colorfulsims  asked:

Okay then...but last night I was seeing your retroville and some downloads on your blog and I found a lot of these things I was looking for including one remake on lucky palms. Could you give me some tips for retro houses? And tell me what is your favorite things from this time ^^ So I just want to thank you for your attention and help. You are awnsone ^=^

Ok, cool! Some of my tips for retro homes are to base them off real ones of the past, — I love to google search for blueprints of actual 1950’s homes and recreate them to my liking. & I reference —> this site a lot when decorating. Also, Awesims is not only an amazing mid-century CC creator, but a fantastic builder/decorator as well, her site is very awe-inspiring.

One of my favorite things about this era is hands-down — the styling. From the fashion, to the wings on cars, to the kitschy color schemes, to the illustrations & advertising. It’s alot of fun re-creating these elements in my game :0)

Your very welcome, thanks for following & being sweet! <3

colorfulsims  asked:

Hello, i want to say to you that i love your retro things, they are awnsome just perfect! i llove retro very much and i am thinking of try to make my game more closer to these (or maybe a retro remake in lucky palms) anyway...i would like to know if you can tell me where can i find retro things to download. thank you so much

First off, thank-you so much! :0) I’d love to help you find retro CC — but I don’t download from only one site (I find them all over the internet). It would be helpful if you can mention one or two specific items you are interested in - then I can track down the links for you. Thanks again <3