But like imagine Michael as a dad and he would try to get you to bring your daughter to his concerts and he would always convince you to get her colorful tutus that match his current hair color and he’d put those little hair clips with different colored hair in hers and you would walk in on your little girl with hair gel everywhere and her hair spiked up while she said she wanted to be like daddy and Michael would come in and swoop her up into his arms and call her his little punk rock princess

Asking for a favor

Please take a moment to read this post. 

I believe in giving back to the community, of offering a helping hand to those that need it. Every year I’ve run the Chicago Marathon, I’ve run for charity; its a great way to help those programs that reach out to those in need. This year, I am running for “Girls on the Run”.

In the past, I’ve raised over $5,500 over the last two marathons. This year I’d like to hit a goal of $2,000. To help ensure this goal is met, I have rewards for donors!

  • If you donate any amount, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee, beer, or soft drink
  • If I achieve $1,500 in donations, I will wear a rainbow colored tutu for the marathon.
  • If the $2,000 goal is reached, I will shave the mustache. That’s right, I am willing to be clean-shaven for the marathon.
  • The added bonus to reaching the $2,000 goal include seeing my aerodynamic face, me in a tutu, and satisfaction in knowing you’re helping young women develop needed life skills. 
  • For my Tumblr supporters, if I hit the $2,000 mark, in addition to all the things above, I will also wear a picture of Middle and one of Melanie (that one hurt to even type!)

Please join me in assisting this wonderful afterschool program in helping numerous girls discover they can do far more than they think they are capable of. They discover their strengths and confidence through running and completing their first 5K. This program possibly could have helped my niece, Middle, from being so gullible. It certainly could have helped the crazy cat-lady (*COUGH*MelanieTris*COUGH*

Click here to donate

As you find time, please donate, reblog this, tell your friends, tell strangers about my fundraising. 

Many thanks-

Today was a good day.

I had the day off, so I got to relax and play games on my phone in bed for a few hours and hang out with my boyfriend until he had to go to work.

I was supposed to go out with my Oma (grandma), but she wasn’t feeling well and rescheduled for tomorrow night after I get off work.

Went to Starbucks and my work with my mom because I needed a new pair of pants…ended up in the baby section and bought a mint colored dress (with a tutu attached), two pairs of comfy pants (one light grey and one mint), and a light grey sweatshirt that says “little girls are born to be magic” for my niece. I bought them a size bigger since ¾ of the things are better for winter so she can grow into them. 

Now I’m just doing some laundry and listening to music while looking for an anniversary present online for my boyfriend (next week=3 years!!!).

What’s everyone else up to to?

tagged by @the_littlelady for the “what’s in your purse?” challenge - you know i love a fun tag challenge, so here goes!

usually i have a million things in my bag, but i have been using a tiny, cross body bag since we got back from vacation. in it you’ll find:

  • wristlet wallet that sometimes i will take out and use on it’s own (not pictured but inside: money, credit cards, a million rewards cards, insurance cards, njea card, gift cards, license, and peppermint chapstick)
  • key to my mom & dad’s house (i usually clip my own keys to the outside of my bag)
  • front porch lemonade gum, totally weird but enjoyable. an impulse buy with pete over the weekend
  • advil and pepto because, head and tummy preparedness.
  • hand sanitizer (moderate germaphobe status)
  • my favorite mints, mmmm
  • a pen
  • a tube of julep lipstick, i am not usually a lipstick person, but i love this very subtle color (tutu).
  • phone charger
  • pen

funsies! generally my bags are way more full, but you caught me on a light day lol. i tag @mrsseekingbalance, abitofsilliness (possible tummy trouble distraction?), lovecatkel , allalongtheroad, @magicalmissb, & anyone else who wants to join in! if you were already tagged or don’t feel like doing it, clearly, no probz. :]