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im nb but i like to appear masculine and i use he/him pronouns (and they/them too). i want to paint my nails but everytime i have them painted i feel anxious and like i dont pass. do u have any tips on feeling masculine while having femme features like nail paint? i want to pass

Lee says:

There’s a lot going on in this ask, so I’m going to break it down.

1) You want to pass as a guy

2) You want to wear nail polish

  • Maybe you could try painting your toenails if you want to paint your nails but you don’t want people to see them?
  • You could also use clear nail polish because it’s less noticeable.
  • You could just wear colored polish on your finger nails, and accept that some people might gender you based on that because they’re uninformed or unaccepting (even though anyone can wear nail polish regardless of their gender)

3) You feel anxious when you wear nail polish because you worry it’ll prevent you from passing

  • If you are passing as a guy, then it’s more about addressing and confronting your anxiety, because clearly you’re passing anyway so it’s an unfounded concern
  • If you want to pass as a guy and are struggling to do so, you might have to choose between painting your nails and passing if you are able to pass without painted nails
  • If you’re passing at the same rate with or without painted nails, then you can recognize that the nails aren’t making or breaking your passing

4) You want to feel masculine while doing something typically considered feminine

they say

“there’s a whole lot

of yellow

in that girl”

they say

“she sees the world

in a honey gold

in a canary yellow”

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

for the fire in her eyes

that they mistook

for starlight

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

for all the shades of yellow

a room becomes

when she enters

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

for all the shades of yellow

they see in her

yellows like summer

yellows like

fresh lemonade

buttercups in full bloom

pineapple ice cream

banana milkshakes

bubbling laughter

bright lights on carnival rides

bare bulbs in new apartments

sunflower-colored nails

fingers intertwined


distant stars

summer nights

slowly falling in love

waking to tangled sheets

early morning sunlight through the curtains

yellow like

the kind of love

that can only bloom

in summer

the kind of

polaroid camera


one hit wonder


bright yellow dandelions

growing through cracks

in a sidewalk


drawings done in chalk

on a driveway

just before it rains


the kind of love

that thrives

in the summer

but that’s never meant

to survive the cold

that winter

and time

inevitably bring

cold that turns the world

into new shades of yellow

yellows like

lit cigarettes

happy windows from the outside

perfectly hung christmas lights

in polished houses passing for homes

lonely street lights

near bus stops

where people are sitting

but they aren’t waiting for anything

yellows like

half-empty bottles of beer

pills that can make people forget

bruises so nasty

that even the nurses shudder

old threadbare blankets and sweaters

that can’t stand up to the winds anymore

taxis that splash grey-colored

half-melted snow

onto bystanders

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

and they pity her

because the sun is just a star

and a star is just a flame

and flames burn out

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

because the sun

is the only thing

that burns as bright as she does

and they pity her

because fire is greedy

it takes and it takes

until everything it can reach

is ash

because fire is greedy

it burns and it burns

until it runs out of fuel

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

because all she knows is fire

and she can’t stop burning

they say

“her love tastes

a lot like gasoline”

they say

“every time she falls

she burns the city

to the ground”

they say

“as the years past

as she got older

she turned into

different shades of yellow”

every times she falls

she sets her world on fire

and the flames turn the sky

into a dangerous

kind of yellow

into a terrified

kind of yellow

but the smoke

turns everything into

a suffocating grey

choking out the sunshine

grey mixes with yellow

until everything is

mustard and sulfur

until everything is

stinging eyes

and coughing

and running out of oxygen

until the city stops burning

and the yellow flames are dead

and everything is grey

everything is burnt


turned to ash

the smoke is still staining the sky

and the sun is nowhere to be found

but then the smoke clears

and the sun

is still burning

and the girl

is still yellow

but it is different now

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

because the sun can be kind

because the sun can be cruel

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

but sometimes

the sun sets

they pity her

because at night

there is nothing about her

that reminds anyone of sunshine

yet she is still made of yellows

yellows like



the man in the moon

bugs flying too close and getting burned

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

for the way her smile

can warm a soul

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

for the energy that surrounds her

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

because the world

couldn’t survive

without her

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

because it hurts

to watch her in flames

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

because standing too close

means getting burned

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

because everything about her

is yellow and gold

but she leaves behind so much grey

they say

“a girl like that

cannot exist

for more than a moment

in a world like this”

they say

“the universe

made a mistake

when it put her

on earth”

they say

“it must have been prometheus

for he is the only deity

who would share

such a beautiful flame

with mankind”

they say

“anyone who falls in love with her

must be icarus

for she is the sun

but she will make them feel

as though they could fly”

they call her

a sunshine sort of girl

and it is meant to be a warning

—  “this is about marigolds, not dandelions” – sadie a 
Vlad - Gods VS Monsters Part 1

After I was back to life, if you could call this life. I went back to my castle, to see my son being crowned king. I hated that I couldn’t be there for him anymore, but this darkness, this monster I have became, I couldn’t have it around him. So I stayed in the shadows, watching him grow up to a good man, a better man than I ever was. He was a kind and just king, I was proud of the man my son became.

After a few centuries past, I watch my family line continue to flourish. Even though I had them, my heart, my lifeless heart still ache for the lost of my beloved wife, Mirena. How I miss her smile, her laugh, her touch, her love.

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With a heavy heart, I thought it would be best to leave Romania for awhile. Just so I could tempt to move on with this life that I’ve been curse with. I decided to go to London and visit the sites. I always wanted to go there ever since I heard of William Shakespeare. I thought perhaps I could catch one of his plays they were showing. So I pack my bags and took off to London, I took off to a start a new life, a new life, I never expected to find.

Vlad - Gods VS Monsters Part 1

When I landed in London, it was cloudy and getting dark. I check into my hotel and dropped off my bags. I decided to go for walk and get familiar with this new land. London was so much different from Romania, it was elegit, modern and old fashion rolled up into one. I quite enjoy this place, though I still wish Mirena was with me.

I let out a sigh, as I walked down to a local market area. I looked at the vendors they had, as everyone walked around chatting. Then, someone caught my eye, a young woman with long raven hair and pale skin. She looked over at me and gave me a small smile. I gave her a smile small in return, as I got lost in her beauty and her dark brown eyes. 

She nodded her head at me and turned around. As she walked off into the crowd, a small breeze picked up, blowing through those long locks of hers. I took a deep breath and I smelled her scent, a scent I never smelled before. I started following her through the crowd as I tried to figure out her scent. It wasn’t human nor was it like mine. What was it? What is she?

She turned down an alleyway as I got closer to her. Then I started smell a different scent and there was several of them. This one wasn’t human either, wasn’t like mine, or hers. What is this scent? My question was answer when two large beast and a man dropped down from the rooftops, landing between me and the young woman. The man took off his jacket as he started to growl at me, then he begin to turn, into the beasts that stood next to him.

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“Why are you following me, Vampire?” I turned behind me and there stood the young woman. “Answer me Vampire. Why are you following me? Do you have a coral with me as will?

“My lady, I have no coral with you.“ I said, stepping towards her. “I was merely curious about you when I smelled your scent. My apologizes my lady.” I slightly bow my head. “Please forgive me for my rudeness.”

“My lady?” She said and I looked up at her. “Where are you from?.”

“A long away from here.” I said, smiling at her.

“He must be quite old as well.” I looked over at a man that was walking over to us. “Maybe as old as me.” He offer his hand to me. “I’m Lucian”

“Vlad.” I said, shaking his hand and I could feel the heat coming off his hand, even through my glove. “I don’t mean to prey Lucian, but what are you?” I let his go hand and look over at the creature behind me as the took the form of men again.

“What? Never seen a Lycan before?” Lucian said, with a small chuckle.

“I’m afraid not.” I said, turning back to him as a serious look came across his face.

“Never seen a Lycan?” Lucian said, turning his head to the young woman.

“Next he’s going to say he never seen another vampire before.” Making the men behind me chuckle.

“No I haven’t” I said, they all stopped laughing, as Lucian looked back at me. “The only vampire I ever met was the one that created me, that was decades ago.”

“Vlad.” The young woman said, walking up to me. “Are you speaking the truth? You don’t have a coven you belong to?”

“A coven?” I said, rising my eyebrow. “I’m sorry my lady, but I do not belong to a coven. I’m afraid I don’t even know what that means. I’ve been in Romania my whole human life and this life. Today is the first day I’ve been out of my homelands.” I stepped closer and I can feel the men behind stepping closer as well. “I sure you my lady, I’m speaking the truth. Though it sounds arrogant and naïve, its’ the truth.”

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She stepped closer to me and put her hand out for mine. I place my hand in hers and she remove my glove. She held out her finger, I could see her nail grew. She cut my finger and took a drop of the blood from it, placing it on the tip of her tongue. I looked at her with a confuse look and  I saw her eyes turning red.

She had a blank expression on her face, as she looked at me. It looked like she was looking right through me. Slowing her eyes turned back to a dark brown and she blinked several times, as if she was regaining focus.

“So much pain.” She whisper as she let go of my hand and handed me my glove. She turned to Lucian and nodded her head. “He speaks the truth grandfather.” She turned back towards me and stepped closer. “I’m sorry about your wife Mirene, she was truly an amazing woman.”

Thank you, my lady. But, how do you know of my wife?” I said, in a small voice.

“Your blood, it contains your memories. Vampires and Lycans can access someone’s memory through their blood.” She said, slightly bowing her head. “I’m sorry for my behavior Vlad.” She looked back up at me. “I’m use to vampires wanting to kill me when they see me.”

“Why would they want to kill you my lady?” I said, as she looked over at Lucian, who nodded at her and then she turned back to me.

“Because, I am the first of my kind.” She said, as she begin to change. Her skin darken, to almost a pale blueish color. Her lips and finger nails turned black, then her eyes. They turn black and a bright blue, they were absolutely beautiful.

“I’m a hybrid, half Vampire, half Lycan. Immune to silver and sunlight, the moon and sun hold no sway over me. I’m stronger and faster, than both of the species. Vampires call me an abomination. Lycans call me their salivation. But you can call me, Adelaide.”

Vlad - Gods VS Monsters Part 2

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