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Is there a continuation from that piece where Nadia and Lucio get a gift for Avohkii? tyy

continuation of this piece

“Don’t you want to open it?” Nadia teases. “If you like the paper so much, I’ll send some to your shop for you and Asra to have.” Avohkii nods absentmindedly, undoing the ribbon holding the wrapping paper together.

Lucio watches as Avohkii’s eyes widen at their gift, a white sailcloth with embroidered designs in purple, red, and gold. They ran the material through their fingers, tracing over the embroidered designs with their fingers, eyes sparkling when they recognized the colors.

“Asra had mentioned your old sailcloth ripped,” he says as he plays with the piece of cake on his plate. “We know a merchant who does commission work for cloths, we figured you might like something a little more flashy.”

Avohkii chuckles at that, quickly folding the cloth back up and wrapping it in the paper as they shoot a happy smile to the both of them.

“Thank you,” they whisper, looking away from the both of them in hopes the two don’t see their blush as their hand runs over the smooth cloth once again.

“You’re very welcome, Avohkii,” Nadia says with a radiant smile. “The next time we’re at the docks, we’ll have to see the Lhikan in it’s full glory, won’t we, Lucio?”

“Hm? Oh, yes,” Lucio stutters, hand covering his mouth as he answers Nadia’s question. She raises an eyebrow at him, unsure what made him so closed off…or what had him blushing so.

Behind his hand, Lucio smiled.

This was the first time Avohkii had spoken in front of him.

Still unsure about whether I prefer the idea of him dyeing it red now or using to dye it black then, but, you know… before Horikoshi gives me a definitive answer…