colorful metaphors

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.

Honestly the amount of soft things in st the voyage home cannot be counted.

  • Amanda talking to spock like he’s a kid again, because in some sense he is, and he has to relearn how to deal with his emotions
  • Spock not understanding mccoy’s jokes
  • Kirk and Bones lovingly staring at spock while he puts on his bandana
  • “Let’s not forget where we parked”
  • Uhura and chekov asking about nuclear weapons in the street
  • “I’ll give you $100″ “…is that a lot?”
  • “What does it mean ‘exact change’?”
  • Scotty talking to a computer mouse
  • Concerned, Embarassed Husband James T Kirk watching his hubby swim with two whales in his underwear
  • “They like you very much, but they are not the hell your whales”
  • “Spock, you should stop with the colorful metaphors. You haven’t quite gotten the knack of it”
  • “We like italian” “no” “Yes. I like italian. And so do you” “yes”
  • Bones curing random people while they’re doing an illegal and time sensitive mission
  • “Spock, Jim feels safer about your guesses than about other people’s facts” “Oh. Then I’ll try to make the best guess possible”
  • Jim dragging Spock in the water and playing with him
  • “Do you have a message for your mother?” “Yes. Tell her I feel fine”
  • “My friends, we’ve come home”
The poet warns us from his prison of appearances - trees and thoughts, stones and emotions, days and nights and twilights are all simply metaphors, mere colored ribbons - that the breath which informs matter, shaping it and giving it form, is the same breath that corrodes and withers and defeats it. It is a drama without personae, since all are merely reflections, the various disguises of a suicide who talks to himself in a language of mirrors and echoes, and the mind also is nothing more than a reflection of death, of death in love with itself.
—  Octavio Paz, Labyrinth of Solitude
The Signs as Basic Art Styles
  • Impressionism: Visually-based colors, real-world scenes, feathery textures are common. Paint is sometimes applied thick. - Virgo, Scorpio
  • Expressionism: Emotionally driven colors and distortions of form are common. More concern is placed on conveying an emotion than making the subject look realistic. - Cancer, Taurus, Aries
  • Surrealism: Some real objects, some not. Usually arranged or depicted unnaturally. Irony, metaphors, realistic colors and hallucinations are common subject matter. - Aquarius, Sagittarius
  • Abstraction: Abstraction is identified by distorted, vague, or irregular representations of real objects. Simplified forms and shapes are common. Real and unrealistic colors. - Capricorn, Libra
  • Abstract: Abstract work involves lines, shapes, and colors that don't depict real objects. Work can be messy, clean, feathery, splattered, spilled, accidental. - Pisces, Gemini, Leo

sometimes i’m like “the gangsey are all poc except gansey” bc every single word out of the boy’s mouth is like a fountain of mayonnaise but then i remember all the king stuff and feel really uncomfortable with a bunch of teens of color being the metaphorical servants of a white boy who is metaphorically kingly so like,,, just make them all brown guys glad we had this talk

Let me watch you doing ordinary things
And describe them in the brightest colors
I gonna find metaphors to explain the way you talk
And you’ll maybe find it silly
But you’ll also be surprised
Because no one before ever compared
Your voice to the sound of crashing waves,
Shining in mat gold and silver
(Or maybe someone did and you’ll be like
Fuck, this one’s a writer again -
I’m sorry in this case.
Because then you probably know,
You will never leave my pages.)
I will compare your eyes to a forest
And hopefully you will love listening to my words
Which will sound as I already wrote them down
I will complain about how cheesy I sound
(You will try to deny it -
But honestly, you’ll not be able to.)
And I’ll also complain about how little we know
And how we can’t tell
If this moment
- you, how you see yourself; me, how I see myself -
- your leaf colored eyes, your shimmering voice -
- my hand in your hair -
- my words, everything I ever wrote -
- everything you ever told me -
is real.
How I know my thoughts
And I know about the existence of my own consciousness
But nothing more
And I will say to you that from time to time
I become so scared that it’s all just a dream
That you’re just a dream, a perfect illusion
And that if you’re not real, I don’t wanna know what is
And I will complain even more
I’ll probably tell you that you make me irrational
That I hate being irrational but that I love you
And maybe it’s ok for this one time
I will take you to different places
Coffee shops, art museums
Abandoned train stations
Forests, lakes
Sitting on a blanket watching the sunset
(You will hate me for taking a photograph)
I will ask you about your biggest fears and childhood dreams
And about the things that never really leave your head
And probably I will not let you sleep at two AM
Because there’s so much to talk about
Not only about us but also about the universe
And about things most people would say
They’re a waste of time
Make me sad with every part that you hate about yourself
I will turn it into beautiful inked letters
And maybe you will start to like it, at least a little bit
Your secrets are safe with me
And you can tell me everything (well, you don’t need to)
Because there’s really nothing that could scare me away
But I will be afraid that I’ll scare you away
And please tell me I’m not too much for you
- Well, now we come to the ugly parts.
Guess there’re too many
But don’t worry, you will know them all
Before you tell me for sure you wanna be with me
I really like to give people are warning
Before they get too close
(But I don’t think they ever listen)

Jealous John outed by wallpaper

We all know that the scene in HLV where John displays his totally platonic happiness for his bro Sherl hooking up with hot babe from his wedding is 1000% more green than it has any right to be. 

But really though, this is Jealous John at its finest. The color metaphor is painfully obvious. Green with envy. The already green things in the flat seem to stand out even more, while some things that aren’t green at all appear to be.

The door appears yellow-green and the wallpaper is green. Acid green. 

Here again, you can see the wallpaper is green.

The thing is, though, is that it’s not green at all. It’s blue.

At Sherlocked Con this weekend I went over to Arwel’s tabel to check out the wallpaper, and they had some squares of it. It is really very blue. In this gif when he says “Higgins?” you can see the wallpaper and how blue it is.

They would have to VERY intentionally make it green. I asked one of the guys there where in the flat it was used, and he said in the hallway by the bathroom. I pointed out this scene in HLV, and he said that was the decision of the lighting director. As we know, everything in this show is deliberate. The amount of work that has to go into an incredibly short amount of time means that every decision has to count. They wouldn’t go through the trouble of bathing that hallway in yellow light for nothing. In short, Jealous John is canon and they want us all to know that.

blueemelancholia  asked:

Hi Rose! I love your name :) I'm still so in love with my ex girlfriend and it's very painful. Will I get over her? Thank you~

Hi there! Thank you, I like it too 😉 I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling. 

I drew the 8 of Swords.

“The woman in the card is restrained and trapped, and indicates that she feels like there is no way out. But these feelings of helplessness are actually one that is caused by a belief in one’s own victimization.”

I’d take this to mean that you remain stuck because you tell yourself you’re stuck, if that makes sense? Try to actively not think of her (I know this is incredibly difficult), and when you do feel nostalgic, be sure you’re remembering things as they really happened, not through metaphorical rose-colored glasses. (I swear I didn’t mean to make that pun, but it’s too good to change it now, haha)

Wishing you the best of luck, darling!


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As always, your reading is free, but if you’re feeling generous I have set up a tip jar. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU and 50% will be saved for my move to NH in May. Thank you for your question, I hope this has helped!

With the half colors of quarter-things,
The slightly brighter sky, the melting clouds,
The single bird, the obscure moon—

The obscure moon lighting an obscure world
Of things that would never be quite expressed,
Where you yourself were never quite yourself
And did not want nor have to be,

Wallace Stevens, from “The Motive for Metaphor,” The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens (Vintage Books, 1990)

Saul Goodman is an enabler of murder and mayhem wrapped in a rainbow.

In Better Call Saul, “color” is a metaphor for Jimmy’s antics and individuality, but it’s also clear that where all that leads is crime. Therefore, there is the gorgeously complicated symbolism of color and rainbows meaning both fun and freedom and self-expression and hustle, but also illegality. Jimmy finds deep joy in not following the rules; in feeling like he can escape the bleak frustrations of the world. He wants to transcend all that, and he wants to take Kim with him, to have her at his side. He doesn’t just want her to be his woman at the end of the day, but his literal partner in crime. Being “colorful” is about a hell of a lot more than “wolves” and “sheep” to him. For Jimmy, his “color” is very much about saying “no” to an oppressive and unfair world. 

But what ends up happening of course, and the tragedy of Jimmy McGill, is that his rainbow ends up as a form of terrible camouflage and denial. His color—the suits, the humor, the bravado—ends up as the bright packaging on the dark truth of his life, which is that Walter White probably would have never become Heisenberg if it weren’t for Saul Goodman’s help and connections.

The dual meaning of color—happiness and crime—is so beautifully illustrated in that office that he gets with Kim at the end of season 2. There’s a literal rainbow painted on the wall. He’s used his colorful tactics to make her dream come true of landing the big client. They’re standing in their pot of gold. But almost every frame is littered with dentist’s chairs: symbols of quotidian torture.  We’re told that the walls are soundproof—an ominous nod to what might happen within them down the road.

The fact that this show has made a fucking rainbow into a symbol at all is such a bold move in and of itself. But to make it stand in for the deep connection between its two protagonists, Jimmy and Kim, and also what will lead to Jimmy/Saul’s ultimate downfall … suggests tragedy on the level of what one would expect from the creators of Breaking Bad.

Can we stop thinking of feminism as just one uniform way of thinking? As though there are a series of bulletpoints that you have to check off to be a feminist? Can we stop treating feminism as though it’s simply a badge that looks the same as everyone else’s, like fuck no, feminism is an armor that can be different for each one of us. 

You want that light armor that allows for maneuverability and is for the quick and the clever roguish feminist? 


You want the heavy armor made out of steel that allows you to crash through your enemies like the warrior you are? 


And you know what? All of it is valid. All except the kind of armor that only fits one type of woman and doesn’t cover the vital stuff. 

Like this shit

Other than that, you’re solid.