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Tbh I don't think villains exist in the DC Superhero Girls 'verse... I'm half-expecting that when/if Joker shows up, he'll just be a boisterous class clown who needs a sensitivity lesson or two.

Villains do exist in the universe, though a lot of them are more gray than actual evil. I know Killer Croc is a grade A bad guy while Riddler has only broken some laws (for love). Cheetah is, I guess a good person, but she’s a main source of tension to others.

I haven’t seen the full series yet so I could be wrong, but Joker has never been shown or mentioned in this universe. And I think it’s a great idea because Joker doesn’t need to exist in every reality.


Anne S01E01 - Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny

I am determined that I shall be obedient, and dutiful and yet lively enough so as to lighten up the place after you’ve lived for so many years without the delights of a happy child and the scope of her imagination.


Wynonna Earp [rewatch] ♪ 1x03 - Leavin’ On Your Mind

“You have seen a lot of strange things in Purgatory, unnatural things, so I do hope your mind is open.”
“Look, if you’re about to propose a threesome, I’m tired and I haven’t shaved my legs.”