colorful bandeau

AHHH thanks so much for tagging me Bishop! >w< 

So I was tagged by @themasquedfox let’s do this :O

rules: answer the questions with the first letter of your name, then tag 10 people. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice

what is your name: Beck! :3

a four-letter word: Babe

a boy’s name: Brandon

an occupation: Businessman?? Or business…woman?

something you wear: Bandeau 

a color: Brown

a food: Biscotti

a place: Bali

something you shout: BOO!

a movie title: Bad Santa lmaooo

something you drink: Bubble tea

an animal: Barracuda 

a type of car: Bugatti 

title of a song: Breakeven (by The Script)

Too lazy to tag anyone, but thanks so. much for the tag luv! Anyone who wants to do this, you totally should cuz it’s fun!! :D

So this started out as me writing a note for myself to remember to draw my ideas for Tikki and Plagg in Starrycove’s break-dance au. And it turned into a two page text document of head-canons. Oops.

(also I know nothing about break-dancing and it probably shows)

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