Phil’s Liveshow// 3.9.17

He’s wearing the blue hoodie we told him to keep from last week

Username ideas that are just words animals: softraccoon explosiveemu ridiculousotter 

He got his friend burger socks, pusheen handwarmers, and planet lollipops

“Uranus is a blackberry. Your anus is a blackberry.”

He hasn’t listened to Ed’s new album yet smh

The Ed Scar Story

Green Light has grown on him

The + and - on the Nintendo Switch was confusing him

He wishes there were more games for the Switch

“I’m generally quite giant as a person”

Slime train

He liked the bomb diffusion video but it was really stressful 

Blue is His Color

He doesn’t suit brown or beige

Dan suits brown more than he does

Wearing black makes him feel vampire ish

He likes living in London because it’s close to everything 

He put on Crufts (if he got the first dog we saw it’d be a cocker spaniel)

“You and your friend. Or friends if you’re lucky enough to have more than one.”

He likes to play the adverts game where you guess the product before it’s revealed

He’s watching Bates Motel , Firefly, Walking Dead, Broadchurch, Steven Universe, Homeland, and Riverdale

He got sweet potato fries with Hazel

Him and Dan signed some new posters

Miracle Berry makes everything weird 

“Looked like a happy doggo”

Timezone research

Top fans won dogs (and one cat)

Tour made him want to see more of the world

AmazingPhil video probably tomorrow or this weekend

He had yogurt with granola and berries for breakfast today because he’s trying to be a bit healthier 


He sang a lullaby 

He still uses the galaxy backpack

Phil doesn’t know geometry 

If he doesn’t upload tweet him some disappointed cat gifs



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Michael Carini | KAABOO Del Mar 2017

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now he’s so devoid of color
he don’t know what it means
and he’s blue


Gasp! No way! You swear he wasn’t here a minute ago, but now…You tremble in fear!…For a second because that angry fire that had brought him out sparked again in your chest. He gulps. Your frown deepens and your arms cross over your chest...Oh boy, he sure is going to get it, isn’t he?

requested by anon <3
A/N: this is really fucking stupid please don’t take this seriously


  • you’d think he’d be great at this whole fighting drama since he kills jack every other week
  • but no
  • his points switch and he contradicts himself six times, and you have only been arguing for about twenty minutes!
  • he keeps chanting that he’s’in control’ a lot
  • but he isn’t. his defenses are weak. you sense that
  • he talks with his hands a lot
  • swings them around
  • and he has a knife
  • you keep extra close attention to that knife, and each time you glance at it to make sure he won’t direct it at you (which he has, though not in a threatening way, more of a ‘see? see? my point is better than yours!’ way) and he laughs at you each time you do so
  • you tell him to shut it
  • he tells you to make him
  • there is a brief pause filled with sexual tension
  • you tell him green is your least favorite color
  • he shuts up
  • the argument is over. you have won


  • this one you may not win
  • oh boy
  • he is strangely quiet, listening to you ramble and it’s unnerving
  • he sits with his hands neatly laid on the table and his eyes watch your every movement
  • you are annoyed at his lack of response. so you voice your annoyance since you’re pretty much voicing everything that upsets you including you cat’s death which was ten years ago on this exact day
  • he smiles and you don’t like it one bit
  • you knew he was a sly and manipulative….being? ego? person?–THING, but to this extent…!
  • you are still confused on just how you decided to drop your anger and frustration and agreed to watch a play with him
  • what’s it called again? The Dark Mark?
  • you chew on your popcorn and wonder
  • some arguments you just can’t win
  • how in the hell did you even get here????

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soulmate!svt | jihoon

a/n: im not over the change up music video and jihoon is one of my two biases so this is really long, sorry not sorry

ALSO THIS IS DEDICATED TO @cinnaminsvga (if u write either one of those fics we discussed im kicking your ass)

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soulmate!au: when your soulmate dyes their hair, your hair changes to the same color.

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anonymous asked:

I have been asking for this, for some time, I saw your enchoi your Fridays where saran gets his wisdom tooth remove, how about one for the whole RFA +V & Vanderwood & Rika (for those Rika lovers ♡) I love your writing 💕💕

We currently don’t write hc’s for Rika, but we did the rest! Also, left out Saeran since his story is in this link :) Hope you enjoy~ 


  • When he first wakes up, you think he’s going to be one of the chill cases
  • He doesn’t say much and keeps looking around the room quietly
  • But then you notice he keeps tugging at his own hair…every ten seconds
  • You ask him what he’s doing and he says with another tug, “I’m making sure it’s still there. I love my hair.”
  • After awhile, he gets really sad
  • Like he’s looking at the blanket and getting those puppy eyes
  • You get worried thinking he’s in pain or something, so you tap his shoulder, “Are you okay? You look really sad.”
  • In a second, the sad face comes off, “No. I’m practicing for a role.”
  • He has a personality switch into a opera singer
  • There’s several of these personality switches until he knocks out
  • Leave it to Zen to be a dedicated actor…even under anaesthetics


  • From a few minutes after he wakes up, he’s crying over everything
  • When the dentist comes in to check up on him, Yoosung points to the pen in his pocket and starts sniffling
  • “I have a pen back at home. It must be lonely.”
  • Then he turns and looks at you, pointing at you with a lazy finger
  • “I have a picture of you at home. I miss it…”
  • “Yoosung, I’m the real person…”
  • “It’s not the same thing,” he wails.
  • You get him into the car and for awhile, he’s just fascinated with everything
  • You’re almost home when you notice he removed all the gauze from his mouth
  • He lets out a loud gasp while rubbing his lips, “MC…my nipples are numb! I can’t feel my nipples!”
  • You’re trying not to laugh too hard, so you just go along with it and pat him sympathetically
  • He gets down on the carpet once you’re inside and knocks out
  • So you just leave him there


  • When she was first starting to feel the anaesthetics kick in, she got a little loopy
  • She grabbed the dentist by the collar, “You better not mess it up!” and then knocked out
  • When she came to again, you asked if she remembered what she said
  • She didn’t, still very much under the drugs, so you told her
  • She touched her lip and saw some blood
  • She looks at the dentist, mouth full of cotton, “You punthed me! I’m Th-uing!’
  • Luckily the doctor got a kick out of it…and Jaehee couldn’t kick him
  • She’s surprisingly ridiculous when she’s under the drugs
  • She’ll look at you, “MC…you know what my name is? Jaehee…heeheehee.”
  • Then she’d be laughing at the joke she made for hours
  • When she gets home though, she’s a lot calmer and more of herself
  • You do have to drag her away from the coffee machine on more than one occasion though


  • He’s super giggly
  • Like not his low, throaty chuckle
  • Nope, he’s full on, high-pitched giggling at everything
  • You’ll touch his chin gently and he’ll just start laughing, “Oh, MC I wanted to wait till marriage.”
  • “Uh, what are you talking about?”
  • *Cue more giggling*
  • He keeps brainstorming business ideas mostly for cats
  • He’ll list things that are already invented and just add “for cats”
  • It’s hilarious, until he asks you to write it down
  • So far he’s listed forks, candles, mustaches, hats, and spaceship cars for cats
  • You can’t wait to shove it in his face later
  • Time passes and you think he’s fine
  • But then he points to a pile of white pillows in the corner and just gasps, “Elizabeth” before passing out


  • They had to take his glasses off during the whole removal process
  • So, when he wakes up he sees nothing but a swirl of color
  • He turns to you with tears in his eyes, “MC…it went wrong. I can’t see!”
  • You hand him his glasses and two seconds later he’s cheery again
  • He’s mostly quiet but he keeps touching your knee every once in awhile
  • You think it’s fine until you catch him wiping bloody drool from his chin and putting it on your pants
  • When he realizes you saw, he laughs, “Ohhhh, MC are you on your period?” and points to the blood on your pants
  • You would’ve slapped him if he wasn’t under anaesthetics
  • While you guys are leaving, he passes a mirror and starts crying again
  • He’s banging on the glass, “Saeran! Where were you this whole time? I was in pain.”
  • You have to calm him down, “Saeran is waiting at home. That’s your reflection.”
  • He just stares at himself, “Oh, I’m the ugly one then?”
  • “Saeyoung, you two are twins.”
  • “We’re both ugly?” and he starts crying again
  • You think it best not to show Saeran the video you’ve been recording the whole time


  • He has the most innocent face when he first wakes up
  • His lips are in a little pout, and his cheeks are puffy
  • His wide eyes keep glancing at you and you think it’s the cutest thing
  • He talks a little bit here and there, but mostly nonsense
  • At one point, he touches his lips and sees all the blood
  • He gives a small gasp, “I’m coughing up wine.”
  • You think it’s funny until he keeps trying to taste his own blood
  • Ew, V, stop
  • He’ll just stare at you
  • No emotions, no words, just staring
  • You wait, thinking he’ll say something but he doesn’t
  • Eventually, you tell him to stop and he turns instead to staring at his hands
  • He makes these really vague sad comments like, “It’s been a rough day”, “They shouldn’t sell wine in hospitals,” or “The weather tickles me.”
  • You just stop asking and enjoy it


  • You can’t even tell he’s under anaesthetics
  • He’s super serious and keeps making these morbid statements
  • He’ll wipe some blood from his mouth and stare at it on his fingers
  • “This could be the blood of all those I’ve battled in war in my past life.”
  • He turns to you and gives a small chuckle
  • Also slightly nerdy
  • Rants about random theories he has in all these universes
  • You tune him out after he starts claiming he was the catalyst for the first destruction of the Death Star

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aiiileeen  asked:

may we have more akirann headcanons??<3 you have blank paper!

Yes, yes and yes!! I love these two so much asdfghjkl;;; 

Thank you for the ask! ^-^

Akirann Headcanons: 

  • They’re actually the most physical couple ever
  • akira plays with her pigtails during class
  • they absolutely keep it a secret from everyone, minus shiho and futaba - and sojiro
  • akira tugs her into empty classrooms 
  • you can bet your sweet bippy they have make out sessions like no other
  • ann is hickey queen number one; she leaves hickeys all of the time
  • akira does it to get back at her more often than not, but he will absolutely do it when they’re cuddling
  • morgana’s actually pretty upset at first, but he and ann cuddle him like no other so he gets cool with it
  • he and akira have playful wars for her affection
  • akira proposes to her on a vacation to hawaii
  • they have like; 5 kids? 
  • ann is the best mother; and akira is father of the year
  • she does so many photo shoots with akira?
  • ann’s fans are super supportive of them; any that aren’t (read: are crazy stalkers) are shut down 
  • PDA is light at first; but after a while they just kiss all the time
  • it makes futaba want to hurl
  • when he gets back from the imprisonment at the beginning of the game; and ann finds bruises and broken body parts? 
  • oh she gives them hell 
  • she really likes his metaverse outfit; he’s the same 
  • he tells her over and over that red is so her color
  • he loves her hair down
  • she loves him without the glasses
  • their wedding is the sweetest thing? 
  • it’s all teal and white; the opposite of the phantom thieves color scheme
  • shiho is their #1 fangirl; it’s so sweet
  • their kids love her?
  • they’re so sweet; they text each other constantly if they aren’t together/ann’s on a trip for work
  • constant sweet talking; akira flirts with her so smoothly
  • she’s embarrassed at first, but after they’ve been dating for a month or two; she’s good
  • ann absolutely loves it when he gets flustered; it’s such a change from the usual that it’s adorable. 

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A/N: So I’m not a writer but Imma try this shit. This is based off of a song by Halsey, Colors, and this is gonna be kinda sad. Sorry, but I’m bored in class all day and this is what I wanna do,,, so if you like it, I might do more stuff like this! Also, this is set when they’re like 17 so, c h i l l. Very angsty as well, I l o v e don’t hate writing it so Imma try this out. 

Pairing: Richie x reader, reader is Eddie’s twin sister, the works

Warnings: attempt in suicide, language of cOURSE, mentions of suicidal tendencies, suggested abusive relationship with some guy I made up for the sake of this oneshot thing, and too much detail into somethings that are better left alone OH WELL,,, Also it’s a cliffhanger

Your little brother never tells you but he loves you so
You said your mother only smiled on her tv show
You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope

How was it not obvious to Richie? He had never seen her like this, and he’s know Y/n ever since he met Eddie in the 5th grade, them being twins and all. He never realized it, but maybe she wasn’t as okay as she said she was. Looking back, did any of her smiles ever touch her eyes? How did she sit so long, just staring out the window, thinking and looking as if she were dead inside? All of these things should have been obvious, especially with the twin’s home life. The only time their mom looked at them was to tell them to take their meds, but who knew she felt so neglected. 

But why didn’t Eddie ever tell her how much he admired her? Richie knew he did, she’s the only thing he talks about besides having to clean shit up. Eddie loves his sister so much, how did she not see it? Why didn’t he tell her she was loved and cared for? 

Maybe he didn’t know she felt this way either. Maybe Richie should have said something to her. Maybe he wouldn’t be in this position right now; watching her sit on the edge of the Quarry, with a big pill bottle and a pack of cigarettes. 

I hope you make it to the day you’re twenty-eight years old
You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise
You’re spilling like an overflowing sink

Her eyes were overflowing like a sink, tears streaming down her face like a waterfall. She sat there in the warm summer sunset, the sweater she was wearing earlier was laying on the ground behind her, now only in her sports bra, her hands tracing the bruises on her body. Y/n was dating a guy named John, but they all knew she hated him, she only dated him because he asked her to prom and things just sorta happened from there. John was the type to get physical when things didn’t go his way, but Richie never realized how far the guy would take that, it infuriated him. 

He thought tears back himself, seeing the girl he loved like this. How did he not know? He asked himself this so many times in the last 5 minutes, he just can’t comprehend that the one girl who saved his life was dying inside right in front of him. His y/n, the one that laughed at all his jokes, highfived him for him mom jokes EVEN if they were about her own mom. His dream girl is right in front of him, about to do something she won’t be able to take back, and he doesn’t have the courage to say something. 

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece
And now i’m tearing through the pages and the ink

Richie can’t describe just how genuinely amazing she is, she was a piece of art that created chaos, but somehow calm surrounded her at all times. It seems her masterpiece was ripped at the edges, she was just smudged ink on a page. But to him, she was the light at the end of a hallway, the cool breeze on a hot summer day, the very breath he breathed. She was everything to him, he couldn’t just let her slip away like sand in an hourglass. He has to say something, he has to convince her to stay here, to stay with him.

“Y/n,” he spoke barely above a whisper, “Y/n, stop.” His voice was weak, his heart wrenching, but he has to stop her. The pale girl turns around, looking at him up and down, not speaking. She turns back around as he says, “You can’t.” He walks and sits next to her, he felt like a ghost screaming at a living person but they can’t hear. She stares off at the dying sun, taking a puff of her cigarette. “Why can’t I? It’s so much better than staying here with everything going on. I could just leave and not have to deal with all the shit. All the shitty shit.” With every word both of their hearts broke, not knowing that the other loved the first. Richie new he was just Eddie’s nerd best friend that always hung out at her house, hell, he thought y/n thought of him as a brother as well. Little did he know, she felt what people would call an undying love for him. He was the one thing keeping her there for the longest time, but after what happened, she felt it was all for nothing. The suffering, the relationship, the life she was just barely surviving. 

That was all she was doing now. Surviving. 

Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now i’m covered in the colors pull apart at the seams
And it’s blue

Ever since that day, all she could see was black and white. The only thing she could feel was blue. A deep dark blue like I could imagine is only found at the very bottom of the deepest ocean. She was at the Quarry with her friends of the Loser club, and it was a decent day. Honestly, it was a great day until the very end, when her boyfriend came looking for her and nobody said a word when he was grabbing her and touching her a little too hard. Not one person said a word when he told her that she needed to be punished for not getting him a cigarette and doing as told. No one looked her way when he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to his truck and drove them away, leading to what pushed her over the edge. Richie didn’t say one thing to her, Eddie avoided her at all costs, Bill and Stan were busy making out in the river to notice, and Mike, Bev and Ben wasn’t even there. If they had been there, maybe, just maybe she wouldn’t be so heavily considering what she was doing now. 

But after that night, it didn’t matter what she did, she couldn’t get her mind off of it. She scrubbed herself down in the shower 7 times the next day, she burned the clothes, she attempted to slept away the pain, but nothing worked. So she took her bullshit medicine and headed for the Quarry. Maybe if she could see that beautiful sight one more time she could forget about everything and just go. Go without the thoughts of him in her head. 

She felt as if she were being pulled apart at the seams, her insides felt like mush and everything was just failing. Nothing felt the same. Nothing felt safe. Not even the thought of Richie felt safe, and she loved him. But once she heard his voice, her tears dried up, and she could breathe a little better. 

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue

The smoke. The smoke from her cigarette was grey. The sky was starting to turn grey as the sun said it’s final words to Derry. Her looked grey in the dimming light, everything felt grey. Of course Richie knew it was the situation, but he hated that this was probably how she felt all the time. If he had said something to her earlier about how he felt towards her, maybe this would be different. Maybe if he said something that night he could feel his courage in his throat instead of this lump. 

He knew he should have said something, he knew that was no way to treat anyone, let alone his y/n. He was angry, he wanted nothing to do with her boyfriend, and he was PISSED when he showed up at he Quarry. That’s why he didn’t say anything, and he hated himself for it. He knew exactly what John was doing, and he hated him for it, Richie knew he should have punched the boy in the face and drove her home himself. What he didn’t know was what actually happened after he watched that monster drag y/n away into his truck and drive off. He didn’t want to know either, he just wished he could take it all back, he wish he could have said something and not be the wimp he knew he was. If he hadn’t let his anger get the better of him maybe they could be laughing right now at his house, hanging out like they use to. 

But none of that could happen now. 

You were a vision in the morning when the light came through
I know I’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you
You said you’ll never be forgiven till your boys are too
And I’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you

And somehow their minds lined up, and they both began thinking about the time they both knew how they felt for each other. Of course, each time was different for the other, but the feeling was so strong for both the teens, it was easy for everyone else to see how the two felt, and as cliche as the usual romcom, hard for the silly teenagers to see. It was like the films Eddie made them go see with him, some magical force brought them together and yet they couldn’t see it when it was right there. 

For Richie, it was the day he met her, the 5th grade boy wasn’t much on liking people and yet there was something about her that he couldn’t get out of his head. The way she relentlessly loved her brother and made sure he was okay and told off bullies and gosh- she was amazing. She stood for what she believed in, she stood for those she liked, she stood for him. The day they met, he was at the deadly hands of Henry Bowers, getting beaten to a bloody pulp. She threatened to call the police, more specifically his dad, and he ran off. Her and her brother cleaned him up and that was it, he fell fast and hard. 

For y/n it was different, it took a little longer to warm up to Richie, but when she did it was like a train hitting her in the face. The summer IT had come along, they went into the Neibolt house, and immediately after Eddie got lost, she got lost. It took the longest time for them to find her, or at least that what it felt like. By the time they found her she was having a mental breakdown in the spot IT left her to fight the Losers, but what he used against her was the deepest darkest fear she had, it left her paralyzed in fear for hours, and all those long hours, Richie stayed with her. He soothed her, he did everything he could to make sure she knew she was safe. That’s when she knew for sure that she loved the thick glass eyed nerd. 

But the real question is, was it too late? Was it too late for y/n to feel the will to live, for Richie to finally tell her how he felt, to save both their lives? All questions I can’t answer. Maybe it was the end, maybe it was the beginning, but there was something so loudly unspoken between the two that y/n stood up right on the edge, leaving everything right where it was when Richie walked in, and finally saying, “Look how easy it could be. Just one step off this ledge and boom, in a matter of seconds.” She turns around with her arms open and Richie’s mouth followed suit. “But there’s one thing I have to tell you Rich, I love you. And waking up everyone morning without you was killing me.” 

Part 2

I won’t let you go

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Hi all! Sorry that I’ve been MIA, but I found some muse to write a Reggie Mantle one shot. I’ve been trying to do a new Eric Coulter imagine but I’ve came up short or I didn’t like it. But I’m still trying! Anyway, I hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated!
Y/N- Your name
H/C- Hair color
E/C- Eye Color

He found himself watching her from where he stood. She laughed at the guys that surrounded her, but every so often her eyes would drift to him. He grinned to himself when he remembered that she belonged to him, just like he belonged to her. With a deep feeling of satisfaction, she broke away from the crowd of men walking gracefully towards him.

“Reggie,” she smiled up at him, managing to take his breath away. “Babe, I’m tired. I think I’m going to head home.”

No matter how sappy it seemed to his teammates, he pulled her closer not wanting her to leave. “Just a little longer baby girl and I’ll drive you home or you can come stay the night with me.”

Reggie watched her bite her lip softly, before looking up at him from her long lashes. “I don’t have any clothes.”

“I have some for you,” He grinned leaning down to whisper in her ear, “or you can just sleep without them.”

She huffed pushing him back, swatting at him playfully. “Just for that Mantle, I’m going to go home.”

He pulled her back, lifting her over his shoulder. “Oh no you don’t.”

“Reggie!” Her fists hit his back, when he tapped her butt grinning on how firm it was. “Put me down!”

Reggie paid her no mind, instead he turned to his teammates nodding his head to them and walking out with Y/N still on his shoulder. Once he was at his car, he set her down brushing his fingertips against her soft pink cheek. She swatted his hand away, a small pout forming on her lips. He found himself leaning forward, his intent to make her full lips swollen, instead she put her hand over his mouth shaking her head lightly.

“Baby girl…” he whined lowly, but instead of the reaction he was hoping for he received a curt ‘no’.  Reggie rolled his eyes, opening the door for her. She grinned and internally he fist bumped the sky because he knew how much she liked it when he held the doors open for her. Y/N got in quickly while he jogged around the car, heaving his big figure into the car. He looked over seeing her wrapping herself in his jacket, before moving so that she was pressed into his side.

Reggie swallowed hard, trying to contain himself. Even though she was in a black shirt and his old pajama pants, he wanted to hold her down and never leave the house. There was something about the way she looked in his clothes. It wasn’t sexy lingerie that he had seen his past exes wear, but somehow she made something so undesirable, desirable.

He stood from his place on the bed, walking over to her in three strides. He grinned widely when he saw her blush at his naked chest. “I can put a shirt on Y/N, if you feel uncomfortable.”

“No,” She stuttered and his grin turned into a loving smile. His hands reached out on their own accord, grasping her cheeks into his hands and leaning down to give her a soft kiss. She sighed softly, before she pushed herself closer to him and her hands moving to rest against his torso. Even with something so simple as a touch, it sent waves of electricity running through his body. She pulled back to catch her breath and looked up at him, grinning shyly. “Can we lay down?”

Without a second thought her pulled her towards the bed, laying down first. He held his arms opened ready to hold her against him and not let go. Y/N grinned moving quickly, pushing herself into him resting her head over his heart.

Reggie held her tightly, running his fingers along her back. “Y/N?”

“Mhm,” She mumbled tiredly, tracing patterns into his chest.

Reggie paused, unsure if he wanted to tell her the three big words that were on the tip of his tongue. The past six months were absolute bliss for him, she made him feel fireworks every time she brushed against him. Just the mere thought of her being away from him or leaving him, sent waves of sadness rushing throughout his body. He pulled her impossibly closer, inhaling the scent of cinnamon. “Baby, are you still awake?”

It was quiet for a moment and he thought she fell asleep, but she moved so that she could look up at him. “I’m still awake,” She yawned, sending a small smile.

He smiled back, stroking her cheek. “Are you going to be able to go to the game this week or-”

“I’ll be there to cheer you on. Same seat I’m always in,” Y/N soothed, starting to trace shapes into his chest. “Are you still worried about Archie?”

Reggie rolled his eyes, the last thing he wanted to talk about was Andrews. “Why would I be worried about someone as talentless as him?”

She rolled her eyes back at him, moving away so she was sitting up to look down at him. Y/N moved again so that she was straddling his stomach. “Don’t forget who you are talking too Reggie. I’m not going to judge you. I know you’re an amazing football player and Archie couldn’t rival with you.”

He moved quickly sitting up so that his chest was pressed against her’s. He wrapped his arms around her pressing his forehead to her’s. She leaned back pressing a kiss on the tip of his nose. “What does he have that I don’t?”

“Not a damn thing Mantle. You work your ass off with your training and if your coach doesn’t see that, then he’s blind. I know someone will see it,” Y/N grasped his chin so he was staring at her. “You’re amazing and don’t think otherwise.”

He tangled his fingers in her H/C hair, crashing his lips to hers. He relished in her soft lips and how her fingers slid through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp. Reggie tried to pull her closer to him, but he realized that she was already pushed up against him.

Y/N pulled back her eyes were still closed and her lips were beautifully swollen from his kiss. Pride surged through him when he realized he was the only one that could see her like this, right there in front of him dressed in his clothes and her lips parted in bliss.

“I love you Y/N,” He whispered, pushing her hair away from her face.

Reggie watched in fear when her eyes widened. She blinked a few times before a bright smile was directed at him. “I love you too Reggie.”

Y/N moved closer putting her arms over his shoulders, burying her face into his neck. He grinned when he felt her yawn into his shoulder. He moved them so that they were laying down on the bed, “you do realize I’m not letting you go, now that you admitted your love for me.”

“Good and don’t worry, I won’t tell Moose about your soft spot for me. I don’t want him to get jealous,” She giggled pressing a kiss to his cheek.


‘’everything is grey
his hair, his smoke, his dreams
and now he’s so devoid of color
he don’t know what it means’’

phil’s version

NDRV3 Hogwarts AU

Angie Yonaga

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • goes on to become the greatest witch artist of her time
  • sometimes uses magic to fly her work into the sky “in order to send it back to god”
  • loves divination
  • becomes hufflepuff prefect and then head girl

Gonta Gokuhara

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • becomes the hufflepuff quidditch team’s keeper
  • is only second to tanaka gundam when it comes to care of magical creatures
  • his other grades are slightly below average, simply because when it comes to learning, he is slow and steady
  • revolutionizes magical bug-keeping, and even goes on to write a book about magical bugs to help people understand their true nature (à la newt scamander)

Himiko Yumeno

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • excels in all of her classes (except history of magic)
  • is known as a prodigy of sorts, as she masters nearly every form of magic she attempts
  • insists that she should be referred to as a sorceress instead of a witch
  • performs magic shows for muggles and is known as one of the greatest magicians… even though she actually uses magic to complete her tricks

Kaede Akamatsu

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • becomes the very first piano accompanist of the frog choir
  • does very well in charms, is pretty average with the rest of her classes
  • joins the hufflepuff quidditch team (as a chaser) just to spend time with her friends and be part of a team
  • perfects a charm that lets you play three or four parts on the piano instead of just two
  • is known as the “piano witch”
  • refers to amami and saihara as her “soulfriends”

Kaito Momota

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • uses his sheer determination to figure out how he can get into space using magic
  • thus, a legend is born
  • he’s a star (get it?) in charms and transfiguration
  • maki always refers to him as a “space cadet”, since he’s always “spacing out like an idiot”


  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • he is half-android in this au
  • pretty average in his classes, which is surprising for a raavenclaw
  • but he grows and learns very quickly, to the point where he develops magical software for his peers (thanks to souda’s magical-resistant machinery)
  • he’s so innocent and almost pure in a way that the only person who messes with him is ouma
  • becomes iruma’s “assistant”

Kirumi Toujou

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • manages to complete all of her own work and run a lowbrow operation where she uses her precise magic to complete tasks for other students
  • she’ll do chores, homework, act as a bodyguard, almost anything she’s asked to do
  • graduates with top N.E.W.T.s and a recommendation from the headmaster of hogwarts
  • later goes on to become minister of magic

Kokichi Ouma

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • no one’s sure if he’s a harmless prankster or a legitimate dark wizard
  • the teachers pay close attention to him
  • it’s said that he learns over a hundred jinxes by his second year, some of which he created himself
  • becomes the slytherin quidditch team’s beater
  • earns abysmal grades in the classes he thinks are boring, and very high grades in classes he likes
  • goes on to create a trick shop on par with weasely’s wizard wheezes and insists that his other, “real” job is running his “dark association”

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • seems to posses a dark and creepy aura, which doesn’t help his house’s reputation
  • is nuts over muggle studies
  • gets away with being “out of uniform”
  • no one knows what’s under his mask, and it’s a topic of much discussion
  • ends up becoming a famous novelist who documents parallels between muggle and wizard cultures

Maki Harukawa

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • becomes unlikely friends with momota when he defends her during “the case of the missing headmaster”
  • she comes from an orphanage for young witches and wizards
  • there’s a rumor going around that she did the dirty work of an organized magical crime association (no one knows where the rumor came from, but it doesn’t earn her many friends at first)
  • a master of defense against the dark arts

Miu Iruma

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • adds extra functions to kiibo wherever she can
  • uses souda’s magical-resistant machinery to continue her “activities one can do while sleeping” inventions
  • ends up inventing magical cures to nearsighted/farsightedness, but she doesn’t really care about that
  • leaves hogwarts early because she really doesn’t care enough to stay

Rantarou Amami

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • joins the hufflepuff quidditch team for the same reasons as kaede
  • uses magic to give himself piercings and maintain his hair color
  • he always teases kaede and saihara about various things (talents, words, each other…)
  • does well in transfiguration, divination, and potions
  • his grades are fairly high overall
  • goes on to design tasks for the Triwizard Tournament and other such wizard events

Ryouma Hoshi

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • becomes a beater on the gryffindor quidditch team
  • is a legend of sorts as a beater
  • does fairly well in his classes, his favorite of which being transfiguration
  • becomes a beater for a professional quidditch team
  • assassinates a known dark wizard by sending a bludger into a crowd during a game
  • is sentenced to azkaban and serves his sentence for a few years, until new evidence comes to light about that wizard’s dark deeds

Shuuichi Saihara

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • close friends with amami and kaede; he goes to cheer them on during their quidditch games (even when they play against ravenclaw)
  • surpasses most of his classmates in ancient runes and defense against the dark arts
  • solved “the case of the missing headmaster” and “the case of the stolen house cup”, which leads to his classmates (mainly the muggleborns) nicknaming him “Ace Detective”
  • aims to become an auror, simply because he doesn’t know what else to do
  • his favorite memories of hogwarts are the ones when kaede played for him and amami, and from when the three of them spent time together

Tenko Chabashira

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • sends howlers out to any boy who she witnesses “hounding her fellow witches”
  • is known as Himiko’s bodyguard, since she’s always with her and making sure no MENaces hurt her
  • creates a form of aikido that incorporates magic, so she is known as a “master” of wizard martial artists

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • a muggleborn who grew up learning to create cosplay without magic
  • productivity in creating cosplay increases by about 70% after she learns that she’s a witch and develops her skills
  • creates what becomes the number one cosplaying company in the country. customers swear that their cosplays stay whole and shiny, no matter how many times they wear them
  • “almost like magic”


Writer (Newt x Reader)

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Request:  Could you possibly do a newt x reader where the reader is a writer like newt and everyone thinks they’re in a relationship but they’re not but then he asked her out at in interview or some event? - Anon

You’re gonna have to work with me here since in this one wizards use the Internet

E/C: Eye color

H/C: Hair color

L/N: Last name

Hope you like it, a lot longer than I intended 

You were the author of a book on magical herbs and their primary use.  Your book had become a worldwide sensation the same time as another wizard’s book had rose to fame.  Newt Scamander, and his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  You and Newt had crossed paths once or twice, yes.  Once you met Newt to ask him a few questions about if any of his herbivorous eat any of the plants you were studying.  He gladly answered all of your questions and even took the time to ask you a few questions himself.  That was all; nothing special or romantic.

But your fans wanted different.

Most of them thought you two would be the absolute perfect couple.  You never thought

much of it.  That is, until people began writing this weird stuff called “fan fiction” about you and Newt.  #Y/N Scamander was everywhere.  Being the curious individual you were, you read some of it.  That was when you realized what a cute couple you two would actually be.  Sure, you did think Newt was a bit cute.  Okay… a lot.  The beautiful cinnamon dusted curls, seafoam eyes, the adorable freckles that dotted his face…

As it turns out, Newt sees you the same way.  Luscious H/C locks, sparkling E/C eyes, perfect everything.  The last time you saw each other was a little over a month ago at a book signing.  

Two days later, the Ministry sent out letters (by owl, of course) to selected people involved in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures from England containing information about a party being held at the Ministry of Magic.  It also included a list of all others that were invited.  

Newt’s eyes scanned the list for your name, a glimmer of hope shown inside him even though you weren’t a part of that department. Newt’s heart sank a little when he saw your name wasn’t there. But then, his eyes drifted to the bottom of the paper where it said:

You are permitted to bring a maximum of one guest with you.

It didn’t take long for him to decide who he wanted to invite.  None other than you, Y/N L/N.  Newt figured writing a letter to ask you out was going to be much easier than asking you in person.  He sat down at his messy desk in his case and dipped his quill in the large bottle of ink and began writing his letter to you.

Once Newt finished the squiggle of the ‘R’ in on his signature, he neatly placed the note in an envelope and finished it off with a red wax seal before giving it to his messenger owl to then deliver to you.

**Time skip to your house**

You were observing the plants you kept on the windowsill of your bedroom when an owl suddenly flew over causing you to jump a little and began ‘tap tap tapping’ on the window holding a letter between its beak.  You opened the window, retrieved the letter, and the owl flew off.  

“I wonder if it’s more fan mail,” you whispered to yourself.  You sat at your desk and tore open the letter.

Dear Miss L/N,

I believe you are familiar with me: Newt Scamander.  Recently I was invited to a party at the Ministry of Magic for members of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures on April 26.  I am allowed to bring one guest to attend with me, and I would like that guest to be you.  Please note that it is perfectly fine if you decline.  However, if you do wish to come, please respond to this letter as soon as you get it.


Newton Scamander.

You were blushing furiously even though it was nothing more than ink on a paper.  Boy, did this man have beautiful handwriting. Of course your answer was yes.  

Newt Scamander!  Asked ME to attend an event at the Ministry with him!  You thought.

You sat down on your desk and grabbed a piece of parchment from a stack you always had handy.  You quickly wrote down your response and then gave it to your owl where she flew off to give it to Newt.


Newt was full of happiness when he saw your response.

Dear Mr. Scamander,

Yes, I will gladly attend the party with you!  It will be very nice to be in your company again.

Thank you ever so much,

Y/N L/N.

**Time skip to the party**

Newt stood in the corner of the building to avoid the other many witches and wizards bustling about.  Silver trays with fancy foods and drinks floated around to guests, but Newt turned down every one.  He was too excited to see you.  Never in a million years did he think you would agree to be his date.

Newt checked his pocket watch.  It had been ten minutes since he had arrived, but you were still nowhere in sight.  

Just a bit late, that’s all.  Newt reassured himself.

Just then, Newt heard the fast-paced click-clack of heels coming from his left.  He turned around to see you, breathing heavier than normal.

“So sorry I’m late.  I was planning to apparate straight here ten minutes ago but I lost my wand in my garden,” you said.

Newt grinned at how cute you were.  “A larger garden than most, I suppose?”

“Very,” you responded, smiling.

“Did I mention you look beautiful, Miss L/N?  Thank you so much for coming with me, by the way.”

You smiled widely at Newt’s comment.  “And you look quite handsome, Mr. Scamander.  But please, call me Y/N.

“Of course, Y/N.  Call me Newt.”

The two of you began making small talk about what had happened in your lives since you last saw each other.  Newt told you about his new discoveries with his magical creatures; and you spoke about your garden and new plant hybrids you had been working on.

Eventually you decided to bring up the topic of fanfiction.

“Newt, have you ever heard of… fanfiction?” you asked cautiously.

He thought for a moment, then shook his head.  “No, I don’t believe I’m familiar with it.  Could you please tell me?”

“So… it’s basically that a lot of our fans have taken up a hobby of writing stories about the two of us and then putting them on the Internet.”

“What kind of stories?” Newt asked, genuine curiosity evident in his voice.

“Well…” you paused.  “They’re about us… if we were… a couple.”

Newt’s eyes widened.  “A couple?”

“Yeah…” you realized you had just made a huge mistake.

Or maybe not.

After a few moments, Newt reached down and took both of your hands in his.  “Well… then maybe we should give the public what they want.”

His eyes moved down to look at your lips for a brief second.  You realized what he was going to do.

Newt leaned in, and gently pressed his lips to yours, one hand now on your waist.  You kissed back, lightly stroking his hair.  It only lasted a few seconds before you both pulled away.  You were in a public place, after all.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that,” Newt said.

“Same here,” you replied.

Newt brought his arm around your waist.  “Maybe we should take this somewhere more… private?”

You nodded.  “Agreed.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!


Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now i’m covered in the colors pull apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue


For anon

Hope you like it


Werewolf! Taeyong
  • Idk guys i felt bored and i really felt like doing a werewolf au
  • He’d be the alpha of his pack
  • To outsiders, he might seem cold and distant
  • But thats just his face
  • Hes actually a warm hearted guy whos a mom to his pack
  • Anyways
  • How he met you, his mate, was completely random
  • He was just out with the guys at a restaurant when you happened to be waiting his table
  • He was infatuated with you
  • The sound of your voice was hypnotizing
  • When you stared at him, his heart felt soft and yet, he also felt your stare freezing his body
  • You felt the pull
  • But you didnt know how to react since you were human
  • You just thought he was one attractive fellow
  • He was fidgeting everytime you came around
  • All the guys knew what was up and wiggling their brows at him
  • So right when he was about to leave he asked for your number
  • Usually you wouldnt have done that
  • But you felt you could do it this one time
  • So thats how yall meet
  • Yall end up going steady
  • you eventually find out hes a werewolf because you were messing with his hair one day and put a little red bow in it
  • Later you saw a wolf with a little red bow on its head
  • It didnt take much for you to put one and one together
  • Explains why he dislikes cats on a personal level
  • When hes a dog wolf he really likes scratches behind his ears
  • He cant get enough of you and licks you all the time
  • Does not like to play fetch
  • But does like to dig holes and bury crap
  • He loves your scent
  • He always tells you you smell like febreeze
  • Which is a very high compliment
  • I dont think hed get jealous often
  • Only when it was something to actually get jealous about
  • But if he were to get jealous he would probably try to have a hold on you at all time
  • He also has a really powerful gaze that many find intimidating
  • So people tend to back off instantly
  • His pack likes to mess with you in a playful way and youve practically been accepted by them
  • Although one time, before when they knew when too far was too far, yuta made you cry
  • Lets just say taeyong almost killed him
  • Although, if taeyong ever hurts you he sulks for d a y s
  • One time you two were playing tug of war while he was a dog
  • And he got a little too carried away
  • He ended up biting your hand
  • He immediately let go but he still felt hella bad
  • You knew it was an accident and he was just caught in the moment so you didnt hold it against him
  • But he was so ashamed that he avoided you for several days
  • “Taeyong let me in. I know youre home. I can smell fresh febreeze”
  • “let me wALLOW”
  • You eventually get him to come to terms with what happens
  • He loves to cuddle
  • And you do too!!
  • And yall have a good time
  • The only problem is that hes vERY HOT
  • Lowkey you did pass out for a minute one time bc of how hot he was
  • He freaked out too and now only allows 5 minutes at a time for cuddling
  • Matching earrings!!
  • It was something you both could wear without the possibility of it breaking when he transforms
  • You get one stud while he gets the other
  • Highkey compliments his fur color
  • He loves you and how you always look out for him
  • He loves the little things you do for him
  • From just spraying febreeze to brushing out his fur, he loves it all
  • And he do anything to protect you ♡
Soulmate! Sanha AU

A/N: I’m actually super bad at writing but there’s no other new Sanha fics to read so guess I gotta write them myself. Anyways this is really bad and will probably be deleted later lmao

Summary: When you touch your soulmate a colorful mark shows up where you guys made contact.

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  • So you’re in high school 
  • I was gonna make you guys older but nah
  • The dismissal bell had rang
  • you grabbed your things and got up from your seat
  • and you went into the hallway so that you could go to the cafeteria and get some french fries food
  • but some guys ran by you and shouldered you
  • and you dropped all your books and all your pens and pencils spilled from your pencil case
  • but the boys didn’t even look at you and continued running
  • so you kneel down to pick up your books
  • and you just let out a sigh of frustration
  • you’re still picking up your books and pencils but you see a pair of feet in front of you
  • and you follow up from the feet to see who was standing in front of you
  • and it’s the shy, brunette boy from your class
  • no I’m not sorry i freaking live for brunette sanha ok
  • you’ve never talked to him before but he never seemed like a bad person
  • he wasn’t popular but he was never picked on
  • he was just kinda there
  • but he kneeled down and started picking up your books and pens with you
  • you guys didn’t say a word to each other but you could feel your cheeks turn hot
  • and you noticed a red tint in his ears as well
  • there was one book left and you both reached for it
  • his hand ended up lying on top of yours
  • and as if your heart wasn’t already about to explode
  • you watched as your skin turned a bright orange where his hand had been just a second ago
  • and you both watched as his palm and fingers turned a deep blue
  • you both looked up at each other, eyes locking
  • you both knew what this had meant
  • the shy boy in front of you was your soulmate
  • the interaction between you two had stopped fellow students and even some teachers in their tracks
  • you sat there frozen, staring at him and at your hand which was now returning to it’s original color
  • he handed you the last book and stood up, dusting off his knees
  • and then he reached out his hand, offering to help you stand
  • you looked from his face to his outstretched hand and hesitantly put your hand in his
  • again you watched as the colors took over your skin
  • you looked back to the boy not even considering how dumb you look with your jaw dropped and your eyes still open wide
  • you were completely stuck in shock
  • the boy’s face brightened as he smiled for the first time you’ve ever seen
  • and lemme tell ya its the most beautiful and soft smile you have ever seen in your entire existence
  • “Hi, I’m Yoon Sanha, your soulmate.

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Request: Can you do a song fic with either Dark or Ethan with Colors by Halsey?

Genre: angst, fluff

You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise

You’re spilling like an overflowing sink

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

And now I’m tearing through the pages and the ink

Dark could be a very passionate man when the moment was right, and once you realized that you were determined to see the absolute best in him. You didn’t know how he came to be and never planned on asking, but the aura of wrath that clung to him could slip away. It was the rare moments of vulnerability that forced you to stay with Dark, to keep the deal of companionship with him despite his harsh words and manipulative ways.

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If People Were Colors, He Was Red and I Was Blue

Genre: Fluff, Angst

T/W: Smoking, Selective Mutism, Anxiety, Drugs, Alcohol, Depressing Themes, Emotional Abuse

Word Count: 3.3k

“Colors” by Halsey

In which Dan and Phil’s relationship hits a hard patch when Phil has troubles. Dan associates his difficult love with different “colors” like blue and grey. Feat. mute!Dan and depressed!Phil.


Dan stared at his boyfriend as Phil blew smoke into the living room, seeming not to care that it tended to make Dan’s breathing difficult. Maybe he simply hadn’t noticed that Dan was affected by it. Dan wouldn’t be surprised.

It wasn’t as if Dan could complain either. He didn’t have the ability. Dan had been selectively mute for the past 10 years. He suffered from crippling anxiety and not talking meant not having to confront it quite so often. Of course when Dan finally got comfortable around Phil, when they fell in love, when Phil gained his trust, Dan would speak only to him. But lately with Phil’s change in personality, Dan had sunk deeper inside himself and never spoke, not even to Phil.

Phil looked up, briefly meeting Dan’s eyes. He looked away quickly, putting his cigarette out. Dan suspected that he did feel guilty somewhere inside of him, for putting Dan through so much.

“How come you never speak to me anymore?” Phil asked quietly.

Dan merely shrugged. Phil should know why. Dan didn’t feel as safe, as comfortable, as loved unconditionally by Phil anymore. Thinking about talking to Phil caused Dan too much anxiety, so he’d given up.

“I miss your voice.” Phil whispered, barely audible but Dan heard. Phil stood and walked out of the lounge.

Dan felt tears prickle at his eyes as Phil walked away. He was surprised as he felt his messy fringe being pushed over, and a soft, tentative, kiss placed on his forehead from behind him. He smiled a little at the small act of fondness, but when he turned around, Phil was already half-way down the hall. Dan watched him disappear into the bedroom, sighing to himself.

Your little brother never tells you but he loves you so
You said your mother only smiled on her TV show

You have to save him, Dan.”

The words repeated themselves in Dan’s mind. Hell of a lot of pressure to put on him, thanks Ms. Lester. She had told Dan this the last time he saw her.

Dan knew Phil had used to be depressed in his teens. He knew that meeting, befriending, and falling in love with Dan had helped him through a lot. He knew Phil could relapse. Dan just never expected it’d be this bad.

Dan, I know you can make him happy again.” His brother spoke, “When he met you, that was when we all finally saw hope for him. He was the happiest he’d ever been with you. You can get that back. He loves you so much.

Did he? Did he still love Dan?

At any rate, it was apparently up to him. Phil’s fragile heart was in Dan’s hands.

You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope
I hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old

Dan took a deep breath and tread down the hallway to their bedroom. Dan hadn’t really used it in a while, though. He always questioned whether or not he’d be welcome beside Phil in bed, so he had been crashing on the couch.

Dan bit his lip and hesitantly opened the door. Phil was sat on the bed, a pipe between his lips. The distinct smell of weed hung in the air. He exhaled a cloud of smoke, and looked up at Dan when he heard him enter.

Dan felt tears prickle at his eyes again as he looked at his boyfriend, disappointed. Phil had promised Dan never again. He had promised.

Dan walked into the room and fell into the desk chair, running his fingers through his hair, a tear slipping down his cheek. How was Dan going to help him? How could he do this?

“Dan-” Phil started.

Dan shook his head, burying his face in his hands. He allowed tears to fall and before long Dan was full on sobbing into his hands.

He felt a hand rest gently on his back. “Dan, you…you don’t understand, I-”

Dan shook his head again, moving away from Phil. He was tired of Phil’s damn excuses.

Phil sighed, reaching to take Dan’s cold hand. “I’m sorry, love.” Phil spoke quietly.

Dan took a deep breath and pulled his hand away in order to shakily sign the words, ‘I’m worried about you. I want you to live a long happy life…with me. You deserve as much.’

Phil sighed, bringing Dan’s shaking hand to his lips and pressing a kiss to it. “I’m sorry, Dan.” He repeated.

You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise
You’re spilling like an overflowing sink

“Dan, I’m fucked up.” Phil admitted, laughing without humor, “I’m so fucked up. You’ve got to get out. I’m going to drag you down with me. Look at you. You’re sleeping on the couch. I haven’t heard you talk in weeks. You poor thing, have you even eaten?” He sighed, trailing a finger down Dan’s cheek, “Dan, you have to leave me behind.”

Dan felt his eyes water again. He raised a shaky hand again, signing the words, ‘But I love you.’

“Dan you can’t speak to me anymore, look at you, you’re fucking shaking. You’re terrified.” Phil spoke, tears gathering in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Dan, but that’s not love. That’s abuse.”

Tears ran down Dan’s face. He bit his lip, signing ‘don’t make me leave you, please.’ He collapsed against Phil, hugging him tightly.

Phil took a deep breath and wrapped his arms gently around his boyfriend. He pushed aside all the shit that was going on in his mind. Whatever the hell was going on with him, Dan needed him. Dan had needed him for so long.

“Dan, baby, you can’t save me this time. You’re going to have to let me go, love, you are. But tonight…please lay beside me. Let me take care of you. I’ve got you tonight, I promise.” Phil spoke, pushing Dan’s hair out of his eyes, “Don’t be scared. Don’t think. Just lay down with me. If you want.” Phil suggested gently.

Dan smiled a little, clutching onto Phil’s hand. He nodded, tears still falling down his cheeks.

Phil lead Dan to the bed, laying him down in it and tucking him in all nice and cozy. After this Phil retrieved some scented candles to clear the air and a collection of movies to put on. He then went into the bathroom to freshen up so he looked like a normal boyfriend instead of a crazy addict.

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece
And now you’re tearing through the pages and the ink

Phil laid beside Dan in bed and pulled him into his arms. Dan took a deep breath, inhaling Phil’s scent. He smelled just like he used to. Like he’d never relapsed. Wall-E played in the background and Phil held Dan close, whispering to him.

“You’re gorgeous, Dan. I love you, you know.” He mumbled into Dan’s ear. Dan was still shaking so, worried it was because of him, Phil tried to move away, but Dan held tightly onto him.

Phil held his hands tightly, kissing Dan’s head. “I may get a little off the handle but please tell me you know that I would never ever hurt you. Not intentionally. Never physically. No matter what the hell I’m on.” Phil promised, tears collecting silently in his eyes at the thought that Dan might actually be afraid of this.

Dan nodded, offering a small smile. He turned his head to face Phil and hesitantly pressed his lips to Phil’s. He tasted of tooth paste, to Dan’s relief. Phil’s hand moved behind Dan’s head, tangling in his hair as they kissed softly.

Dan felt safer. Not as safe as he used to feel with Phil around, but he was able to relax much more than usual.

Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans

As Phil slept soundly beside Dan, he bit his lip, carefully pulling himself out of Phil’s arms. Dan took a deep breath and pulled open the bedside drawer. Sure enough he found bottles of pills and lighters. He sighed, biting his lip and gathered up the pill bottles. Dan crept into the hallway, finding the closet and hiding the bottles back in there.

Maybe later he’d have Phil’s parents identify them so he knew what they were up against.

Dan climbed back into bed, beside Phil. He reached to grab Phil’s right hand between his, surprised at how cold it was. He held it tightly between both his hands, breathing hot air over it, smiling as he felt it warm up slightly.

Phil cracked open an eye and his hand squeezed Dan’s, as if scared to let it go. Dan squeezed his hand right back and leaned forward to press a kiss to Phil’s forehead. A silent promise that Dan was going nowhere.

And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

Dan situated himself in Phil’s arms, which instantly wrapped tightly around him. He was breathing shakily, clutching Dan tight. Dan could hear him, even though he wasn’t talking. ‘Please don’t leave me. I know you should. I know I told you to, but please don’t. Please don’t leave me.’

Dan nuzzled into his shoulder, hands resting over Phil’s that rested on his stomach. ‘I won’t.’ He replied, wordlessly, 'It’s okay. I’m here. I won’t go. I love you.’

Phil heard him. And he was able to drift off, still holding Dan tightly.

Dan gently pulled himself out of Phil’s arms, careful not to wake his finally peaceful boyfriend. He tread out to the living room, fishing his journal out of the couch. He opened to a new page, reading over what he’d written the night before.

Our colour is blue, now. Not as red as it was. Just blue. Dark blue. I don’t know if I prefer red or blue, honestly. At lease with red there’s…/something/. Blue…it’s just…sadness. Despair. There’s nothing.

Dan began writing beneath it.

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue

Blue isn’t the worst. The worst is grey. Where there’s no anger, no sadness, just emptiness. He’s just a cloud of smoke. He dissipates as soon as I touch him. He’s see through, thin, hardly there. He’s dark and  fragile. That’s the worst.

It’s times like that I can never see him ever being colourful again. He used to be yellow, and purple, and dark red, and green. Now he’s just blue, red, and grey. So grey. Most often grey.

The grey makes me wish for the explosive red, even the despondent dark blue. Anything beats the disgusting, apathetic, grey.

But today when he walked toward me, he didn’t disappear into the air. He solidified. There was a glimmer of pink and he kissed me on the forehead. I saw the pink flicker amongst the grey.


Unable to help myself, I followed the pink as it retreated. I discovered a tiny nook where he had been hiding his colours. I saw flicks of orange: fondness, light blue: gentleness, pink-red: love. It’d been so long, I cried. The colors were so beautiful. As our souls entwined for the first time in a long time, the grey was taken by blue, pink, and light orange.

But the dark blue remained amongst the colours. He’s blue. But that’s better than grey. He’s blue.


You were a vision in the morning when the light came through
I know I’ve only felt religion when I’ve lied with you

Dan awoke in Phil’s soft embrace. A set of lips covered his face in gentle kisses. Dan couldn’t help the smile that washed over his features. Phil’s touches were soft and gentle, just like they’d always used to be.

It was almost as if things were back to normal. Phil smiled gently down at Dan. “Morning gorgeous.” He mumbled, kissing along Dan’s jaw. Dan keened, hands moving to tangle in Phil’s hair.

Dan hummed, pondering voicing a reply. This seemed so comfortable, natural, Dan wasn’t afraid. He opened his mouth to speak. Phil watched intently, wondering if he was finally going to get to hear his boyfriend’s beautiful voice after so long.

When Dan hesitated, so did Phil. Dan was trusting Phil immensely. He never let anyone hear him speak. Phil quickly realized he wasn’t worthy of such trust.

You said you’ll never be forgiven 'til your boys are too
And I’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you

“Don’t.” Phil stopped Dan, who was about to speak. Dan closed his mouth, looking down.

“I don’t deserve it, Dan.” Phil mumbled in explanation, hand resting gently on Dan’s arm. “I’m still fucked up, bear. Last night doesn’t change that. I can’t be what you need. I don’t deserve your trust.”

Dan looked down. As much as he hated listening to the man he loved talk badly about himself, he knew this was true. Dan couldn’t just make himself vulnerable again. Phil had to earn that.

Did that mean Phil didn’t want anymore nights like last night? Was it back to the couch for Dan?


Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans

Dan was just thinking about how long it had been since Phil had been red, when he heard it.

“DAN FUCKING HOWELL, I SWEAR TO FUCK.” Phil hissed, slamming the door to the lounge open.

Dan cowered, sinking into the couch. He tilted his head, eyes wide.

Where. The fuck. Are they?” Phil growled.

Shit. The fucking pills.

He played innocent, giving a confused, wide-eyed look.

“Don’t you fucking play dumb, you useless piece of shit.” Phil snarled, stepping closer. “Show me where the fuck you hid them, you ungrateful slut.”

Dan didn’t dare blink, heart beating fast, breath quickening. He shook his head at Phil’s demand.

“You better rethink that answer.” Phil hissed, hovering over Dan, raising a hand-as if to hit Dan.

And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

It wasn’t until Dan whimpered, bursting into tears, that Phil snapped out of it. He looked over at his raised fist, gaping in disbelief of his own actions. Dan sobbed violently on the couch before him.

He crouched down before Dan, wanting to smack himself hard across the face. Dan was genuinely terrified.

“Dan….oh god…Dan I’m so sorry. Bear, I…I would never. Please don’t be afraid. Oh fuck.” Phil’s voice broke as he tried desperately to fix what he’d just almost done. He reached to touch Dan, to comfort the boy somehow. When Dan flinched away, Phil’s heart could probably be heard cracking. “Dan..please…”

Dan just shook his head, tears streaming down his cheeks as he stared at Phil, horrified. He slowly slid off the couch, not taking his eyes off Phil as he backed away.

And he was running.

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue

Phil listened as the front door was slammed shut. He took a shaky breath, staring where his boyfriend had just been, feeling nauseous.

He ran into the bathroom, leaning over the sink. When his eyes met his own bloodshot ones in the mirror, he felt a tear roll down his cheek. He was so fucking messed up. He did drugs. He smoked. He drank. He terrified his already anxiety-ridden boyfriend, but promised that he loved him.

He lost everything. And for what?

He slammed his fist down on the counter, crying out in anguish. What the hell was wrong with him?! He might’ve lost Dan for good this time.

Everything is blue
Everything is blue

Dan finally collapsed, heaving, beneath a tree in the park. He leaned against the tree, still crying silently.

How had Phil done that to him? After he’d promised Dan he would never hurt him.

He cried. And cried. All alone.

Everything is blue
Everything is blue

Phil collapsed against the wall behind him, sinking to his knees. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he buried his face in his hands.

How could Phil have done that to Dan? After he finally thought he could change for Dan. Be better.

So he cried, and cried. Left alone by the only person who still gave a shit.

You were red and you liked me 'cause I was blue

When Dan met Phil, Phil was just like this. He was a drugee, a smoker, a drunk. He was depressed, lonely. He was angry at the world.

This didn’t stop Dan from falling for Phil at all. And Phil fell quickly for the sad, lonely, anxious boy. They’d fallen for each other at their worst.

You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky

Phil saved Dan when Dan couldn’t save himself. He taught Dan confidence. Showed him the beauty in himself. And with saving Dan, Phil saved himself.

The colours they made were gorgeous. They brought out the best in each other.

And you decided purple just wasn’t for you

Then suddenly Phil couldn’t handle Dan. Didn’t want him. So Phil pushed Dan right back into his shell.

Well Dan wouldn’t let him do this.

Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue    

Phil wiped his eyes, standing. He ran through the house, raiding every secret stash he had. He gathered bags and bags of pills, drugs, cigarettes, and threw it into the dumpster outside. He had to pull through for Dan. Who fucking cares about his damn addictions? He’d die before losing Dan.

Phil didn’t want Dan to change to accommodate him. He wanted Dan to be his perfect self. Phil destroyed Dan. And he hated himself for it.

The cigarettes where all gone too. They’ve messed him up.

Dan deserved more. Dan deserved someone with no addictions, no problems. He deserved someone who could love him like he needed. Phil had to be that again.

Fuck Phil’s problems. Dan was his only priority.

Everything is blue [4x]

Dan took a deep breath, opening the door to his and Phil’s flat.

Before Dan could process anything that was happening, he was in a gentle embrace, a face buried in his neck. Phil sobbed, hugging Dan tightly.

“I-I’m so sorry. I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. God, Dan, I love you.” Phil cried. “I’ll quit. I swear I’ll quit. Everything. I’ll quit everything. I threw it all out. I don’t care. I’ll quit. I’ll stop. I swear. I swear, I will. Just please don’t leave me. Please give me one more chance. I’ll do anything. I can’t lose you, Dan. I- Please, please, please. I love you, please.” Phil rambled, crying into Dan’s shoulder.

Dan took a deep shaky breath. These promises would be hard to keep, but Phil seemed so desperate, maybe he could do it. He pulled back and brushed the hair from Phil’s face, feeling tears fall from his own eyes.

“I love you too,” Dan breathed quietly, “We can do this.”

anonymous asked:

Can you please do some Vanderwood HCs for what he would do for V-Day?

Hell yea I can!! Thank you to whoever keeps requesting these! I love writing for him. It might get a little NSFW-ish not gonna lie. Happy Valentine’s day cuties!


  • I feel like he’s secretly super romantic
  • would literally buy you a taser in your favorite color
  • He thinks it’s a great gift
  • He also would definitely make you your favorite dinner
  • a quiet night at home would be his ideal valentine’s date
  • but like he makes you leave the house for a while first
  • so he can set up for dinner
  • we’re talking candlelit, scattered rose petals, and the best wine he can find. 
  • of course, you come home with a little surprise in store for him
  • not gonna lie, he was a little bitter when you didn’t give him anything for Valentine’s day
  • He’s not mad or anything, just a little salty 
  • it’s definitely in his top five favorite holidays. 
  • but whatever, he mostly just wants to make you happy right?
  • Today is all about love.
  •  boy, was he a little surprised when you started playing footsie with him under the table during dinner
  • and also why were you still wearing your jacket?
  • When he asked, you smirked. 
  • Time to reveal the big surprise!
  • you slowly push out your chair and stand up
  • Then even slower you start to unbutton your jacket
  • he’s a little confused but also really intrigued so he’s just going with it. 
  • When the jacket drops so does his jaw
  • you’re wearing nothing but cheetah print lingerie under the jacket. 
  • Dinner is over
  • I repeat dinner is over
  • boyfriend uses his secret agent muscles to scoop you up real quick
  • off to the bedroom you go!
  • As far as Valentine’s day goes he decides it was his best one yet.
  • Also I know there was a cheetah print negligee in his Christmas HC but tbh I feel like he’s probably a freak for it.