“Infusions” photography Cliff Briggie

Cliff Briggie’s technique focuses on photographing the movement in liquids. The consistency of the subject-matter also gives the appearance of dissipating smoke or a gentle satin fabric. Concentrating the colors in different areas creates a subtle transparency that plays with the light source. The mixing colors and swirling compositions make these pieces absolutely mesmerizing.

Source: nmbdesigner


Digital Distortions by Tchmo

These glitchy landscape and cloudscape images are so cool. I love the vivid colours and the glitchy effect in the artist’s work. Tchmo says he draws inspiration from sources as varied as clouds, French culture and the streets of Montreal, Quebec, where he is based. He’s also quite an enigma – all he’ll reveal about himself is that he’s originally from Australia and that he likes to “mash things up”. Gotta love the mystery! Source:marketakrivy