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What I like about Ixalan: the uneven color distribution of factions. It gives me hope for wedge colored factions (and legendaries), since you dont have to build an entire plane around it. What I slightly dislike about Ixalan: the Jace lands. A possible solution: print the lands with and without Jace. Maybe have the Jace lands be a bit rarer. That way everybody is happy, it adds a sense of time to the landscape and people can chase the Jaces.

I don’t get the Jace basic land hate.

We’ve had people show up on basic lands before.

And on most of the pieces, you wouldn’t even know it was Jace had we not told you.

And there are literally over a hundred other basic land choices, including three others in Ixalan, to choose from.

And many people actually enjoy the Jace basic lands.

So come on. There has to be better things to focus your ire on.

Commander’s Toolkit

Clans of Tarkir

Like the shards, the wedges or clans of Tarkir are also three color combinations that have given us some very powerful commanders. I’ve found that there are lot less legendary creatures in the enemy colors than there are in the shards.


Associated Commanders: Anafenza, the Foremost, Daghatar, the Adamant, Doran, the Siege Tower, Ghave, Guru of Spores and Karador, Ghost Chieftan. 

Abzan has some of the most unpleasant commanders to see on the other side of the table. Karador and Ghave being the main ones. Despite this, Abzan contains white and black which gives us some powerful removal, the green and white also give us some of the better token producing abilities which work really well in Ghave. The green obviously gives us access to ramp and enchantment removal which is always needed. Be careful though, Abzan legendaries can sometimes be powerful combo engines, or at least there will probably be some in the deck.


Associated Commanders: Narset, Enlightened Master, Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest, Zedruu, the Greathearted, Numot, the Devastator and Ruhan of the Fomorii.

I don’t use jeskai much, Narset’s overused and Zedruu only really has one deck. Ruhan is interesting, especially in a one-on-one setting. Jeskai has white, which gives us useful tech such as permanent exile, total land destruction and some of the better board wipes. Blue and red give us access to Counterflux among other counter spells. And Red gives us access to some really fun chaotic effects that are good in Ruhan and Zedruu decks.


Associated Commanders: Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, Kaalia of the Vast, Tariel, Reckoner of Souls, Zurgo Helmsmasher and Queen Marchesa

And now we come to my favorite of all the three color combinations, or least the one I seem to use the most. Mardu is very aggressive, having red for haste and additional combat steps. White for Double Strike and Anthem effects and Black to drain the life from your opponents as you’re hitting them in the face. Mardu colors give access to some of my favorite legendaries in the format including Obzedat, Ghost Council, Rakdos, Lord of Riots and Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer.


Associated Commanders: Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, Tasigur, the Golden Fang, The Mimeoplasm, Vorosh, the Hunter and Damia, Sage of Stone. 

I think that before Leovold was banned, Sultai was the most powerful of the combinations if not one of them. Like Esper and Bant, I find that the legendaries in sultai don’ t really have a specific function, with the exception of The Mimeoplasm. Players usually just build a Tasigur or Sidisi deck, but never use the commander, instead they just build a simic or dimir deck that needs a third color for utility. The green/blue make any three color combination powerful, most of the cards banned in this format are in those colors. The ability to ramp and prevent the casting of spells is already powerful enough, without the addition of black to remove threats and keep hands empty… It’s no wonder that sultai is a popular combination.  


Associated Commanders: Animar, Soul of Elements, Riku of Two Reflections, Intet, the Dreamer, Yasova Dragonclaw and Surrak Dragonclaw.  

Temur also has some very powerful commanders, In this case Animar and Riku are the two I see the most. Temur also has the green/blue combination meaning you have to be quick to keep up with a temur deck, especially if it’s animar. The red in temur gives rise to some powerful creatures like Inferno Titan and Kiki Jiki, Mirror Breaker, as well as other powerful effects like Warstorm Surge and Insurrection. Look out for that Craterhoof Behemoth

Snake Skin part 2

He could hardly hear the older man calling out his name as he slammed through the front door of the bar, wood splintering dramatically.

Elizabeth Cooper. She was here, she was in Riverdale, Jesus Christ she was fucking here.

Why was she here? What was she doing back? He had given her up six years ago, he could still remember the way she cried, how she held onto him as he broke her heart. She had begged him
“Don’t do this.” “Please I love you” and he had just stared at her, told her he had to go, it was for the best. He had left his heart on that front porch all those years ago and his chest had been empty since, but hearing her name? Knowing she was here? Something inside of him sparked.

He ripped his cellphone out of his pocket, dialing the familiar number and pulling a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it with shaky fingers

“Yo.” The easy going voice came from the other line

“"Did you know about this? Did you know she was back, that she was in riverdale?” Jughead rushed out, his voice harsh and cold.

“Well hello Jughead, I’m doing great, the weathers beautiful, meet for dinner at Pops tonight? Sure!” Archie Andrews drawled playfully.

“Archie..” Jughead threatened, there was a deep sigh on the other end and Archie answered

“She’s opening a veterinarians office, Polly is having trouble with Rory, it’s been in the works for a while. I couldn’t tell you. I promised.”

Jughead inhaled sharply
“She’s staying?” He whispered.

“Yeah, she’s staying Jug.” Archie answered evenly.

The dark haired boy shut his phone quickly, stubbing the cigarette out with the toe of his boot.

She shouldn’t be here, she was made for bigger things, for better things

“I don’t want anything else, I just want you.”

Jughead winced as her words filled his head, he loved her, more than anything, but he couldn’t be enough for her, he just wasn’t and everyone knew it.

“Who cares what everyone thinks, it’s you and me isn’t it? The way it’s always been.”

“Shut up! Just shut up.” Jughead slammed his fists into the side of his head, trying to quiet the familiar voice in his head, it was always there, when he was doing something particularly dangerous Betty’s sugar sweet voice would wrap around him, consoling him, comforting him, protecting him.

“You alright son?” Jughead whipped around to see Viper standing behind him, the rest of the older Serpents watching him cautiously.

Taking a deep breath and pulling out another cigarette Jughead nodded
“Yeah sure, lets go.”

The mutual nod of the group had Everyone mounting their bikes and driving off towards the north side, driving off towards the one thing that could change his life with the tilt of her lips.

As soon as they arrived at the tiny yellow house right off of River road, Jughead stiffened, it was perfect and quaint and homey and… so Betty.

“You sure this is the place.” The long haired man named Bruce asked from his space in her driveway

“Sure enough.” Viper said nodding towards the door. Jughead stayed behind, nothing could prepare him for what came next.

After rapping on the front door a minute passed and the door opened slowly, the smell of fresh baked cookies and soft giggles came through.
Then she walked through.

Long tan legs in soft cream colored wedges, a perfect pressed white dress covered her curves as soft honey blonde hair fell past her shoulders in flawless waves, her bright green eyes were sparkling and her perfect pink lips were tilted up in a silly smile, she had the familiar two year old boy wrapped up in her arms as he laughed, his shirt was half over his head and he was flailing his arms.

“Can I help you?” Betty adjusted Noah in her arms and raised a brow, a confused smile still on her face.

It seemed her beauty had struck all of the Serpents speechless, finally viper stuttered out

“We uh, we came to check on the boy he’s one of ours.”

Noah buried his face in Betty’s neck
“No! I don’t go back! No!” He whimpered

Betty rubbed his back gently
“It’s okay, you’re not going back, I’m sorry he probably associates you with his parents.” She glanced up and looked at the six men. “Why don’t you come in? I made cookies. We can talk this through.” She stepped back as they all stared blankly.

It was quiet for a few moments and no one moved, until Betty sighed.

“I’m not gonna ask twice, you either come in and eat the darn cookies or you go home" She huffed as they shuffled in, surprised by the sass.

Jughead stepped in last, his eyes connecting with Betty’s as she gasped, gently setting Noah on the ground and staring at Jughead

“Ju..Jughead?” She whispered

“Hey bets.” He whispered back.

Transparents - How I do it

First up: I hate the eraser tool for this. Don’t touch it for transparents.

Ok listen up y’all! Transparents are awesome stuff. I’ve got my own way on doing transparents, but I want to share my techniques (do I sound smart enough yet) with pretty much everyone who wants to see because I kinda dislike most tutorials I’ve seen on here.
This is a Photoshop-based tutorial, I use CS4. Any PS above that works too, not too sure about other programs though.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. Or if you want a video tutorial, idk.

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Could we ever see CMDR sets where the decks aren't necessarily all symmetrical by color (i.e. five wedges), but rather with flavor instead? For example, an old-school theme with mono-W Serra, mono-B Yawgmoth, WUBRG Urza, Grixis Mishra, UW Tawnos.

Anything is possible. We’re always thinking of new ways to make the Commander decks cool.

It Just Happens (6/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language, alcohol consumption

A/N: What happens when you’re Steve Rogers’ assistant, one bad night for the both of you, and you end up at the bar drinking it away. What could go wrong with that?

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You slip from the between the bed sheets, your bare feet padding on the wood floor as you wander down the hall, you lean against the opening of the kitchen, Steve has his back to you he’s leaning over the island reading a paper.

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set design whatttt



Me, @trans-chandra and others have come together to create a fanmade set both to test design skills and overall make a big creative effort for the enjoyment of the community (plus it gives me a lot of help on defining one of my fanwalker’s homes!)

The set (and plane) is named Rhodix, a western-themed plane that features a class tribal element with wedge-colored factions.

Here’s some previews below the cut of some designs we have.

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You made a really cool 3-color shard world and then immediately mashed it up into multicolor soup world. Then you made a really cool 3-color wedge world and then immediately retconned it so it never existed. What does R&D have against 3-color worlds?

It turns out three-color design can’t support a full three-set block.

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Do we have any lore as to where Intet and the other wedge colored dragons are from?

The Wedge Dragons are an alternate timeline’s color-shifted Primeval Dragons. They’re from Planar Chaos, and they don’t exist as anything more than a ‘What If’.

The Primeval Dragons each represent a stage in the Dragon life-cycle and each have a characteristic of The Ur-Dragon.

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Could I get any birthday trivia on Guardian of the Gateless? Or if you don't have any, some nice color pie trivia?

I believe the term “color pie” came about because we kept showing the color wheel with five color wedges and it looked pie-like.

Happy Birthday!