colorful crayon pencils

Would You Rather: Stuffies & Toys Edition

🐒Plushies or Dolls/Action figures

🏨Foam blocks or legos?

🐱Kitty stuffie or Puppy Stuffie?

🚗Cars or Trucks?

🌟Playdoh or Kinetic Sand?

🎆Chalk or Bubbles?

👸Princesses or Fairies?

👮Super Heros or Villians?

🌈Colorful Rings or Colorful Piano?

🍳Kitchen play set or Construction play set?

💦Water Sprinkler or Water Slide?

🐲Dragon Stuffie or Dinosaur Stuffie?

🚼Cabbage Patch Kid or Baby Alive?

🐯Tiger Stuffie or Lion stuffie?

🐻Teddy Bear Stuffie or Panda Bear stuffie?

✏Crayons or Color Pencils?

🔱Capes or Magic Wands?

🔐Plastic Keys or Rattles?

🐨Lamby Stuffie or Kola Stuffies?

🎩Crowns or Hats?

I got this idea when shopping for my cousin’s birthday and could not decided between Mickey Mouse or Paw Patrol.

Also I tried to make this as gender friendly as possibly so I hope it fits!

🌸Please don’t delete my caption🌸

💮Antis please do not interact💮