The Christmas We Never Had [Part 4/13]

I’m collaborating with @jinglesoldier this December to bring you a slightly interconnected daily drabble series from each of us. Taylen will be posting on the odd days and I’ll be posting on the even days of the month until Christmas day, so we hope you’ll enjoy this little present!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 980

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Alice ushered you into the back of the small boutique and handed you each a pile of green and red colored clothing. With one last look at Steve, you retreated into the curtained off dressing room and changed into your work attire.

“How’s it looking, doll?” Steve loudly whispered from the other side.

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Scientists Have Dropped a Penny On a Group of Ants. You Won\\'t Believe What Happened Next!
Professor David Hu, an associate of Georgia Tech explains in this video how normal house ants are both solid-like and liquid-like. These amazing experiments show us how ants in a group behave and change their shape according to their environments and surroundings. It\\'s amazing! source When several ants from the same colony are placed together, they...
Karamatsu shows up in one of his usual outfits

The other bros+most of the fandom: UGH THAT OUTFIT IS SO PAINFUL

Me: This outfit is very aesthetically pleasing to me on many different levels and I love it and I love you Karamatsu.


When I was in University we were reading a book and we discussed a few chapters during one class. One student and then more students were very vehement with what the author was actually saying. When it came to the eventual screaming between students the professor called it to a haunt. He then said.

“Books are written for different reasons, history, fun, learning and more. Sometimes the author doesn’t see the book as the reader does. If a particular idea is not conveyed by the author, then that’s his/her problem. You don’t have to believe everything you read or agree with in the book. Books make you think, dream and question your ideas. Asking the author to agree with your perspective on what they have written is like asking everyone to wear the same color clothes. Without diversity in thought there is no change or movement forward.”

I don’t think everyone agrees with Diana’s perspective on Jamie’s and Geneva’s encounter, but agreement or not, Diana wrote it her way. You get to interpret it your way when you bought the book. It’s your mind that takes what you want from what you read.

I personally don’t care what Diana meant when she wrote any of her books. I never considered them history, as she says they are. I’ve read worse and way better books than what she has written. I enjoyed them. Love Jamie and Claire. After seeing Diana and listening to her I find I dislike her as a person. Same thing with a few other authors. Maybe she is better in private, I don’t know. My opinion.

Keep your own view of the books in your own way. It’s not about the author it’s about you the reader. If Diana wanted other views on her books, she should of written them differently.
Their Small Wedding Wasn’t So Posh, but the Most Heartwarming Ever
There are still kind people out there. Once they realized how unfortunate their situation was, the whole community stood up for the great cause and changed the couple’s life forever. Their Small Wedding Wasn’t So Posh, but the Most Heartwarming Ever Evelyn Adams and David ‘Rocky’ Barlett have learnt that life can be both cruel...

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I’ll be gone for the weekend and I’m not sure if I’ll actually have time to draw since I’ll be hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in months, so I’ll leave you guys with this WIP~