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Performing Rituals: Sacred Space and Circle Casting

When it comes to performing Rituals, many Witches find that one of the most important steps is creating a Sacred Space and/or Casting a Circle. This is my personal take on these things, my word is not law. Do what feels right.

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Sacred Space is simply a space where you perform your magickal work, or spiritual practices. It is a space that makes you feel protected and safe, from both the mundane and the magickal. 

Circle Casting is the act of creating a “bubble” of protective energy around your working space.

For me, Sacred Space and Casting Circles are essentially the same thing. They serve the same basic principle: to section off and protect a magickal working, or spiritual, area. 

Why should I have Sacred Space/Cast a Circle?

There are several reasons why these two things are beneficial. For me personally, it is simple the act of having/creating a special place to do spiritual work that makes me feel “witchy” and gets me in the “witchy” mindset. 

- To protect your spiritual space
- To create a platform for deity worship or invocation.
- To prevent any unwelcome spirits or energy from interfering in your work.
- To create and contain energy for spell work
- To serve as a repetitive motion to relax you and get you in the correct “mindset”

When should I use Sacred Space, or Cast a Circle?

The simple answer is “whenever you feel is appropriate.” The long answer is, “that depends on what your space/circle will be used for.”

For example, if you normally use a circle to help contain the energy you create for a spell, but in this particular ritual you don’t plan on doing any spell work that requires harnessing energy, then a space/circle wouldn’t serve any purpose.

Where should I have my Sacred Space/Cast my Circle?

Wherever you want! Your Sacred Space can be literally anywhere you deem to be sacred. It can be a section of a room that you decorate with spiritual images, or it can be your bed. A circle can be cast anywhere, and it can be any size. If you’d like you can make a circle to cover half your floor, or you can create a circle large enough to cover the entire room.

What is the difference between Sacred Space and Casting a Circle?

To me a Sacred Space is merely a space that you declare to be spiritual. It is a space that serves your spiritual needs. This is a space that never has to be erected to taken down, as it always exists. Circles on the other hand, while they serve the same basic purpose as a Sacred Space, a Circle is formally and ritually cast and taken down before and after each ritual/spell. 

How do I create Sacred Space?

Simply choose where you want your Sacred Space, cleanse it, decorate it, and bam! You’re done. Cleansing can be done in any way you see fit. For instance, you can use do a smoke cleansing, or you can use music and sound to cleanse. Or you can use some Clorox wipes and be done with it.

As long as your area is clean and comfortable, you’re all set.

What do I put it my Sacred Space?

This is going to be an annoying answer: whatever you want. 

- Create an altar (for meditation, for deities, for yourself)
- Hang up pictures and images of symbols that are important to you, or of deities that you worship
- Set out incense or an oil burner
- Hang up personal art or get a little plant buddy.
- Add color by hanging up scarves, setting out throw pillows or blankets
- Get a salt lamp or a tiny water fountain.
- Keep a stack of your spiritual related books or journals
- I personally keep my coffee pot in my Sacred Space

Anything goes when it comes to Sacred Space. Your space reflects you and you alone. Get creative with it. Do as much or as little as you want. Make it comfy and cozy. Make it a little relaxation corner.

How do I Cast a Circle?

That’s a bit of a process, so I’ve written an entire post about it, which you can find over here.

I hope this helps! If anyone would like to share what their Space or Circles look like, I’d love to see them!


The Signs As Autumn Things

Aries: Hot Chocolate

Taurus: Boots

Gemini: Leaves Changing Color

Cancer: Wooly Scarves

Leo: Pumpkin Spice Everything

Virgo: Sweater Weather

Libra: Comfy Clothing

Scorpio: Candles

Sagittarius: Pie

Capricorn: Dark-colored Lipstick/Dark Make-up

Aquarius: Baking

Pisces: Falling Leaves

So, the girl is sitting in a café the color
of coffee and caramel with a pink umbrella
over the table protecting the sun from having
to compete with her sparkling smile and she’s
taking her tea like she takes her men (she says,
with a laugh the shade of summer): sweet
and environmentally friendly, and you’ve got
a ten-ton ball of lead sinking in your stomach
because she is a thousand colors and the boy
walking over with a smirk in his step is just two
and you know she will let herself melt and fade
so she can match his black and white instead.

Here’s the thing about girls who like girls
who like boys: it’s sort of the same way
a magician feels when he tries to pull out
a rabbit from his hat and all he finds is a dove
from the previous trick, white feathers ruffled,
and you’re tugging colorful scarves out of your
sleeves and never quite finding the end and the
audience is laughing in second-hand embarrassment,
the awkward air creeping into your lungs around the edges
and you can’t breathe and she’s laughing and you’re
trying to run but you trip on the rabbit that was
supposed to be your magic trick and the hat goes poof and

This metaphor doesn’t make sense but neither does
the way you feel, tangled up in Gordian knots limb
to limb to limb, reading books about girls who love
girls who are sad about it and girls who love girls who
die for it and girls who love girls who don’t love them
back because what kind of girl loves girls, not an alive
one, not a happy one, not a thousand-color pink-and-green-
and-silver-and-purple girl with a sweet tea smile and a
heart the shape of happiness, so here you are, again,
in a café in a city the color of smoke, going round and
round a carousel and trying to toss coins into a clown’s
mouth but missing every time because some girls are just
too damn pretty to swallow gold and have it mean something.

And this doesn’t mean something. And this isn’t worth anything.
And the girl laughs at a boy and the rabbit runs away,
just like it always does,
just like it always will.
—  abracadabra by m.j. pearl
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-Every time Keith got emotional the ends of his lit up like they were on fire, seeming to ignite the fuse of anger in him a bit more

-The same with Lance, but instead they turned the most amazing evens blue, like his eyes.

-It happened to Shiro too. His white tuft turned a black that seemed to engulf all he color around it.

-Soon enough it happened to everyone with their own respective colors.

-When they felt love towards someone their ends turned the color of the one they loved.

-Keith’s turned black and Shiro’s had turned a fiery red.

-Pidge’s was a mix of their green and Hunk’s yellow, showing the platonic love between them. Hunks was the same as Pidge’s.

-Lance hid his. Ashamed of his colors. The paladins worried about why he did his colors with scarves or temporary hair dye.

-Eventually after a mission Lance’s hair dye had worn off the night before and he forgot. He took off his helmet shaking out his helmet hair.

-Everyone stared in awe of his colors. One part of his tips were a mix of the green,yellow and blue. The other part was a fiery red wrapped around a dark black.

-He was platonically in love with Pidge and Hunk, shown by the mix of all three of their colors. And the intensity of the red and black showing how strongly he had fallen for Keith and Shiro.

-They instantly engulfed him in a hug, their own hair having been turning more and more blue mixed with the others respective color.

-Lance was surprised to see their hair color, eyes wide with awe. Slowly he relaxed into their hugs, thanking whatever god out their that made him a part of this team, this family.

Dating Harry Potter Would Include...

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- Hand holding

- Him buying you unnecessary things ALL the time 

- Like you would have 4 of the same colored scarves, the stripes would just  be in different patterns 

- Sometimes just walking in on him close to tears 

- “Do you want to talk about it?” 

- “Can you just…just hold me?” 

- Lazy afternoons sitting by the window reading while Harry braids your hair 

- Cheering him on in Qudditch games

- Him trying to impress you on his broom, mostly resulting in failure 

- He would teach you how to expertly fly

- Cue Fred and George snickering, “Harry, wish she would you ride you like she rides that broom!”

- Forehead kisses

- You and Ron would be very close, great friends 

- It would bother Harry so much at first 

- “If you’d rather talk to Ron, why don’t you go date him too!?” 

- “Don’t be so bloody, stupid, Potter.” 

- He’d eventually accept it 

- Harry would have a jealousy problem. He’s never known something so loving and solid, and he’ll be damned if that stupid first year who was asking for help undoing a hex is going to snatch you away from him

- Long hugs 

- Laying in the Gryffindor common room late at night cuddled up on the couch when it’s completely dark and vacant and Harry running his fingers through your hair while you watch his glittering Patronus trot around the room 

- I want to elaborate on this because ugh so so cute 

- Harry would guide it over your head ad stuff ad you know how they’re like glittery and glowy and just leave a trail of glitter that just falls away eventually 

- A little would fall on your nose or cheek and you’d giggle and oh god, Harry would just melt 

- The stag would light up the room and you would be able to see the small, loving, A D O R A B L E grin on his face as he watches your eyes light up 

- Idk man it would be such a magical moment and wouldn’t you just love watching this beautiful, glowing deer run around, casting pretty, soft, blue light everywhere just ugh

- Helping Harry with potions and Snape being annoyed when he gets better 

- Exploring Hogwarts and talking about all its secrets 

- He would be obsessively worried about your safety all the time 

- So when he gets the Marauders Map, he’d watch you everywhere

- Malfoy would be such a dick 

- Victory kisses in front of the whole school after won Quidditch games 

- To which, Lee Jordan would respond with a “50, 000 points to Gryffindor!”, receiving a whack on the back of the head from McGonagall 

- Harry would love playing with your hair 

- Being so jealous of Cho most of the time 

- Which ultimately results in giving her a bloody nose 

- Lets ignore how much I hate Cho’s character for a few seconds and just think about this. You’d repeatedly tell this girl that Harry was taken and she needed to mind her own business. She would be so reluctant and wouldn’t listen. And one day, you’d just deck her

- Harry would be so shocked and impressed as he wiped the blood off your bruising knuckles 

- Anyways 

- He’d be clingy; just because he loves you to bits and wants to be constantly by your side 

- Sirius would really like you, even say he saw a lot of Lily in you 

- Harry would be so happy after that. You were the one, he knew it. 

- Writing Harry over the summer 

- Harry giving you winning snitches and you playing with them all the time 

- Giggling about him with Hermione 

- Study dates with him that turn into Harry staring at you while you studied

- Dancing all the time 

- Harry coming in your dorm after quiddich practice groaning about how terrible it was, trying to guilt you into free massages 

- Not having to talk for him to understand what you’re trying to say; you’d have a whole system of facial expressions 

- No secrets, EVER 

- Harry becoming very distracted whenever you’re in a room 

- “Mr. Potter, I will not remind you again that your assignment is on the Vanishing Spell, not the back of Ms. Y/L/N’s head. I recommend you return your attention to the task at hand.”

- Random ‘I love you’s’ 

- Gentleness to am entirely new level 

- He would be so soft- spoken and careful 

- Harry knows what its like to be screamed at and treated poorly and he’d ever want you to feel that way 

- And god, the ONE time he yelled at you, you would cry, and he’d feel terrible and take 3 weeks treating you like a queen trying to make it up to you 

- “You look so beautiful today, princess.” 

- “You’ve told me. Like, seven times.” 

- Hating Umbridge more than the whole school combined because of what that wench did to your wonderful boyfriend 

- Fred and George would definitely call you “Mrs. Potter” 

- And they’d tell the first years (who wouldn’t know any better) to call you that as well 

- Hermione probably wouldn’t like you all that much at first, but eventually she’d come around after seeing how much you and Harry care for each other 

- Guys, Harry would just be such an amazing boyfriend. He’d be overprotective and a little annoying sometimes, but he’d love you more than anything else in the world. 

Iris Cabin Headcanons

-the cabin is octagonal

-the front porch has rocking chairs and a swinging bench

-it also has homemade wind chimes strung up everywhere outside

-the inside has colorful tapestries and scarves hung up on the walls and from the rafters so it feels more like a tent than a cabin

-it’s lit by magical lanterns that don’t give off heat

-it smells subtly of incense

-they have a fountain that they can use to iris message inside (similar to percy)

-they don’t have to pay to iris message (handy on quests)

-they hang up colorful stained glass ornaments on the windows

- a glittering gold mobile hangs like a chandelier from the center of the roof, decorated with pegasi and prisms that cast rainbows

-they fly a rainbow flag from the roof

- if you make fun of rainbows for being “girly” or “gay” they’ll ask you “and what exactly is wrong with either of those things?”, stare you down, and then beat you up

-generally good with pegasi

-good sense of color and aesthetic

- they know all the camp gossip 

-they walk very quietly so they surprise people a lot accidentally 

-some more powerful iris demigods can manipulate light or create light based illusions with false images 

so one day hazel and piper are hanging out in bunker nine with leo when piper gets annoyed at the aBSOLUTE MESS since literally all of his clothes are just thrown on the floor. so she starts picking up some the proper way and goes to hang them in the closet when leo is like wAIT PIPER NO, but she opens the closest anyway and (no leo is not inside but) inside are sweaters, made by hand, perfectly arranged by color, followed by scarves, some hats, and a sewing kit. and piper holds in her laughter because she’s kind of amazed that this klutz can make such beautiful designs with such detail without burning them or anything

“you knit?”

“no! i crochet…”

and she’s literally trying sO HARD NOT TO LAUGH.

“ah, crocheting, very macho.”

buT MEANWHILE HAZEL IS SO EXCITED AND IS LIKE OMG ME TOO AND SHE STARTS COMPLIMENTING LEOS TECHNIQUE AND WANTS HIM TO GIVE HER SOME TIPS so now leo and hazel crochet together every monday at four pm and it’s just the two of them until they find out nico has a secret hobby.

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