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Actually, YES! My girlfriend for our first Christmas together put together for me many different types of salts and chemicals that, when mixed in water and having the logs have a heavy soak in them, would cause those logs (once dry of course) to burn different colors! I'm not sure of exactly what we used, but we had a fourth of July themed bonfire once July rolled around!

That sounds absolutely lovely! Thanks for confirming it then! I am ready! >:3c
All Your Colors Start To Burn - CouldBeBlue - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: SKAM (TV)
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Relationships: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen
Characters: Even Bech Næsheim, Isak Valtersen, Sana Bakkoush, Eskild Tryggvason, Vilde Hellerud Lien, Eva Kviig Mohn, Noora Amalie Sætre, Linn Larsen Hansen, Jonas Noah Vasquez, Mahdi Disi, Magnus Fossbakken
Additional Tags: Even is an art student, Isak is a lazy uni student, Eskild is a meddler forever, more tags to come, Fluff, Maybe angst, maybe smut, who knows!

“You want me to model naked for your friend’s class?”

Eskild claps his hands, “Yes! That’s exactly what it is!”

(alternatively, Isak is behind on his rent and ends up being the nude model for UiO’s art class. Even happens to be a student.)


Good to see you.

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, Hannibal - Dolce (S03E06)

By request of @daetsis-burning-starfire

The signs as colors

Aries: the burning orange of a sunset, red converse shoes, sunflowers on a summer day, the light coming through the windows on a warm afternoon, citrus peels

Taurus: long green grass blowing in the wind, blush, rose wine, the light coming through the trees in spring, clover patches in the park, mint and chocolate

Gemini: the faded tan of old books, the soft tones a candle gives off in a dark room, lemonade, sidewalk chalk, khaki overalls, a rubber duck, key lime pie, bees on flowers

Cancer: honey, pearls and silk, the patchwork of colors on an old quilt, daisies, the warm tan of fresh bread, baby’s breath and lavender, vanilla bean ice cream

Leo: the gold of a sunrise, a bonfire at night, ginger ale, when the leaves are changing colors as fall is coming, sparklers, glitter, bloody noses and smiles, confetti on the dancefloor  

Virgo: aloe and cucumber, iced tea, dusty evening skies, mahogany tables, old coffee mugs as the thrift store, softly scented lotion, lilacs, sheer pale window curtains in the breeze

Libra: hazy gold framed artwork, creamy silk pajamas, light washed jeans and a soft pink cardigan, honeydew melons, bubble tea, fairy lights, tan sketchbook paper and white ink

Scorpio: the green and purple of the sky just before a storm hits, neon lights on wet asphalt, undereye circles, coffee and cigarettes, band t-shirts, sour gummy worms, the night sky when there is no other light than the stars and moon

Sagittarius: cranberry juice, hello kitty bandaids on scraped knees, carousel lights, old stains, your favorite plaid shirt, cherries on a picnic blanket, the two minutes before and after the sun goes down

Capricorn: the swirls as cream and coffee mix together, the light coming into a dusty room, an old journal, the faded bench by the river trail, toffee and almonds, a big sweater 

Aquarius: midday sky with puffy little clouds in it, the color of a swimming pool, the glow of a computer screen, Mountain Dew Voltage, saturday morning cartoons, primary colors

Pisces: Monet lily pads, saltwater taffy and cotton candy, old paint palettes, wildflowers, tumbled chrysocolla and labradorite gems, sunsets on the river, dewey moss, bathbombs


RWBY + first and last shots all together in each season

                                                                      [  Ruby  |  Weiss  |  Blake  |  Yang  ]

So I’ve decided to go through my old art I made a few years ago, touch up the photos and start posting them to my page here. We’ll start off with one of my favorites, and the best paintings I’ve done, “The Smell of Pitch”. It’s a triptych of the same image of one of the best characters from my favorite franchises, Joshua Graham from Fallout: New Vegas. I sorta went wild with the color scheme and kept the background solid black to make everything more vibrant, and I still love how they came out, got em’ hanging on my bedroom wall right now. Hope Fallout fans get a kick out of this, look forward to more of my archived art in the near future(spoiler alert, it starts going downhill fast).