colorful trash cans


#TheSquint for @shipnation

Red is the color of extremes. It’s the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure… The color blue is a popular color… It is a color that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.”

toasty boy with the sparkling peach lemonade ayee


mellivia in 5x15, pencils down
“i guarantee you there is no one on this planet as stubborn and as arrogant and as big a pain in the ass as mellie grant. and yet, somehow, i think she’d make a great president.”

We may be leaving the youngest here at the farm, but–

Before two years are up, we will definitely return. 

And next time, we’ll be taking Phil and the rest of the family. 

So I drew @reylotogo‘s Reygina the anteater (plus bonus unnamed ant) in the Reylo dress!

Please don’t tell me that the style is the exact same as theirs. I KNOW that. I’m not a good artist, nor do I claim to be, nor do I draw a lot. This was just something I did to have fun and participate in the Reylo community.


@musicboxbunny requested a scene from The Sea and Stars Are Yours, My Dear, But the Moon Would Not Cooperate, by the amazing @youreusingcoconuts and if you have not read this delightful fic, I recommend you go fix that!

Inktober #11

Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)