
  • He named his car “Red Horse”
  • Seriously
  • Always keeping us updated
  • Struggles with fashion yet always looks great
  • Can’t decide his favorite food
  • That time his mom thought he had thrown up or something in his car, but really he was holding a hamburger
  • His eyes literally sparkle when he performs and when he smiles

Feel free to add some of your favorite Daehyun things! I’ll be making a list for each member.

YG | HC | DH | YJ | JU | ZL

anonymous asked:

Aaaaa your hcs are so cute they make me laugh so much omg. Could you do the rfa + saeran and v's reactions to mc wearing a boyfriend shirt? :0c

thank you for requesting!! and i love boyfriend shirts a lot ok like too much,, but this was fun to write after taking my small little break!!


  • you two are actually quite close in size
  • so it turns out to be uh
  • a little
  • just a little
  • tighter on you around your uh
  • chest
  • so when he walks in on you
  • just lounging around
  • oh my fucking god
  • he almost faints
  • he’s so weak
  • speechless
  • honestly speechless
  • he can’t look you in the eye
  • he can’t
  • JUST
  • WOW
  • I JUST

  • this was a mistake
  • hes built ok
  • this boy
  • is built
  • so of course
  • his clothes are much bigger
  • but oh so comfyyyy
  • ur just chilling
  • doing whatever
  • chatting with seven
  • lolololol yoosung and chocolate milk right
  • lololol yeah cant believe he fell for it again lololol
  • y’know
  • that kind of
  • conversation
  • just
  • everyday things
  • so he comes into the room right
  • clothes are on
  • no one is naked
  • but
  • “babe? do you know where–”
  • and it’s not even a second
  • probably half a second
  • and he has his arms around you in an instance
  • he breathes into your ear
  • there goes the shirt

  • she tends to get bigger shirts due to her uh
  • big assets
  • but oh my god have u seen them smother me pleASE I BEG OF YOU
  • anyway
  • i mean you’re both women
  • where’s the harm in sharing clothes
  • ur just wearing
  • a cute lil tee
  • feeling cute and lazy
  • sipping outta ur mug
  • sitting across from her
  • and it just happens so suddenly
  • she’s just dazed
  • and then she notices her shirt
  • on you
  • and sHE TURNS SO RED
  • f- friends borrow eachothers clothes all the time right
  • yeah yeAH THEY DO
  • [softly] ..f- fuck,

  • ok but u saw this coming
  • he likes his pinstripes u know
  • and man one day
  • u were just like
  • this shit
  • is hella cute
  • um yes??
  • i’m feeling u mc
  • ur just admiring urself in the mirror like
  • oh shit maybe i should wear this for jumin one day
  • boyfriend shirts are always in fashion
  • hmmm
  • but then
  • oh
  • oh there he is
  • he’s
  • right there
  • his eyes are caught sight
  • it is too late
  • i mean
  • not that u didn’t want this
  • but
  • damn
  • dAMN
  • D A M N  S O N

  • he cannot find his hoodie
  • like where in the fuck
  • he feels naked
  • so he searches through hell
  • and back
  • until he sees it
  • sees you
  • casually just
  • scrolling from the kitchen with ur little juicebox
  • and oh
  • oh my
  • he turns so red
  • sputters out his coffee
  • st- st- stutter town
  • he’s fumbling over words
  • the fuck are you talking about
  • literally holding a hand to his nose
  • ur just sipping
  • “?? u good??”
  • he’s
  • not good
  • the man is bleeding


  • this kid
  • this little
  • fuck
  • his shirts are all
  • edgy
  • so when you replaced them with
  • nicer looking clothes
  • he had always wondered where his other’s ones went
  • turns out
  • it went right into your closet
  • now today u weren’t really gonna go out or anything
  • so u just threw on something
  • he just walks into the room
  • and sits next to you
  • but it isn’t until
  • he catches
  • a bit of
  • ur tits out
  • HE’S RED
  • OFF

  • well he
  • he can’t
  • see
  • he’s not quite sure what you’re wearing
  • but neither what he is wearing as well
  • after feeling the fabric
  • and looking at the color
  • he smiles when he realizes it’s one of his shirts
  • “did you wear this for me?”
  • he’s so smiley
  • when you say yes
  • smiles
  • lIKE
  • SUN
  • “wear more of my things”
  • “i bet you look beautiful in everything”
  • hahhha there goes my heart haha ha ha h ah dadh
  • he can just barely see it
  • and still wants to see you in many more ways before
  • before uh
  • b,, be fore,,
  • fuck im sad
  • i cant do this
  • thats it guys
  • cheritz make this man happy i just want him to be happyoiw plepalsple

Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means

You were red and you liked me ‘cause I was blue
You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
And you decided purple just wasn’t for you

Princess (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

“Author’s Note: This is my first x reader fanfic and also my first Hamilton fanfic! I’m very sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes! If you have any hate please do not read. This idea was inspired by a fanfic I read, I forgot the name. It was about King George III’s daughter meeting Philip and they fall in love and Philip doesn’t know that she is a Princess. I am not stealing this idea, clearly I am changing the words and continuing on with the plot. I give credits to the writers who had this idea! I also wrote a lot of facts about the wars and stuff to give you some background.

Y/N: Your Name

E/C: Eye Color

H/C: Hair Color

M/N: Middle Name

F/C: Favorite Color

Your Point of View

My name is Y/N. I’m King George III’s youngest princess. I am currently in New York, but we are from Britain.

France played a huge role in the American Revolutionary War. Motivated by a long-term rivalry with Britain and to avenge their territorial losses during the French and Indian War, France secretly began sending supplies to the Americans in 1775. By 1763, the French debt acquired to fight in the French and Indian War came to a staggering 1.3 billion livres. It “set off France’s own fiscal crisis, in which a political brawl over taxation soon became one of the reasons for the French Revolution.

The French objective in assisting the Americans was to weaken Britain and to seek revenge for the defeat in the Seven Years’ War. In 1778, France recognized the United States of America as a sovereign nation, signed a military alliance, and went to war with Britain. France built coalitions with the Netherlands and Spain, provided Americans with grants, weapons and loans, sent an army to serve under George Washington, and provided a navy that prevented the second British army from escaping Yorktown. 

Now let’s talk about Alexander Hamilton.

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i know this has been done before but @lilyshilo and i were talking about a tattoo shop! au

  • coran officially owns the shop, allura is his niece that works there full time as an artist
  • he deals with customers and finances more while she’s the head artist and works with scheduling n stuff
    • allura only has a few tattoos herself, a flower on her upper back, a little line of planets on the inside of her wrist,  and one big colored one down her side 
      • that one took forever to do but it’s her absolute favorite
        • other than they lion ones the group got to match, her’s is right in the center of her chest and it’s mostly pink
  • hunk’s another artist, he’s very nice and kind and loves doing people’s first tattoos 
    • he did lance’s first actually
  • his lion is on his right calf and it’s yellow and it’s beautiful against his skin color
    • he really likes it 
  • he brings in cookies a lot and they get put on the desk but they’re gone by the afternoon
    • cough PIDgE YOU COOKIE HOG
  • pidge works there part time, she’s learning to be an artist but right now she just runs the desk (and has control over the music and cookies)
    • lance always complains, even if he likes it
  • pidge only has like. two tattoos. even though theyre kind of illegal aka done by keith at his house one night 
    • one’s a robot, he’s super cute and she nicknamed it rover, the other is a barcode, theyre both super small tho so she doesnt get in trouble with her parents
      • she actually has three bc of the lion, her lion is on her right arm, on her shoulder
  • only matt knows about her tattoos bc he comes to the shop to Hang with his bf and gf
  • speaking of matt’s bf let’s talk about shiro
  • he works as an artist/piercer, depends on the day 
  • he has a bunch of different tattoos, his arms are practically covered
  • except for his prosthetic but that’s covered in paintings from keith too
    • he has some on his back, and his lion tattoo is on his mid back, but is suuuper big 
      • it’s all black and super intricate, keith did it.
        • keith did all of them
  • anyways, so yea, shiro is dating matt n allura (ot3) and theyre like, so cute
  • everyone was happy for them yada yada
  • lance and pidge betted on when they would figure it out (pidge won)
  • lance is a piercer btw, he does piercings for people 
    • some of them in weird spots man
    • and some of them are ugly too like jesus
      • he cant say anything tho lol and it frustrates him so he rants to hunk and keith whoevers closer
  • he has a few piercings, his ears and a nose stud that he wears more often than not
  • he only had one tattoo for a while, then he got his lion
    • it’s blue and it’s on his left thigh and it’s pretty and looks like water a little
  • he started to get more and more tho (so he had a reason to talk to keith tbh)
    • he got a whole bunch of little ones on his neck and arms and hands and wrists and back and ankles
    • his favorite is one keith did one night when they were alone, about to clean up
      • it’s a little crescent moon and he loves it
        • he kisses it goodnight lol
  • yea but keith
  • keith is an artist and holy shit can this kid fucking art
  • he’s so good at it, lance is #jealous
  • he honestly doesn’t have that many tattoos, the ones he has, maybe four or five, are all fairly big tho 
  • he did all the lion tattoos, that’s why they’re so pretty and special
    • his lion is on his left arm, it’s sort of small and crooked bc he did it himself one night
      • he loves it anyways
  • he sometimes forgets that things stain and his hands are constantly stained from putting away inks but not being careful
  • he usually closes up by himself or with lance
  • keith has his ears all pierced up, and a bar in one of them, his nose and he even got his belly button done bc why not?
    • all done by lance, of course
      • totally not a reason to see him
        • the klance is strong in this one
  • they hang at the shop to work and stuff and sometimes go out at night to hang
  • shiro was the first one to get hired, then keith, they’ve been there the longest and are pretty good friends to boot
  • Lance and Hunk grew up together and are besties, they’re so in sync it gets creepy, they started working at the same time
  • pidge came last, ut she and keith bonded and theyre like, super tight now even if it’s over memes and how dumb lance is but honestly theyre really good friends
  • shiro is very parental and they tease him and allura whenever they go out together, and then they call matt their second, more fun dad bc he lets them actually do stuff
    • like break into an abandoned warehouse and skateboard
      • whY MATT NO STOP THEM ‘it’s too late shiro i already cut the fence’ YOURE A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE
  • that was a fun night
  • they’re all buddies and awesome and yes
  • also there is sooo klance
Soulmate eye color AU

Based on this post:

  • Percy’s frustrated because he can only see black, white, and gray
  • On the other hand, grey isn’t a very common eye color so he thinks it might be easier to find his soulmate
  • Until he sees that all of the Athena kids have grey eyes
  • Is it Annabeth? Malcolm? There’s like, twelve or so others, and it could be any of them!?
  • But he loves storms
  • Meanwhile Annabeth’s favorite place is the ocean
  • It has so much color
  • And the way the waves move
  • For a while she was scared she didn’t have a soulmate (the colors are really specific and grass isn’t the close enough)
  • But then she sees the ocean when she gets to Camp Half-Blood
  • And she’s so relieved
  • The first thought she has is that her soulmate has really pretty eyes
  • Frank is also worried about his soulmate
  • He can’t see anything besides black and white for the longest time
  • Then suddenly he’s in the armory polishing shields and stuff and every thing just blooms into color, bright gold everywhere
  • In the back of his mind he’s worried about why the colors didn’t show up until then but he doesn’t think about it too much because he’s so happy he can see color
  • Hazel is surprised when she can see color after coming back to life
  • And it’s the same brown as before
  • So she wonder’s if Sammy’s still alive
  • But then she’s confused about the slight shift in the shade
  • Is it possible she has a different soulmate?
  • Leo gets worried because sometimes he can see the color and sometimes he can’t
  • Like a radio that can’t quite get the right station
  • He wonders if that means the universe hasn’t decided on his soulmate yet or something like that
  • Calypso couldn’t tell what color her soulmate’s eyes were because Ogygia’s magic blocks out the color
  • She wonders if her soulmate can see her eye color
  • Sometimes she wonders if she even has a soulmate
  • Nico didn’t notice one day in Lotus Hotel that he could suddenly see blue
  • But then he went outside, and remember he couldn’t see it before
  • He spends a long time looking up at the sky, trying to remember the shade exactly for the days when the sky’s too dark or cloudy
  • Will has been able to see dark brown since he was born
  • He loves the color
  • He keeps a flower by his bed that everyone thinks must be his soulmate’s eyes but he really keeps it their for the color of the earth
  • The warm brown color greets him every morning
  • Piper’s glad she lives in an area where the sky is blue most of time, filling her world with color
  • She loves watching the sunrise where the color slowly comes into the world
  • And the sunset when it slowly fades out
  • Jason is amazed by his soulmate’s eyes
  • He can see so many different colors
  • Some days more colors are more prominent
  • But they’re all there

James rolled around in laughter as he flicked his spoon full of mashed potatoes at Remus, whose nose was grazing the pages of his Ancient Runes textbook. As the bits of potato landed all over Remus’s hunching figure, Sirius burst out laughing.

“If you’re not careful Prongs, he’s going to tell y/n that you’re in love with her!” He nudged Peter’s side and winked, making him giggle. 

Remus looked up and smiled, and rolling his eyes, said, “Yeah, not that she would mind, she’s in love with him too.” 

Remus’s eyes widened as the other three boys froze mid-laughter and turned slowly towards the prefect. James set down his spoon and took off his glasses, staring open-mouthed at Remus.

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