colorful jumping spider

If any of you remember Marvel Productions/Sunbow, then some of you remember this logo. Yeah, this logo featuring the animated silver colored Spider-Man, jumping down and crawling onto the MP logo was FUCKING TERRIFYING for me as a child… Such damn nightmare fuel. I’m genuinely curious as to who found this terrifying as a child, and still finds this quite disturbing to just watch.


The most common genus of jumping spiders is Phidippus. A large, hairy and colorful species that can grow to an average of 10 mm. long though some species reach up to  15 mm in length. A common species in this genus is the Bold Jumper (Phidippus audax, pictured) a large black spider with white marking that are usually seen in gardens and around flowers


4/12/15                 Spider of the Day

Salticidae (Jumping Spiders)- Pelegrina proterva immature  Female 4mm

Habitat: Often found in dense shrubs near wooded lots.

Life Cycle : Both sexes have identical markings until the male reaches subadult stage and becomes just slightly darker.

Cleptoparasitic behavior was observed in one adult male, carefully clipping food from the web of an unidentified sheetweb spider.

These Jumpers can take on a green color as they mature.