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I wanted… to die. I thought I had to apologize to Mom… But… I couldn’t do it. I wondered… what you guys would think if I died. I thought something fun might be in store for tomorrow, too. I thought, “I don’t want to die yet!

  • Universos infinitos: Mundos que van a estallar si mi vida es la apuesta. Y yo ya no puedo hacer más si este más siempre resta
  • La niña imantada: Los días sin ti serían precipicios. No hay manera humana de escapar.
  • Noches reversibles: ¿No ves que si hemos perdido hemos ganado historias que contar? Más que algunos tienen.
  • Los colores de una sombra: Te he dedicado líneas sin sentido, líneas que sin puntos son abismos, te podrías asomar.
  • Un día en el parque: Si de todos mis delirios y mis cuentos sólo el tuyo ha mejorado el argumento.
  • Villancico para mi cuñado Fernando: Porque te acabas de buscar la ruina y me da igual que sea Navidad, con hilo dental pienso hacerte la circuncisión.
  • Shiwa:  Mira como bailan, sandalia aquí, sandalia allá, soy un hombre nuevo, un renacido, un gran Jedai. Me siento tan ah, ah, ah, es como un gran ah, ah, ah.
  • Me amo: Hoy voy a decirlo: ¡cómo me amo! Y tú ya no puedes hacerme daño. Soy un ser divino, ven a adorarme. ¡Qué buena suerte amarme tanto!
  • Historia de una hache que no quería ser muda: Recuerdo que te dije: soy un caso extraño, tan fácil y tan simple y no sé expresarlo.
  • La parábola del tonto: He tirado bolsas llenas de ansiedad y aquellos defectos que uno guarda por guardar. Ya no sé quien soy, tan sólo sé que hay más luz de lo habitual.
  • Dios por dios es cuatro: Nos encantan las mentiras si están dichas de verdad.

Mis partes favoritas de cuentos chinos para niños del Japón de Love Of Lesbian. 

RFA: Walks In To Zen’s Shower

[Warning: May contain spoilers, read at own risk]

I elaborated all the point-form scribbles from random scribbles that I typed in my notepad awhile back. Here’s RFA members + V + Saeran’s reaction with MC as Zen’s S/O. It’s my first attempt, hope you guys like it! - Mod Yoo.

The RFA is having a post-celebration for yet another successful fundraiser party from the night before. This time it’s Jumin’s turn to be the host. As expected of the corporate heir, he had already hired some of the country’s top culinary professionals as the occasion’s personal chefs, to collaborate with his private chef to serve up a special luncheon. Halfway through the luncheon, Saeyoung “accidentally” spilled not 1 but 2 cans of Dr. Pepper (he brought a carton over, very surprising) that he furiously shook in an attempt to prank Yoosung, who somehow manage to pull off a quick dodge since boy plays sports, and the drinks unloads ALL onto Zen’s back, he didn’t anticipate it cos he’s busy feeding MC. Saeyoung let out a quick yelp and took off running after Yoosung while Saeran ponders about having such a dorky twin. Groaning with frustration, Zen is left with no choice but a bath to get rid of the sticky, sugary mess he’s in. “Feel free to utilize one of my guest bathroom, it’s all yours.” Jumin said sniggering but continued: “I’ll have Driver Kim get a new set of clothes, it shall be ready by the time you’re done cleaning up.” Barely able to keep himself from yelling at Saeyoung and Jumin, Zen mutters quiet thanks and excuses himself from MC to go in for a shower. *Personally, I feel like Zen would be the type of guy that takes long bath, to ensure every inch of his perfect skin is taken care of; plus, he’d totally make full use of those luxurious products simply laid out in Jumin’s guest bathroom.*

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Ok, something strange happened

I chose a hair color from the Jamon’s clothes (from the event) and when I brought a new one from the mall I noticed that it was written that I have 1/41 of the hairstyle, not 2/41

The hair color it’s this one (look up) and it’s look like the color that Chino have said that it wasn’t suposed to be here  so soon (It was a long time ago, don’t remember when)

Sunday Night — New year at Mexico City Chinatown, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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Magia. Fotografías análogas que tomé durante el viaje más reciente que hicimos dentro de Colombia, con la aparición especial de juan&diego y axel. <3

Magic(Analogue photography from my recent travel inside Colombia with the special appearance of juan&diego and Axel as two of my favorite people in the whole world <3)


Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

AU: Modern, non-magical Starbucks AU; alternatively, this one

Word Count: 472

Written For: takeupserpents + a continuation of this

Bill Weasley didn’t mind helping out at the twins’ coffee shop on his days off. 

He took the afternoon shifts and got to hang out with Ginny and lazily make lattes and sometimes use an industrial-sized blender that was wicked fucking loud and there was a pretty French girl who came in for strawberry lemonades who he liked to flirt with and it was fun, really–not too bad as far as favors for the twins went.


It had been not too bad–until They had started coming in together.

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Because I'm A Wild Animal: Affordable Wes Anderson Inspired Looks II

Damn, coming up with Wes Anderson looks is harder than I thought. When it comes to the costuming in Wes Anderson movies it’s always very specific and in many cases custom made. What you’ll also notice is that if an outfit is a bit more traditional, let’s say a blazer and trousers for instance, it has very specific details that can make it harder to replicate or even catch the vibe for. Because the outfit (like most of Anderson’s work) is defined by the details. So this is my attempt going forward. This is what I can throw together based on what’s currently in my closet.

Mr. Bunce from The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sport Coat: Topman ($110)
Shirt: H&M ($25)
Knit Tie: J Crew Factory ($15)
Chinos: Levi’s 511 Trousers ($45)
Boots: Jeffrey Tyler ($75)
Watch: Momentum Square One ($200)
Belt: J Crew Factory ($15)

Total : $485($285 without the watch.)

Whole lot of earth tones in the Fantastic Mister Fox. I actually don’t really wear that much brown so this was a pretty difficult movie to put together. I’m going to watch it again soon so I may come up with another look from that later.

(Not Really) A Fantastic Mr Fox Look

Jacket: J Crew Factory ($50)
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren ($40)
Shirt: H&M ($15)
Herringbone Tie: H&M ($25)
Jeans: J Crew Factory Driggs ($45)
Boots: Steve Madden ($150)
Watch: Orient Ray ($150)
Sunglasses: $10

Total: $485 ($335 without the watch)

So this is not really based on a specific outfit from the film. It’s more based on the overall feel. But I think it has the color palette and textures to fit into the movie. I can see one of the characters possibly wearing something like this.

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Summer Stroll

In Casual Leather Lace-ups

So I think I found my new favorite shoe. Although, you’ll usually catch me in a pair of sneakers during the summer, I’m switching it up in a pair of leather derby shoes from Frank Wright. To be honest, they’re just as comfortable as any sneakers I own, not to mention that the light color and contrast sole make them the perfect casual laceup to go with either jeans or chinos. For this outfit I paired them with patchwork jeans and a printed button down for a playful and relaxed summer look, but they could just as easily be paired with colored chinos and a tucked in tee for something a little more casually sophisticated. How do you like to wear your casual dress shoes in the summer?


Frank Wright Shoes // Five Four Club x Mark McNairy Shirt // Urban Outfitters Hat // Koto (Similar) Jeans