Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means

You were red and you liked me ‘cause I was blue
You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
And you decided purple just wasn’t for you

  • Jaehyun would still be the cool guy let’s get real
  • Despite that he’d still be really nice and accepting to everyone
  • He’d stay in on the first day surprisingly enough instead of going out
  • That’s how you guys met anyways
  • He found you and some other girls watching anime in a common room and asked to join you
  • Somehow you convinced him to let you paint his nails a sparkly blue color
  • He’d insist that it’s only because there weren’t any guys around to see it
  • And then he begged you to take it off when you threatened to leave it there for the whole week
  • After that, he’d make a point to stop by your room and come study with you or talk about life
  • He was a decent student but he sucked at literature so you’d walk him through the author’s intent before big tests
  • He also struggled a lot with Spanish and he couldn’t roll his R’s to save his life
  • You spoke to him in Spanish sometimes just to annoy him as he tried to figure out what you were saying
  • “Puedes hablar dos idiomas pero no me entiendes ahora.”
  • “What????”
  • I get the feeling he would drag your sorry ass to the gym late at night
  • “Gains, man.”
  • You only became willing to lift when Jaehyun promised he’d attend a fitness class with you
  • What the little bitch didn’t know is that he would end up going to a Zumba class
  • He’d surprise you with his mad dance skillz and enthusiasm during the class
  • Even the instructor was like damn boi when everyone saw his moves
  • Jaehyun had no idea how to twerk though so he kinda shook his ass a little bit
  • You’d walk everywhere together and get meals together a few times a week
  • Sometimes you’d complain about how everyone probably thought you two were dating
  • But Jaehyun would shrug it off
  • I mean it was true; everyone on your floor gossiped about you two sleeping together but you both pretended not to know
  • Eventually you agreed to go to a house party with him and good lord he’s so much fun to party with
  • He wasn’t the type of person to be seeking a cheap bang at parties at all
  • You kicked his ass at beer pong and you still won’t live it down
  • That night you got really, really drunk good lord
  • Somehow you ended up kissing a random guy but you didn’t even feel your lips ??
  • Jaehyun wasn’t having that shit and ushered you away from him
  • He got rather worried about you, claiming to know what those sort of guys want
  • You probably said some shit like “Fine, you can kiss me instead if you won’t let me kiss someone else.”
  • Yeah he got pretty quiet after that but stuck by your side
  • He’d take excellent care of you and basically force food down your throat
  • Like seriously he wouldn’t leave you afterwards until you drank two bottles of water
  • He’d be hesitant to leave you so he would end up sleeping on your rug overnight to make sure you made it through
  • You’d wake up in the morning and nearly step on him, causing him to wake up too
  • Yeah he’d tease you for a while about how nice you get when you’re drunk
  • Apparently you couldn’t stop complimenting everyone
  • “You told me I have a pretty face six times.”
  • The next time you went out Jaehyun got absolutely plastered for the first time
  • He’d start complaining about how you made out with that other guy and how inconsiderate it was for him
  • You’d be dancing later and he’d complain AGAIN about how you were dancing too sexy and would attract the wrong sort of attention
  • So you’d get drunk later on and both of y’all are clusterfucks for real
  • And you’d get back to the dorms and be an absolute messes together in his dorm
  • The two of you guys would fall asleep on his bed together, still wearing the same clothes
  • Like neither of y’all took off your damn shoes like
  • You’d wake up first with the literal worst hangover ever and find yourself wrapped in Jaehyun’s arms
  • You’d both panic like flailing
  • Somehow you’d get really comfortable with light cuddling after that
  • And find yourself talking about Jaehyun’s drunken protectiveness some time later
  • The bitch finally confesses that he got jealous of that random boy
  • And fucking kisses you randomly and murmur something about how you told him to do that when you were drunk
  • You’d punch him bc he should’ve done something weeks ago
  • Then kiss him again despite it bc let’s get real you’ve been in love with him
  • You wouldn’t be officially dating for a couple more days
  • But man he’d make a point to treat you to dinner though you were both broke as fuck
  • He said he hated skinship but he always either had his arm around your shoulders or held you hand
  • Not a lot would change though
  • Bc you’re still two best friends who mean the world to each other

Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue

Halsey - Colors

This song remind of Gruvia in a way~ (I see them everywhere these days nwn). Juvia would be a kind of allucination that grey see because of all his excesses.

i know this has been done before but @lilyshilo and i were talking about a tattoo shop! au

  • coran officially owns the shop, allura is his niece that works there full time as an artist
  • he deals with customers and finances more while she’s the head artist and works with scheduling n stuff
    • allura only has a few tattoos herself, a flower on her upper back, a little line of planets on the inside of her wrist,  and one big colored one down her side 
      • that one took forever to do but it’s her absolute favorite
        • other than they lion ones the group got to match, her’s is right in the center of her chest and it’s mostly pink
  • hunk’s another artist, he’s very nice and kind and loves doing people’s first tattoos 
    • he did lance’s first actually
  • his lion is on his right calf and it’s yellow and it’s beautiful against his skin color
    • he really likes it 
  • he brings in cookies a lot and they get put on the desk but they’re gone by the afternoon
    • cough PIDgE YOU COOKIE HOG
  • pidge works there part time, she’s learning to be an artist but right now she just runs the desk (and has control over the music and cookies)
    • lance always complains, even if he likes it
  • pidge only has like. two tattoos. even though theyre kind of illegal aka done by keith at his house one night 
    • one’s a robot, he’s super cute and she nicknamed it rover, the other is a barcode, theyre both super small tho so she doesnt get in trouble with her parents
      • she actually has three bc of the lion, her lion is on her right arm, on her shoulder
  • only matt knows about her tattoos bc he comes to the shop to Hang with his bf and gf
  • speaking of matt’s bf let’s talk about shiro
  • he works as an artist/piercer, depends on the day 
  • he has a bunch of different tattoos, his arms are practically covered
  • except for his prosthetic but that’s covered in paintings from keith too
    • he has some on his back, and his lion tattoo is on his mid back, but is suuuper big 
      • it’s all black and super intricate, keith did it.
        • keith did all of them
  • anyways, so yea, shiro is dating matt n allura (ot3) and theyre like, so cute
  • everyone was happy for them yada yada
  • lance and pidge betted on when they would figure it out (pidge won)
  • lance is a piercer btw, he does piercings for people 
    • some of them in weird spots man
    • and some of them are ugly too like jesus
      • he cant say anything tho lol and it frustrates him so he rants to hunk and keith whoevers closer
  • he has a few piercings, his ears and a nose stud that he wears more often than not
  • he only had one tattoo for a while, then he got his lion
    • it’s blue and it’s on his left thigh and it’s pretty and looks like water a little
  • he started to get more and more tho (so he had a reason to talk to keith tbh)
    • he got a whole bunch of little ones on his neck and arms and hands and wrists and back and ankles
    • his favorite is one keith did one night when they were alone, about to clean up
      • it’s a little crescent moon and he loves it
        • he kisses it goodnight lol
  • yea but keith
  • keith is an artist and holy shit can this kid fucking art
  • he’s so good at it, lance is #jealous
  • he honestly doesn’t have that many tattoos, the ones he has, maybe four or five, are all fairly big tho 
  • he did all the lion tattoos, that’s why they’re so pretty and special
    • his lion is on his left arm, it’s sort of small and crooked bc he did it himself one night
      • he loves it anyways
  • he sometimes forgets that things stain and his hands are constantly stained from putting away inks but not being careful
  • he usually closes up by himself or with lance
  • keith has his ears all pierced up, and a bar in one of them, his nose and he even got his belly button done bc why not?
    • all done by lance, of course
      • totally not a reason to see him
        • the klance is strong in this one
  • they hang at the shop to work and stuff and sometimes go out at night to hang
  • shiro was the first one to get hired, then keith, they’ve been there the longest and are pretty good friends to boot
  • Lance and Hunk grew up together and are besties, they’re so in sync it gets creepy, they started working at the same time
  • pidge came last, ut she and keith bonded and theyre like, super tight now even if it’s over memes and how dumb lance is but honestly theyre really good friends
  • shiro is very parental and they tease him and allura whenever they go out together, and then they call matt their second, more fun dad bc he lets them actually do stuff
    • like break into an abandoned warehouse and skateboard
      • whY MATT NO STOP THEM ‘it’s too late shiro i already cut the fence’ YOURE A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE
  • that was a fun night
  • they’re all buddies and awesome and yes
  • also there is sooo klance

“And then she arrived,
Like day break inside a railway tunnel,
Like the new moon,

like a diamond in the mines
Like high noon to a drunkard,


She made my heart beat in a now-now time signature.

Her skinny canvas for ultarviolet brushstrokes

She was the sun’s painting
She was a deep cognac color
Her eyes sparkled like lights along the new city
She lips pursed as if her breath was too sweet
And full for her mouth to hold”

Photographer: leboditibane