In Case You Forgot How Awesome Pixar Is, Here’s a Supercut Arranged by Color


so for my digital art class we had to scan items and make art with them so i decided to make a tribute to Vera Caslavska! i scanned black and white images of her, colored them, and arranged her with flowers, branches, berries, etc that i found to represent the months she trained in the wilderness before the 1968 Olympics as a result of protesting the Soviet occupation (at the Tokyo Olympics she nabbed FOUR individual titles nbd!) - so here is my tribute to the actual goddess that is mama vera!

My latest artwork, Flowers for You, is a creation I trust will renew your energies. Stay awhile and let refresh you.  At a special limited price, it is available as a print, on canvas, as an acrylic, as greeting cards and also as metal art. It is very engaging as metal art and we have set the base price low to make all the upgrades low too. See 

Sincerely Ray Tapajna


I’m working on a limited palette thing featuring Miriel since her birthday’s the 12th! Here are the super duper roughs (this happens every time I do these).

Which color arrangement do you think should be developed further? 

The left one is closer to her in-game colors, so I tried to switch it up in the right side one. Also the center is very, very boring right now. Any suggestions on how to resolve that? I’m thinking some sort of decorative object..Are there any memorable objects/things you guys remember from support convos with Miriel?

**ALSO I need better references for the Rescue staff…if possible

If it is impossible to stop people from gendering unnecessary shit like colors and arrangements of cloth, then I’m going to take the opposite route and gender fucking EVERYTHING.

Cats are women. Dogs are men. Telephone polls are men but trees are women. Snow is a man. Teacups, apples, chairs, pens, bolts, video games, dryer lint and aluminum are women. Floor tiles, pickles, computers, door jams, the little plastic things on shoelaces, angler fish, and yttrium are men.

Are you a dude and drinking a coke? Well guess what, you are now a homosexual because coca cola is male and Pepsi is female. That’s just how it is now.


*is moved to tears*