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When I said I became obsessed with african flower stitches, I really meant it lol. So here are two blankets that I made, one for my mom, and the other for my (hopefully) future mother in law who is battling cancer.


I started this jumper in early June 2016 with the plan to have it finished by Halloween 2016. I slowly made progress on it (it is my second colour work jumper) and had set my hopes high. The only problem was that it took so much concentration that when it came to my post work knitting time I always gravitated to something I could knit that required zero concentration. So, this bad boy got left on the back burner a few times. But FINALLY last week I finished it. I’m so happy I did and sorry this post is so long.

If anyone is interested in having one of these knitted, send me a message on here or Instagram or etsy.

@ theknitteddingo (Instagram)