colorful lollipops

It’s “Hello My Kittyland” for #ThrowbackThursday! 😄 I found a stash of these prints in my print drawers and I’m going to bring them to Rome for the Roma Cartoon Festival next week June 23rd-25th. 😊✨ Butmy goodness how I love Hello Kitty! 💖🐱🎀 I painted this for Sanrio years ago and now the original is hanging in their offices. 🖼✨ How cool is that? 😁 I think I screamed like a teen at a Bieber concert when I heard the news!😆 I also squealed when I went to Japan and visited Hello Kitty Land, oh mamma it was magical. ✨✨ Hilarious too since I was all alone in Japan at the time and was the only single person in the entire HK Land…😶I got some funny stares but I didn’t care I was in heaven! 😝😄 This girl doesn’t need a date or a kid to enjoy herself at an amusement park just need my inner child! 😜💗

   Dear Connor​ Franta!
I want to tell you something. One day a men said: “You are gonna be fine. I know it’s scary but don’t be afraid -, you are who you are and you should love that person.” And then when I heard it, I felt in my heart oh wow, it’s time to be you again! Well, I’m absolute not a homosexual person, but when I seen your coming out video and I listened your words you got me. Long time ago was really fine, my friends, my thought, my mind and all my life because I was fine too. But this times not really. It lasted few years and now I feel much better. See your photos getting me much better. Hear your voice getting me safety. You gave me faith, happiness and smile on my face, what was nobody else can’t reach.
   Now I already know who I am, who I want to be and I’m not afraid.

Thank you everything!
(Henrietta Hati from Hungary)